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  1. nice
  2. I'v had Xcons , Icons and Dcons .... the Icons are my favorite , I could damn near levitate my car on 10hz with four 10" and they sounded really good the four 15" Xcons I had hit hard but they didn't touch the Icons on the really low stuff
  3. http://www.diysoundgroup.com/anarchy-woofer.html
  4. if you can not hear the difference between OFC and CCA ( speaker wire and RCA's) on good equiptment your tone deaf it makes a very noticeable difference in sound quality when using it with top end stuff.. with the head unit , amps and components on my front stage I would be downgrading SQ going to CCA over the OFC and as far as the power wire..... (for example) my Crown A3000gti could not get the current it needed with double runs of CCA where the pure OFC did just fine with a single run that damn thing clipped like a cheap piece of crap and would shut down when it didn't get proper current my new Mosconi ZERO ONE draws as much as the A3000.... I'd be stupid to use cheap assed CCA to power it... and you trying to explain anything about audio to me is like a monkey explaining to a squirrel how to open a walnut.... nice try
  5. ya .... OK.... LOL CCA does not deliver the same amount of current from the batteries /alt to the amps as OFC of the same size, it does not deliver the same sound quality from the head unit to the amps or from the amps to the speakers.... not even close if your using mediocre equiptment in a ground pounder listening to fart music CCA would be fine but if your into SQ and want all the micro details with a dead back ground and no noise floor it's junk you can't use your bullshit opinions and fight the laws of physics.... OFC has way less restriction and carry's the frequency's more freely Copper and aluminum are the most commonly used wire materials and there is a significant difference in quality, power handling and signal transfer between these materials. The least costly between these 2 options is Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) wire. CCA wire utilizes an aluminum core that is clad or dipped in copper. It is a suitable choice for lower powered systems or restricted budget applications, although the power transfer is not on the same level as the far superior Oxygen Free Copper (100% OFC) wiring. OFC wiring is refined to remove virtually all oxygen and other corrosive elements. Oxygen Free Copper wiring provides a superior electrical conductor to aluminum because it does not expand or contract with heat and can carry a higher current load. The improved efficiency of OFC wiring will also reduce the strain on your vehicle tremendously and allows your sound system to run at its maximum efficiency. While OFC wiring is more costly upfront, it provides much improved corrosion resistanceand greatly reduces your long term maintenance costs. CCA wiring often times will degrade to the point that it needs replacing much sooner than OFC wiring. OFC Advantages Increased Conductivity to Carry More Current to Your Amplifier Reduced the Strain on Your Vehicle’s Electrical System Increased Corrosion Resistance Decreased Maintenance Costs Improved Heat Absorption
  6. CCA is garbage , I wouldn't use it if it was free OFC or Silver if the budget was there is the only thing I would use
  7. JL Audio is junk ...............................
  8. I mean this from the bottom of my hart...... I just gotta be me...... LOL
  9. that's a first generation Icon..... NICE.....
  10. I had a Crown GTI....... best sub amp I have ever owned or even listened to period but when they break down they are disposable.... JBL worked on mine for 2 months and bought it back because no available parts for the repair and I ended up with some Soundstream Reference amps with the little cash they gave me
  11. the Mosconi Zero One for my subs.... I have a buddy who owns one it has BY FAR the best woofer control I have heard in a LOOOONNGGGG time.... http://mosconi-system.it/product/zero-1/
  12. I'v seen it happen.... the coil SLINKY's off the former and makes a rats nest in the gap just a guess I'd say the sub was over exerted and came back into the gap out of alignment... I had a Soundstream Rubicon 12" that did that very well... I cut the surround and spider loose and had to stand on the motor assembly while twisting and pulling on the cone to get it out
  13. the only time I want to see anything like this is on video when someone else pays for it.... LOL that poor Nitro is going to be a rattling piece of shit in no time..... nice flex though
  14. also doing abandonments of house services.... with these I weld a steel plug on the tee branch with an acetylene torch you wanna talk small holes.... I'm 6"2 and have to fold in half sometimes
  15. it's all done by X-Ray and the distribution lines are tested with air on a clock high pressure is hydro tested .... line pumped up with 2200psi of water