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  1. Nightmare city...apparently there is a CAN system that integrates all kinds of shit together. I've been scouring MB forums etc and finding out that this is way harder than it should be. I rea done post that told a guy he needed to run all new wires to the speakers cause he could trust what else it was connected to. The CAN has two wires and one runs stuff like power window and locks, HVAC, stereo, etc. Now my driver door wont lock...I'm about ready to abandon this shit.
  2. I took my meter to the wires and found the Acc and ground wires for sure. When I test the supposed constant wire it reads 24mV. Wtf?? Not sure why when my meter is set properly and it reads the Acc wire in V. There is only one other wire in there and it doesn't read proper voltage. I've never had this kind of difficulty wiring in a new HU. This should be reaaaaally simple but its kicking my ass lol.
  3. I've hit a snag installing this new HU. Wtf is that and why is it installed in my car?? For some reason I couldn't get my old HU to come on unless I left that contraption in there. When I took apart the dash to order a new kit, i found that and tried to remove it while cleaning up the wires. i thot it was some cheap noise filter or something? Well the HU failed to work unless it was installed. Now after removing it tonight, I can't remember where it went. Tried the gound and constant, then ground and acc but nothing. Now I cant power either radio. What am i missing here?? Shouldn't I be able to run straight to the factory wires and get power? It just worked a few days ago...I looked to make sure what wires were correct and I think I've got them right. 12V constant- blue/red 12V switched- black/yellow Ground- brown
  4. Sent them my info for a quote. Hopefully I'll hear good news back. Thanks bro!!
  5. The HU came in today. I'll be toying with that tonight
  6. I'm not really sure about what i want as I don't know too much about them. I just know the old man would like a homemade set that he's never heard of before. Originally I wanted to make him a tower 3 way setup. I'm sure the budget for that is muuuuch more lol. That is something I wasn't aware of. Damn that's a lot. I'm sure it sounds good tho they way you like to set things up. Total control
  7. Damn I never saw that!! Thanks dude that's exactly what i needed. I can solder as well so that will be ok. I appreciate the help!!
  8. 1) Considering what this would cost I'd say about $200 2)No not entirely but I liked that these has a laminate already on them. They have flat cut set for building your own as well but its just plain MDF. Not sure how to make that look good. 3)Absolutely zero This is my 1st attempt at building a home speaker. I knew it wouldn't be easy but I know it's mainly matching one thing to another. That's why I thot it might be easier going with the recommended speakers for those boxes. Are they not any good?
  9. I decided to make a present for the old man and I know he loves small bookshelf speakers that really rock. He listens to pretty much only classic rock. I was on parts express and found a nice set of 2 way boxes for cheap. I'd like to use those as the reviews on them look pretty decent. It gave recommendations for the driver and tweeter to use and I'll be getting those as well. Only thing I wasn't sure of was crossovers etc. What else do I need to buy to put this all together? Here are the links to what I'm getting. Bookshelf boxes https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-br-1cab-br-1-6-1-2-2-way-speaker-cabinet-pair--300-645 Drivers https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dc160s-8-6-1-2-classic-shielded-woofer--295-306 Tweeters https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dc28fs-8-1-1-8-silk-dome-shielded-tweeter--275-075 If you know of anything similar that would sound better than this I'd love to hear about it. As I mentioned before, building a home audio setup is new to me. I only know how to plug the shit in
  10. Hey fellas I've been researching this and would love some input. It's a 2002 Mercedes C230K 2.3L with one stock H-8 type batt under the hood and soon to be an XS Power XP3000 in the back. Wasn't able to find anything XS made for under the hood but if I could find one or another of similar quality, I'd go for it. Otherwise it's a stock batt but it is brand new. I'd like to use the Synergy Audio 35.1D as well as 1-2 more amps for the front stage. Call it 4k watts total guesstimate. Now looking at conversion tables, 4k watts is a 278 amp draw in a 14.4 voltage system. No, I don't believe I would be pulling that much power continually but more of a ceiling. I'm not sure if this is correct but in that case I don't think I'll ever find a single HO alt to cover this type of power. Add to it the power needed to run the car at its highest peak usage is prob around 100-120 amps or so? The replacement alts for my car range from 140-160 amps so I'm assuming they will leave a lil room but cant imagine them overshooting the draw by 50-60 amps. Or is that in anticipation of aftermarket current draw?? So in total that would be around a 400 amp draw at peak power consumption. Umm, fuck. Even then on a more conservative side we could say 300 amps since its a more realistic power draw than full tilt. 300 amps at idle?? Only one company said they could build one and that was Ohio. 200amp 225 peak but still hasn't told me the output at idle...I've asked twice now. I'm in the process of gathering info and will be calling DC Power today. Mechman already said he doesn't make one for my car and that's a bummer cause he was the only HO alt I've purchased before and the thing worked awesome on my old truck. I'm waiting for a response from Singer and thot to not even bother with Excessive Amperage or Iraggi. Definitely NOT Iraggi lol. Anyone I'm forgetting?? Oh and also from what I've been reading, I'd like this to be a 6 phase hairpin style. I mean I'll take what works but ideally that. Srcatch out DC Power. Called them and Anthony told me they don't make anything for it. Mainly because its a Bosche and the parts aren't very accessible. He said the best route I could hope for is getting the stock one rewound but will run into prob with high output at idle. Even then it could be around $200-300 for that. He also mentioned that i should pray with this option lol. Looks like I don't have many options here besides building a large batt bank? Obviously I can't use the amount of power I would like to so it seems more fitting of a 2k-2.5k watt total system but even then its still around 139-173 amp draw.
  11. I had to come and read this all over again. I always loved this build. Does it still exist????
  12. I'm not totally sure to be honest bro. It was in my daughters trunk and i know she had shit rolling around in there. That's prolly what the scratches are from but the tear in the surround is from turning up the volume to high I would assume lol.
  13. I have no idea how much this should be but i need to sell it. I'm not the type to recone this stuff and it costs $205 plus return shipping for me to have it sent in and done for me. That just doesn't compute when a BNIB one is $360 lol. $180 including shipping...? I could be into a trade as well. A 4 channel amp sounds good
  14. This is the room I'm working with. I'm wondering about enclosure ideas. I was thinking about a 2 faced front wedge type box with a wide port on the bottom. Not sure if upfiring or rear firing would would best.
  15. I PMed him about a couple things today. Getting excited for this build. Can't wait to see what it sounds like in a euro car lol. The DEH-80PRS and dash kit should be here Tues