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  1. I have 10-8 inch and 6-10 inch PRV audio speakers. I have Taramps HD8000 2ohm running all 16 speakers. My question is will I get better performance from all 16 speakers if I separate the 8's and 10's to different amps? It does get reasonable but in my opinion I have heard smaller systems get louder with less power.
  2. Bam bam

    Battery Bank

    Appreciate it! I been waiting on a solid answer. I've followed your build on YouTube and FB.. Nice work I'm looking forward to the next one.
  3. Bam bam

    Battery Bank

    Lol! I'm just interested in people's preference. I have several builds under my belt. I'm not new to large battery banks and running multiple alts. I'm just curious as to the wide veriety of answers I would receive. Thanks in advance to all that reply.
  4. Bam bam

    Battery Bank

    I was looking for opinions on a how many batteries or Ah ( amp hours ) would people use to supply 20-30,000 watts? Fyi 2-300 amp mechman alts supplying the bank and 4-cresendo 5500 sub amps in use.
  5. Bam bam

    AA avalanch 18 box size?

    5 or 6 cubed would work. Preferably 6 cubed.
  6. Bam bam

    4th order or wall for 18's

    Bandpass for better range of frequencies. HU pioneer Subs DC audio lvl 6 - 18's American bass 1100.1 Mclaren 4-8's 2-super tweets on Taramps HD 2500 Mclaren MLX-1000 crossover
  7. Bam bam

    4th order or wall for 18's

    I am looking to build a 4th order or wall in a Tahoe at the c-pillar. I am looking at either 3 or 4 woofers. 1st question, has any one had success with a 4th order build with only 3 subs? 2nd question will a 4th order with 4 subs or wall with 4 woofers work well at the c-pillar?
  8. Bam bam

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    These subs look like that are build to compete with the SMD. I am curious as to how they would compare
  9. Bam bam

    FI Team 18

    The sub is still new and I can't find any reviews of this sub from people that personally hear or own one. Can anyone share there experience with this sub.
  10. Bam bam

    Looking for a monster sub

    I like the evils as well. A guy on my team ran 2 of the 18's and they were nasty!!!. I wanted to step outside the box and run something no one on my team runs so that eliminates Sundown. I like the ZV4's but half of my team runs that sub. I really like the FI Team subs but cant find any info on them. They look like beast!!!
  11. Bam bam

    Looking for a monster sub

    I'm driving a suv walled off at the B-pillar
  12. Bam bam

    Looking for a monster sub

    I have about 25 cubed to sacrifice
  13. Bam bam

    Looking for a monster sub

    I will be running 3 - 18's in a ported box 6 cubed per sub. I have 15K RMS to feed the subs I have 2 Mechman 270 alts and 1160 amp hours for the setup. I also have 3 runs of 1/0 sky audio cable. I knew the subs where different however based on my goals I want to make sure I choose the right sub. Both are superb woofers.
  14. Bam bam

    Looking for a monster sub

    I am looking for a monster sub. either FI audio or Ascendant audio. I know they are in the same family but they make great subs. I am chasing a great sounding sub that can still achieve good numbers on the meter. My choices are the Mayhem or the SP4 What do you think about these subs based on my goals? Please only those that have experience with each.