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  1. handman84

    pair of ssa 15 inch evils for sale or trade

    Are you willing to sell one individually?
  2. I was running an aq 1200 and an sax125.4 on my stock 90 amp alt with no issues. I did upgrade my starting battery to a good agm and did the big 3. I would start with the big three since you have extra cable and if the problem persists go from there. Either way big 3 is always a good idea so if it doesn't fix the problem at least you will have it done.
  3. handman84


    Wow! talk about thinking outside the box (pun definitely intended)
  4. handman84

    ssa subs

    I just got my 12" xcon running and it destroys the lows! it exceeds every single one of my expectations. I can't comment on any of the other drivers you mentioned but I have never heard of a disappointed xcon owner
  5. Thanks, I built the trunk around this setup and I really don' want to completely redo the setup already. I will definitely try leaving the rear deck sealed and sealing around the box. Thanks for all the feedback. You guys rock
  6. Good to know, I will start tinkering this week
  7. Just finished my new install, a 12" xcon in a 2.75ft^3 box tuned to 31hz. This is in the trunk of my 96 Accord. I listen with the seat down so the sub and port are firing into the cabin. All my boxes and setups have taught me that each setup is very different and showcase different songs better than others. The "show off" songs that sound awesome on the previous setup don't usually sound as good when you change things. I get that and accept that, but now I have a new issue. So after I got my xcon playing I was setting the gains and playing around with different songs and was not super impressed, it was loud but I knew it should be louder. so I popped the trunk to go back and check my settings and make adjustments and as soon as the trunk lid opened it seemed like the spl doubled...it was unreal! Why would that happen and is there anything I can adjust to create that effect without having to have my trunk open when I demo? I have the speaker holes in my rear deck sealed off and am going to unplug those holes and see what happens. Will that help? What are the physics at play here? Each install has taught me something but I am at a loss on what I am learning here...
  8. I usually don't tell people what I run. If they are interested I will give them a demo and the reaction is always the same, "what the hell do you have in there!?" Then it's, "Wow, SSA never heard of them." And my favorite is a week later when I get a text saying, "What was the name of that company again?" lol I came across SSA by accident and decided to give them a try. The GCON was in the price point i had set and seemed to fit my goals. Then from the first note it surpassed all of my goals and I was sold. The forum and SSA's customer service were, and continue to be, the icing on the cake and have kept me loyal. P.S.For those who feel price is a little high i say shop around, SSA drivers are priced competitively, but you can't put a price on customer service
  9. handman84


    Love the idea Q. There is not much action close to me so I depend on this forum for any help/info I need. I am finishing my upgrade soon and would like to travel to compete next season but have no idea where to start. I have googled classes and rules but still not confident im interpreting the info correctly. Also, as with anything Im sure there are "unwritten rules" and subtleties that one learns as they go that may be beneficial to some of us as well.
  10. handman84

    Frequency Drop @ 53HZ...Why?

    It is definitely a process with a steep learning curve. At least I know I will have something to do for awhile.
  11. handman84

    Frequency Drop @ 53HZ...Why?

    I haven't experimented enough but 28 to 52hz play loud and clear, there is a steep drop at 53hz and from 53 to 59hz there is not much difference as far as I can tell in output. At 60hz there is another steep drop in spl and it seems there is a gap from 60 to around 120hz where my components start to play nicely. I think 80-120 can be boosted by changing my install but I am trying to keep the doors as stock as I can so I deal with that gap. When I fold my seats down I definitely notice a boost in spl, i have also been trying different box orientations in my trunk...I am finding like most things it all comes down to the install...I can't even count how many times I've heard that, and ALL of my experience proves that statement to be true
  12. handman84

    Frequency Drop @ 53HZ...Why?

    I haven't tried to eq down 50hz and below...I will check that tonight. I have been playing with sub position too...I didnt even think that sealing off the holes would cause the issue...I always have the ski hole down so I assumed it wouldn't be an issue.
  13. handman84

    new to the forum

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. handman84

    Frequency Drop @ 53HZ...Why?

    HU is an 80prs. I have tested sub with mids and highs off. no rear speakers. I sealed off the holes in the rear deck where the speakers used to be. sub is crossed at 80hz 12db slope. mids lp @ 60 on a 24db slope, hp @ 5k 12db slope I believe. I am in the process of dialing everything in as this is my first attempt at running active...it is taking longer than expected I will test with the sub in different orientations tomorrow and with the back seat folded down and see what happens. I am building a box for an xcon right now and want to get this figured out before I change my setup, but like hedz, I think it is an issue with cabin gain/cancellation