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  1. rushnrun

    2002 Tahoe, 12 12's, Clamshell vids, 158+DB

    At the Show in Springfield IL... mic on dash drivers window down.. 40hz moving some hair the new number is with the wall almost being sealed off. we still have a lot of cosmetic work to do. We're currently running mis-matched amps (as in 2 of one amp and 2 of another different amp) so that's giving us some fits... total clamped power for all 4 amps is right around 11k at this point. This has been put on hold for a while so I can work on my jeep and the rival civic---time to get them ready for finals.
  2. rushnrun

    2002 Tahoe, 12 12's, Clamshell vids, 158+DB

    it's the owner of the tahoe's youtube account. My youtube doesn't get many vids as I'm usually the one working on it while everyone else is playing in it.. lol.. we'll be getting atleast one more vid this weekend.. however we're down to 5k (ish) since we pulled 1 of the amps..
  3. rushnrun

    Jacob's Wall Build Log

    ha... I read the first two pages before I realized it was two years old.. lol good luck to Paco!
  4. rushnrun

    2002 Tahoe, 12 12's, Clamshell vids, 158+DB

    thanks.. I guess I never posted the new score on this thing.. we did 158.1 db @ 36hz (Sealed Dash) after adding Balistic sound deadener to the doors and roof area.. still running about 7k. Next step with this thing is figuring out the sound processing and mids.. The doors are pretty loud now but we're looking into going a little bigger.
  5. rushnrun

    HCCA box finally done!!!

    Looks much better... Port does look to be on the small side for that box/woofer
  6. rushnrun

    2002 Tahoe, 12 12's, Clamshell vids, 158+DB

    Owner of the vehicle got sent away on work.. build put on hold for the next several months. we'll only be able to work 1-2 partial days a month on the truck.
  7. rushnrun

    Rival Subwoofers .. beast subs

    The tahoe is 12-12's. Truck is a demo vehicle.. does 155's at 23 hz.. not made for burps.. its still well over 150db down around 15hz. high score to date is 158.1@33-36hz wall is unfinished, no alts, no real battery power. **I agree a single 600w 12 doing 157 at 35hz would be something to talk about..
  8. rushnrun

    Rival Subwoofers .. beast subs

    wow.. I haven't been here in a while.. didn't know all this fuss was going on. lol *** sorry for any issues.. I'm not advertising/trying to advertise on anyones forum. Not out to step on toes.. I was a member of this forum long before I started building woofers.
  9. rushnrun

    Your best record?

    Pushups: Sit-ups: Pullups: Chinups: Best time in 1 mile 4:12 1/2 mile 1:57 1/4 mile 46.7 1/8 mile 21.2 Most weight in Benchpress 265lbs Curls(single hand and double hand) Leg press Squats Military press(most probably don't do) 155lbs 6'0" before I got lazy and fat.. lol
  10. rushnrun

    2002 Tahoe, 12 12's, Clamshell vids, 158+DB

    eh... suprised that didn't get any comments.. lol we'll be sealing off the box and doing some more testing.. hoping to have this in the low-mid 60 range real soon..
  11. rushnrun

    2002 Tahoe, 12 12's, Clamshell vids, 158+DB

    went to the park today for fathers day, figured we'd play with the tahoe a bit.. ***we just added a new EQ/Line driver and did some fine tuning... Doing bigger numbers yet again
  12. rushnrun

    Team Decent "Punisher" Build

    what does this thing meter outright? I saw the 156ish number pop.. I sat in it down in Daytona.. Seems louder than a 156..
  13. rushnrun

    2002 Tahoe, 12 12's, Clamshell vids, 158+DB

    Hat Trick from Today 6-17-11 clamped power is 7400watts so 615w per woofer Playing Bass Balling... metered 157.1db @ 36hz today (dash-TL)
  14. rushnrun

    Slamology 2011

    Hopefully Team Rival M.E./Gorilla Audio will be able to make it.. not sure yet.. we've hit too many shows this year and really ran down the play money.. lol
  15. rushnrun

    2002 Tahoe, 12 12's, Clamshell vids, 158+DB

    We'll get a few more vids and such... Gotta get the wall finished up. metered 153.3@ 20hz the other day..