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  1. New ride

    bought second BMW for everyday driving.
  2. New ride

    Still have no audio system in car, only cassette player and 2 speakers in back lol.. But here are some pictures. Simons 2,5" resonator for new exhaust system.. some fuel lines and air filter for future turbo project. Did some repair on climate control "sword" did some work on lights.. i also had issue with turn signals, when i turned on lights my left side turn light also lit up.. took me few days to figure it out. here is the problem, under hazard lights switch fixed... new registration plate and fog light glasses
  3. New ride

    Bought some tools, also new rust free doors, back bumper and heater radiator.
  4. New ride

    Changed distributor cap and did first startup after winter. Still has bad idle, hopefully i can try new o2 sensor next week.
  5. New ride

    Borrowed from google, but its the same engine 3.0 litre inline six. I have interior picture
  6. New ride

    I haz new ride...
  7. Sander's BMW log

    So i decided to sell 13w7 and got 10" woofer instead. This will more likely to be SQ build. New woofer is Domotec ms810 comes with 200rms. Also got box ready for it (video is in estonian) got it with $40 and ita incredible how accurate this thing is even in ported enclosure.
  8. Sander's BMW log

    Long time no see, traded my BMW E39 for MB C180 and BMW E32, then sold MB. Now rolling with this: I need box design ideas for JL 13W7
  9. Sander's BMW log

    http://youtu.be/4TMlMg9vqLE?list=UUJ7TPZcNmyHMF2_PnawlaRA http://youtu.be/B_Zgkd8Avn4?list=UUJ7TPZcNmyHMF2_PnawlaRA
  10. Sander's BMW log

    Did not like audi so swaped it back for bmw. Also made new enclosure today. Gets really loud @ 24-27hz.
  11. Sander's BMW log

    Here it is, kept audio from bmw. This time i want to make it look really clean. Build new enclosure etc.. Almost the same trunk space bmw had..
  12. Sander's BMW log

    Will continue soon. Sold BMW and driving 2000yr Audi A6 avant now.
  13. Sander's BMW log

    Not pretty, but damn loud. Polished my car. Tinted tail lights. and one quick video. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=249310128592675
  14. Sander's BMW log

    Small update: New amp: Rockford Fosgate bd1000.1 Wiring: Amp power wires 2 AWG, subwoofer wires 6 AWG Made power outlets for battery, still need to finish up some stuff gf and bmw
  15. Sander's BMW log

    8 speakers into front doors and 6 for back doors.