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  1. Kanaworm$

    Incriminator audio/sundown system part out

    PM Sent on the Judges
  2. I would be interested in the IA Judges.  You can email me at kryptonspl@gmail.com so we can talk direct.

    1. icluphf


      just sent you an email

  3. Kanaworm$

    All new models in the SSA Store

  4. Hey man I've been trying to get ahold of you on FB to let you know about the new Synergy Audio products. Hit me up at synergyaudio1@gmail.com if your still interested.

  5. Check out the great photo's Mark did for these. In stock and shipping! http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/synergy-audio-paf-658-6-5-pro-audio-mid-bass-8-ohm.html
  6. Kanaworm$

    i need help choosing my sub/amp

    The Synergy Audio amplifiers will incorporate tiffany style RCA's on all models going forward. Along with metal pots for gain, crossover, etc for adjustment.
  7. Kanaworm$

    WFO 15.1 Clamp Test and Review

    Who is Synergy Audio? Well, it seems they are a brick and mortar store based out of South Dakota that couldn't find anything up to their price to performance standards. So instead of "settling", they did it on their own and started their own line. This is the first of what I understand will be (3) size offerings. They are currently available in their storefront (obviously) and I believe 3 online stores including SSA and FB. Price - $400 Rated (14.4v) 4 ohm - 400w 2 ohm - 800w 1 ohm - 1,500w This heatsink... it reminds me of something. Something old school. Kicker Impulse, maybe? I can't put my finger on it. But the first thing I noticed was that it wasn't super heavy. It doesn't seem to have as much sink as some competitor offerings, or maybe I'm just used to hauling around a TFE for too long. Either way, my testing is pretty brutal since I do so many back to back and it got hot, but not like... hot. I'll spend some more time with it in a daily application and report back on that. "WFO" is the 2nd coolest name for an amp ever. I use that term all the time. I don't know if it's the same thing I use it for, but every time I see those letters, I think "Wide fuggin open". Lol. Solid 1/0 power and ground. 8awg speaker. Hex key set screws for those that like to overtighten shit like I do. Had a little trouble fitting oversized 1/0 in there, but that's nothing new. Plastic pots. That's ok as long as you don't adjust them with your pocketknife. Strappable. Came with a bass knob. I always mean to take pics of that thing but I forget. Sorry. I bet it's nice. You can see that the plastic end caps double as the mounting feet. You're kinda screwed if you break them. The feet on other amps are pretty wimpy but at least you could replace them if they get jacked. I'd suggest pan head screws and minimal torque when securing this guy. Guts. One little note here... the end caps have a little tab that help hold the backplate in place, but it makes reinstallation of said backplate nearly impossible without removing one of the end caps. Moral of the story... don't take the damn backplate off. On to the testing... My CRX. 300A Ohio Gen. (2) JuiceBox batts. All of this testing is resistive testing. For those not familiar with my testing, the voltage on the AMM-1 is the output. Unloaded. That's a lot of voltage for a 1.5k. Side by side pic to show the difference of one more click on the knob. We're totally fine at 50v at battery resting voltage (car off). 5 ohms resistive. That's 620w @ 5 ohms and 14.7v. 86% efficiency. Wait... isn't it rated for 400w @ 4 and 14.4? Anyway... 2.5 ohms resistive. 1,100w @ 2.5 ohms and 14.2v. Umm... I'm seeing a pattern here. 1 ohm resistive. 2,250w @ 1 ohm and 13.8v with 74% efficiency. Whaaa? One last test. This is sort of an "uncertified" run up to clipping at 1 ohm. Kidding me. This amp is a little beast. Somebody is messing with my head because this could easily be called a 2k. And a solid one at that. At $400, this should rocket right to the top of the list of anyone shopping with that budget. Easily places it alongside the AQ2200 or Crescendo BC2k... but cheaper than either. Durability is still untested, but 1 ohm resistive isn't exactly a walk in the park. And not to pick on the DC2k, but these numbers are comparable to/better than its dyno and the Synergy didn't need 14v batts to get there. Just sayin... T-Fade approved.
  8. Kanaworm$

    i need help choosing my sub/amp

    Zed and MMATS make a great quality product and build them here in the USA. But what you need to know most internals of an amplifier are globally manufactured. It is very hard to get anything electronic that is completely made in USA. Soundqubed and Sundown along with my own brand Synergy Audio have our amplifiers manufactured in Korea. Why? Because imo Korean built amplifiers offer the best in engineering, manufacturing quality and reliability. I know Synergy Audio selects the components that are of the highest quality and tightest tolerances in their respective price range. Imo customer service is what sets most comparable companies apart. Good luck in your search.
  9. Kanaworm$

    Ruined? Hole in sub surround...

    E6000 or Goop works great as well.
  10. Kanaworm$

    Hcca 225r and 250r

  11. Kanaworm$

    RE Audio/USAmps is making a comeback!

    I see on Facebook that Dirk Ecker is designing and building quality prototypes. Maybe re-release the U.S. Amps to it's former gory. That would be exciting imo.
  12. If physical size is a concern the IA 80.1 is a beast at 16 volts. The Ampere TFE 8.0 is just plain brutal! Make sure your electrical is capable to handle the current draw!
  13. Kanaworm$

    Sundown E8 v.4 Subwoofer

    Just gotta keep improving things I see .... E series is a great line of subwoofers!
  14. Kanaworm$

    Synergy Audio SYNERGY AUDIO WFO 15.1D $350 Shipped!

    Take advantage of the sale price in the SSA Store.
  15. Put me down for one! I can't wait to get this, been patiently waiting for these ever since Adrian mentioned them awhile back!