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  1. MTX520

    dc 10" lv.3 questions

    go ported brotha!..you will love it ported!..and the price if i remember right..o think there around $150 some...just hit up rusty..im sure he will give you a nice price!
  2. MTX520


    yeah thats what we been doing..but the thing i dont understand why the tracking number dont work..but HOPEFULLY he aint scaming
  3. MTX520


    Illinois to Az..
  4. MTX520


    my friend paid him by paypal i believe...
  5. MTX520


    i just want to ask some people in here if they have shipped items in the past 2-3 days with tracking numbers.... i friend of mine bought some 1/0wire from a member in some other forum..and the member gave him tracking number and everything...we been checking it for 2 days now and it appears to say "Not all tracking information is available at this time. Please try again later."..has somebody else had this problem with ups giving you that message?...."supposeably" the member said ups is having some problems and stuff...also that he shipped it for 7+ days..does ups actually have 7+days to shipped items?...i think hes scamming..but i might be wrong..he also has good refs...so for now i dont want to go straight up and call him a scammer until i get this straighten out....also we been contacting mostly everyday and see whats up with the shipment so thats good... EDIT:if someone has some shipment going on your way and you have the tracking and it appears to "work" and not get the message i get..Let me know A.S.A.P!....thanks!
  6. MTX520

    Level 2 power question

    ill go with the Lvl 3's...i had a 2 Lvl 2 15 on 1k ported...and they got WARM after like a while...i would DEFF go with the Lvl 3's...
  7. MTX520

    SSD or Lvl 2???

    im not gonna give the SSD 2k..im gonna give it 1k.. also my tuning is good enough were is at. 30hz.ive had this box for my DC and this thing got LOW..and bumped every jeezy song i played!. you gota love the LOWS!!!!!!!...
  8. MTX520

    SSD or Lvl 2???

    so the SSD would be close to the Lvl 3?.. so by that im thinking it would get a lil louder than the Lvl 2?.also its going ported @ 30hz
  9. MTX520

    SSD or Lvl 2???

    amp=RF T2000bd music=rap,bass tracks
  10. MTX520

    SSD or Lvl 2???

    just like the title.. would a Fi SSD 15 get louder than the DC Lvl 2 15?..i seen the SSD specs and it says 800rms...specs on the Lvl 2 is 300rms 600 peak..just by looking at the specs im thinking the SSD would DEFF be louder than the LVL 2..but just wana make sure and get more responses from you guys and people that have had experience on FI or DC...NEVER ran FI before and thinking on trading my DC for the SSD and run FI!
  11. MTX520

    TLine for 15" lvl 2.

    i have 1 of these lvl 2 15 also ported @ 30hz...i have it running on 1000watts....this thing bumps...cant wait to get 2 more...but anyways it looks great.!
  12. MTX520

    RE re10 for home theater/audio

    vids would be great!
  13. MTX520

    Build log for 1996 Chevy Lumina- The Blue Fury

    that thing is gona pound for being a single 10...nice work!
  14. MTX520

    Grade A Service

    rusty is a cool guy...cant wait to buy some dc soon!!!..=)