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  1. Impious

    New Project - Gym Speakers

    About ready to start measuring, finally. Wanted to this weekend but didn't have the free time I thought I would. Just got them to this point a few minutes ago. Must say I really like the look of the rear mount with roundover on the wideband. Wish I would've swapped the port on the right speaker so the port was on the outside on both. Not that it matters acoustically. It's purely cosmetic. Just would've been nice to have the forethought to plan that look better.
  2. Impious

    New Project - Gym Speakers

    OMG It's so much more enjoyable than installing car audio
  3. Impious

    New Project - Gym Speakers

    Mids modeled well in .6cuft tuned to 46hz. I'd have to look again but IIRC the F3 was in the high 30's. Since the TC9 has an odd shaped basket and a front mounted gasket, decided to rear mount the widebander. Plus I think rear mounted drivers just look pretty freaking cool Learned a lot building the 7empest speakers last year, both acoustically and woodworking. Much happier with the quality of the craftsmanship of this enclosure. Hope to keep improving a little each time. Just waiting now to get my mic back from getting calibrated. In the mean time only thing left to do on the speakers really is decided on color scheme and paint them
  4. Impious

    New Project - Gym Speakers

    Been using CSW Model6's in my home gym for the past year. While they were good enough for the $25 I paid for them, they have their weaknesses and roll off hard at 100hz. I've had some Coustic Design Reference 7" mids sitting around for about a decade. Despite being car audio mids, they're old enough that they actually have more home audio TS parameters. Figured I'd put them to use and gain some more DIY experience at the same time. Trying to ball on a budget here as these speakers aren't uber important, more of a learning experience than anything. Decided to go with a Woofer Assisted Wideband arrangement for a couple reasons. First I wasn't sure of the usable high FR of the mid but I'm sure with the ancient technology involved it's going to be unimpressively low. Second I was trying to really pinch pennies here and getting a ($10-15) cheap tweeter that will play low enough to mate with these modbass was unlikely. The Vifa TC9, however, is only like $7 and will easily play down near 100hz if desired.
  5. Impious

    The 7empest

    Thanks! I'm really enjoying them.
  6. Impious

    The 7empest

    Welp, spent some time today building and measuring crossovers. I think I built six different iterations in total, and took countless measurements of each one. Here are, I think, the top 3 contenders. The maroon so far looking best on paper for both FR and phase. I did spend a bit of time the past day or so listening to the first crossover I was able to build based on the parts that arrived (some of my inductors were on back order and just arrived today). Made me wonder why the hell I wasted so much time and effort trying to obtain good audio in a car when home audio sounds infinitely better with much less time and money invested, LOL. I really enjoyed how they sounded with that first crossover, and it didn't measure quite as well as these (well, maybe a little better than the purple xover...but I want to give that design a listen so I kept it in my "top 3"). So long story short there I think I'm ultimately going to be very happy with how these turn out regardless These measurements were done in-room, so ignore 300hz down. I'm also pretty suspect of the peak in the last octave from 10khz -20khz, but considering my age and past listening habits I'd be lucky if I can even hear most of that octave anyways. But regardless, all 3 xovers are within +/- 2db from 300hz on up, which is pretty good. Graph "looks" a little ragged but that's because we're zoomed in pretty close. If I zoomed out one or two clicks on the graph it'd "look" much more smooth. Reverse nulls aren't amazing, but I think they're sufficient (maybe a little less so on the purple trace but again, I just really want to listen to that one). Then I have the individual roll offs.
  7. Impious

    The 7empest

    And, it's alive! I literally spent HOURS figuring out why I had no tweeter on the right channel. Finally came to discover that one of my jumper wires were bad It was incredibly frustrating trying to track down the issue, and I dont handle frustration well. Curse words were said (and muttered, yelled and spewed)
  8. Impious

    The 7empest

    Thanks I measured in REW with a Dayton EMM6 mic and M-audio Mobile Pre mic preamp. Z curves were taken in Limp. Modeled the xovers in a mix of Xsim and WinPCD. Those graphs and schematics are from Xsim because at the time I couldn't figure out how to model the tank filter in WinPCD (although I've since figured it out).
  9. Impious

    The 7empest

    Both. The other measurements were all done outside. I'll probably measure these inside just to make my life 183x easier. I should have all the parts in by tomorrow. And I happen to have Mon and Tue off as well So I'll probably spend most of the next 4 days demo'ing and measuring them to see what ends up working in reality
  10. Impious

    The 7empest

    Here's probably one of my top contenders as far as phase and response go. 4th order on the woofer with a zobel and tank filter, tweeter is second order. My last crossover is just a variant of this - slightly different values for some of the inductors and caps to shape the response a little differently. But overall layout is the same. I have a 5ohm resistor on the tweeter to drop the response a little to keep it from being on the bright side, but I am also going to try a 4ohm which would bring the response from the tweeter up to pretty close to flat. We'll see which way sounds best in reality.
  11. Impious

    The 7empest

    So with a little help I came to realize that the dip in my initial measurements from 2-3khz was likely an issue with my measurement system somewhere. So I went through and created a new cal file to basically pretend it didn't exist My new initial measurements look a little different than above, but eliminating that dip in the tweeter response is really the main difference. Spent way more time than I care to admit working on different xover sims, but I learned a bit each time. I'm far from an expert but definitely better than when I started a few weeks ago. Came up with 3 main xovers that I'm going to try. This is probably my favorite. The response isn't the flattest, and the reverse null isn't the best of the bunch...but it's the only alignment that is a 2nd order on both the mids (with a tank filter) and tweeter so the part count is the lowest and it's the simplest design. I think there's something to be said for simplicity. Guys like Zaph and Jeff Bagby (RIP) always tried to design with the least parts possible. I have $160 worth of crossover components on their way to me from PE. to try all three designs. So hopefully out of that I'll be able to make something that sounds decent I just went with non-polarized electrolytics for the caps because, well, they were 1/10th the cost and I'm a tight ass with money, the actual sonic differences are arguable at best, and I may have something in the next couple months that'll require some cash to fund properly. We'll see.
  12. Impious

    Building Custom Subwoofer

    I think what you are missing is that companies like Stereo Integrity work with a build house or with vendors who do large order OEM only production runs. If you want to build 1000 drivers, they'll work with you. If you want to buy 2 VC's, spiders or cones from them, they likely won't even bother responding to your email. The guy who used to run PSI Car Audio was named David and was one of the main guys at the old RE. They have the option to request a custom built sub. https://psicaraudio.com/request-form/ He also ran https://fixmyspeaker.com where you could buy custom parts/recone kits but there is a header that says they aren't taking new orders. Anyways - my suggestion would be to either request a custom sub through PSI and ask if they can ship it unassembled, or see if he can or can direct you to someone who would be willing to just sell the parts.
  13. Impious

    The 7empest

    Yeah it's a little odd. But honestly now that I'm working on the xover I'm not mad. On the woofer side the response is flat down to 30hz with an F3 in the mid 20's. I can live with that
  14. Impious

    The 7empest

    Okay so I guess this is the starting point for the FR. We will see how it goes from here Also that hiccup at what turns out to be approx 120hz in the Z graph shows up as a -1db dip in the FR response :/
  15. Impious

    The 7empest

    Here's the impedance sweep for the Anarchy's. Learned a few things: 1) For some reason tuning ended up being 25hz instead of 35hz? No idea. I know it's not a measure twice, cut once issue with building the cabinets. Measurements there are solid. I figured I'd be off a few hz one way or the other....but 30% was a little unexpected. I'd considered that maybe it's an accuracy issue with the measurement....but the Anarchy's are infamous for having a cone resonance around 4200hz which is about spot on in the measurement. So.... 2) I had poly fill stuffed in the bottom of the enclosure to start but when I started measuring impedance I had a nearly non-existent impedance peak at tuning. Removed the polyfill and the impedance peak looks much better than how it was. 3) I knew about the hiccup at ~4200hz which is a cone resonance. Not sure what's going on at 150hz...enclosure resonance maybe? Internal reflection? Not sure. Anyways. I had the FR sweeps all done, but going to rerun the sweep for the Anarchy's without the polyfill since based on the Z curve I'm going to be leaving that out.