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  1. Yukonvict XL overhaul!

    Holy shit those are some crazy daily drivers lol. Godspeed towards 160DBs bro!!
  2. Yukonvict XL overhaul!

    So that was your daily driver??? I thot this was just a comp vehicle. Damn that sucks tho. Did you scrap the box or keep it?
  3. 2.85cuft each looks way too big for a sealed enclosure for those drivers. Idk about the earthquake but a single 10" type R is about 1cuft sealed for Alpines recommendations. I'd start with building new enclosures before spending more money on new subs.
  4. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    The thot of glassing my front doors has crossed my mind for sure. I already removed the all the speakers so I dont think I wanna put back in crappy ones just to cover the hole. It wouldn't be that much to add the second set in the doors and my ocd tells me I HAVE to put something there, even tho it prob wouldn't make a difference lol. I'm going to start with a pair to play around with for fitment and sound. Then grab a dedicated midrange and try that.
  5. What car is this??

    I found this question and hoped someone here might know what this might be. Any ideas? I'm thinking of a car. Has 3 generations. 2nd generation is the best. 2nd generation Came out in Europe in 2005 and hit the states in 2006-2010 Car has between "400-600hp" stock(not listing exact hp that would be too easy) . Its known for very high end speeds. Not a 0-60 car but it murders on the freeway. Hint: Its not turbo charged or supercharged.
  6. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    Ok I think I'm getting this. So lets just say I do a 2 way active since a 3 way isn't possible due to processing capabilities of my 80PRS. Now my choices are matching up a midbass or midrange with a tweeter. I had an idea to use 4 evil midbass in the doors and evil tweets in the sail and A pillar. From what I've been reading, the midbass would be crossed around 100-120hz. Having a more true midbass driver I need a tweet that can play low. I know they are both SSA Evil but it sure seems like a match to me. Then cross the tweets at around 1.5khz. The sub i would say could be crossed at 63hz. Both mids would be in the driver door, one at the front and one at the back. The rear one will be the hardest to fit and technically it sits behind me and not sure if that would be a waste or not. There is no rear speakers besides those and I will be keeping the back seat so not sure how that might sound to passengers in the rear. Even then its at their feet. Idk what do you guys think of this? Am I on track?
  7. How much CLD/CCF/MLV for my car?

    Sactown the mack town lol. Yeah the doors seem very doable with the LLP. I will agree it is indeed much more quiet than most of the cars i've owned. I will be running with the foam inside the crevice idea. I think I've seen the crash bars in the doors but i'm not sure. The foam I will keep in there as well. Just add some CLD under it. I guess i forgot to add that. I too would like to keep the bass inside the vehicle but also two fold in keeping the sound out. I've been eyeing the Fi team series woofer...so yes i too would like it violently loud lol.
  8. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    I have them in my wish list so I will most likely grab a pair just to see what they sound like. If they don't work out for what I need in this car, I can use them elsewhere. I had really liked the review that JBLcamry left on the PRV neo mids. He was pretty thorough and seemed to enjoy them a lot. I read plenty about everyone loving the evils too tho. I'm still pretty far away from the door process but when I get there, I might try a few cheap options from parts express to get a feel for what I want.
  9. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    I listen to a lot of rap. Not chopped and screwed but more like Jeezy and Gucci. I still love old gansta rap and 90s Rnb. Classic rock. Some trap sometimes. New age country and old. Elvis. Its eclectic. Mostly rap tho lol.

    I have a question about the store items. Some stuff you can add to the cart and others only to the wish list. What is the reasoning for this? Are those items on back order? I know the SSa subs are but nothing else is noted saying this.
  11. How much CLD/CCF/MLV for my car?

    Actually it is a coupe hatchback. I could never drive a wagon unless it was a screamin deal lol. I'll have to look at the carpet but off hand I know it is all formed into three pieces. Driver side, passenger side, and center console/rear. They all have soft foam attached the the bottom the fits snugly in between all the floor pan crevices. It does seem to have a vinyl in between the carpet and foam. Its pretty stiff and thats what keep the form of the floorboards. Not sure how I would change any of that. Plus the foam would be a large job to take on after using LLP on the floor. I saw now yours bent arounf the center console and formed well to other places. I have a sample and theres no way this LLP will make the bends that my floor has let alone many other spots. It would of course lay flat and i would have a hard time fitting everything back over it. Its either insets in or leave them out and recarpet the entire floor. Wagon or coupe the rear wheels are indeed exposed inside the cabin. There is some mat laid over those but its not sticky. It has a felt backing. I planned to lay as much in the trunk/cargo area as possible. Do you have any pics of the support rod areas where you apply the butyl rope? I have an idea but I'd like to be sure. I started using the CLD on the roof last night. Only did the long flat areas away from welds and curves. I've seen that you used foam in the holes of your floorpan. Is that something I can do at all the supports rails too? Actually no I'm right next to Sacramento so we have a pretty dry heat all year long. I've felt high humidity in the south and I cant do it. And you are right. It looks like 70 degrees outside until a blanket of wet wraps around you lol. The temps here int he summer time can get well into the 110s and stay there for a couple weeks. I can feel the heat on my floorboards in the dead of summer. I even have a giant heat shield and mat on the engine firewall side thats stock. Nice looking too. So some heat barrier there and under the headliner should be enuf. Haha yeah I tend to dive straight in on things and iron them out later. Hopefully I wont make too many rookie mistakes on this build. I like to think I'm kinda smart but this stuff shows me I got a long way to go lol
  12. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    It seems I have a lot of home work to do lol. I'm not very familiar with octives. I heard all the terms you speak of but I don't know what they mean. It's been a long time since I've read and tried to retain what little knowledge i did have about that stuff. I have made a 2 way active system in door pods before using Mach5s and some Vifa tweeters i think. Sounded good to me but i hardly doubt I have the ear to know what to listen for. What sounds good to me prob sounds like shit to most of you guys. Theres no car audio places around here that carry anything I would want to buy. M5 asked me the same thing about processing. Idk much about that either but i have a DEH80PRS head unit.
  13. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    I almost got the Alphas when i was looking at the MLI5s. I've known that you have had them a long time too. The Evil must be good
  14. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    I have a DEH 80 PRS head unit. Do I need something more? It has a DSP already no?
  15. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    Well I do want loud midrange. Crappy sounding, not so much. I'm really not that knowledgeable on how to mate drivers together. What should I be looking for?