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  1. I have tried many soft domes and always gone back to titanium because I find a lack of depth and sharpness some of them were really good but there is just something "missing" between them and a good metallic dome I don't like all metallic tweets though...cheep metallic domes are tinny and color the sound upgrading to Beryllium tweeters in this current rebuild , they sound incredible
  2. I always find soft dome tweeters to be " lacking" in crispness.... they sound flat to me i am running 1" pure titanium domes and they are pin point crisp and crystal clear
  3. stay ported but tune them FLAT with less than 8% port velocity you would forget all about sealed
  4. smelly sundown normal or not

    Not true... It's not the amount of power that improves control , it's the quality of power that counts and yes you can damage a 2,000 watt driver with a clipped 1200w ....
  5. F250 Supercab sail pods & Evil tweets

    Looks like you pissed on someone's Led Zepplin sandwich...... LOL
  6. This one's for the box builders

    I'v built a few thousand enclosures over the last ( almost 30 years ) and I have tested them with air pressure and a sledge hammer to make Shure my product is as close to indestructible as possible the enclosures that I used only glue and Brad nails can be hammered apart panel by panel with laminate layer damage on all seams but the enclosures that were screwed as well had to be hammered into a pile of scrap to come apart and they don't blow apart at the seams with 120psi of positive pressure inside you can call my testing overkill but it proves that screws increase the strength of an enclosure by a long shot This is why all my enclosures were sold with a LIFETIME warranty against coming apart at the seams under normal use conditions
  7. The Mosconi Zero One amplfier has enough woofer control to carve shapes out of each note... one of the NICEST amps I have ever owned

  8. JBL Crown A6000GTi Car Amplifier (~12,000w rms)

    AWSOME amps The 3000 put out almost 2x the rated power
  9. JBL Crown A6000GTi Car Amplifier (~12,000w rms)

    Nice amps .... I had the 3000gti so far it had the BEST woofer control over ANY amp I have ever heard period....
  10. SSAwerks 8" sub

  11. Cant decide between ICON and XCON

    I'v had Xcons , Icons and Dcons .... the Icons are my favorite , I could damn near levitate my car on 10hz with four 10" and they sounded really good the four 15" Xcons I had hit hard but they didn't touch the Icons on the really low stuff
  12. WTB: Exodus Anarchy Mids

  13. Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    if you can not hear the difference between OFC and CCA ( speaker wire and RCA's) on good equiptment your tone deaf it makes a very noticeable difference in sound quality when using it with top end stuff.. with the head unit , amps and components on my front stage I would be downgrading SQ going to CCA over the OFC and as far as the power wire..... (for example) my Crown A3000gti could not get the current it needed with double runs of CCA where the pure OFC did just fine with a single run that damn thing clipped like a cheap piece of crap and would shut down when it didn't get proper current my new Mosconi ZERO ONE draws as much as the A3000.... I'd be stupid to use cheap assed CCA to power it... and you trying to explain anything about audio to me is like a monkey explaining to a squirrel how to open a walnut.... nice try
  14. Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    ya .... OK.... LOL CCA does not deliver the same amount of current from the batteries /alt to the amps as OFC of the same size, it does not deliver the same sound quality from the head unit to the amps or from the amps to the speakers.... not even close if your using mediocre equiptment in a ground pounder listening to fart music CCA would be fine but if your into SQ and want all the micro details with a dead back ground and no noise floor it's junk you can't use your bullshit opinions and fight the laws of physics.... OFC has way less restriction and carry's the frequency's more freely Copper and aluminum are the most commonly used wire materials and there is a significant difference in quality, power handling and signal transfer between these materials. The least costly between these 2 options is Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) wire. CCA wire utilizes an aluminum core that is clad or dipped in copper. It is a suitable choice for lower powered systems or restricted budget applications, although the power transfer is not on the same level as the far superior Oxygen Free Copper (100% OFC) wiring. OFC wiring is refined to remove virtually all oxygen and other corrosive elements. Oxygen Free Copper wiring provides a superior electrical conductor to aluminum because it does not expand or contract with heat and can carry a higher current load. The improved efficiency of OFC wiring will also reduce the strain on your vehicle tremendously and allows your sound system to run at its maximum efficiency. While OFC wiring is more costly upfront, it provides much improved corrosion resistanceand greatly reduces your long term maintenance costs. CCA wiring often times will degrade to the point that it needs replacing much sooner than OFC wiring. OFC Advantages Increased Conductivity to Carry More Current to Your Amplifier Reduced the Strain on Your Vehicle’s Electrical System Increased Corrosion Resistance Decreased Maintenance Costs Improved Heat Absorption
  15. Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    CCA is garbage , I wouldn't use it if it was free OFC or Silver if the budget was there is the only thing I would use