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  1. Gina38

    Happy Birthday Regina!!

    thank you everyone i had a great time with my family yesturday .thank you guys for the birthday wishes...
  2. Gina38

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    chop and pj starts new job the 14th......ftw not ironwork but it will do for now. chop's computer is down for a bit, ftl, he is trying to get it up and going again soon. THANK YOU STEVE MEAD for the sds tiles, came with the roller too! chop will be working on that this week. IAK
  3. Gina38

    Help us Welcome DURAN to the MOD team

    congrats from all of us ...... IAK
  4. Gina38

    Happy 19th Birthday to *yeahbuddy*

    happy birthday sam love you
  5. I love you !!!

    looking forward to picking up your new Durango today, can't wait to have pictures of it to post and start it's build log!

    Roadtrip this weekend! whoot! really look forward to that!

    love ya momma chop! lol