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Found 8 results

  1. DedicatedEnthusiast

    Sundown X v.2 12's built by Dave Leib

    Hello everyone, long time no see. I am selling a pair of Dual 2-ohm (technically D1.7) 12" Sundown X v.2's built by Dave Leib a.k.a "Strongman Designs." Reason I am selling them is because I realized upon testing to see if my digital multi-meter was working correctly that one of the coils is reading higher on the one sub indicating that too much heat had been applied to it recently so rather than risking any further damage to it I am going to assume that I have too much power for these. Having said this in all honesty, let me make it perfectly clear here that both subs are still in perfect working order as we speak, even the one that is reading differently. Had I not thrown my multi-meter on it to test it in order to see if it was working properly (the multi-meter itself) I would have never known there was any difference or discrepancy between the two. However, because one of them is reading off now and I do not know what is to be expected out of it's performance long-term I will be letting these go for $500+ shipping (that includes both). Any further questions or concerns please feel free to text me at 440-915-2309 Phil
  2. Alright guys, here is a single 18" EMF audio ermagerd Dual 1 (can be wired down to 0.5 ohm) that needs to be reconed. The recone will run you $200 so you can have a brand new 6,500 watt RMS sub for just $600 since I am offering this unit shipped anywhere in the U.S. for $400, NO TRADES. This thing was able to handle a b2 audio m1u at 0.5 ohms for literally hours at a time until I got greedy and started clipping it with the gain. It got louder and lower than any other dual sub set-up I have ever had or owned and I have run kicker, SSA and Fi car audio to name a few. It will take the power and handle the abuse as long as the signal and power you are feeding it is clean. Weighs in at just over 100lbs, features a super stupid silly insane HIGH-roll rubber surround and nearly 4" of peak-to-peak excursion with a true carbon-fiber dust cap and quad-stack magnet/motor. Any further questions or concerns please feel free to ask me. Phil
  3. Check out this super sweet awesome deal we are having for tax season!! www.soundqubed.com
  4. redrider


    Anyone own seen or heard the new subs from soundqubed? Looking into possibly running one of the 12" version
  5. Jefferson PRV Audio

    PRV Audio Brazil - Neodymium Midrange Speakers

    • Neodymium radial slug motors for extreme speaker control and sensitivity • Full copper pole-piece sleeve for low distortion and inductance • Durable cast aluminum frame A bumped backplate, vented pole piece, vented magnet assembly, Kapton® former, and treated-cloth surround allow for high power handling, while protecting this driver from extreme transient power peaks. Available now at SSA Store: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/prv-audio-5mr450-ndy-5-inch-8-ohm-mid-bass.html http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/prv-audio-5mr450-ndy-4-5-inch-4-ohm-mid-bass.html http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/prv-audio-6mr500-ndy-4-6-inch-4-ohm-mid-bass.html http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/prv-audio-6mr500-ndy-6-inch-8-ohm-mid-bass.html http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/prv-audio-8mr600-ndy-8-inch-8-ohm-mid-bass.html
  6. SoundQubed


    The HDS200 series is a revised version of our SDC2.5. The major differences you will see is the switch from a cast basket to stamped, and the addition of push connectors instead of the direct leads. These woofers also have an added cooling option to the backplate, which the SDC2.5 was lacking. With these changes we were able to drop the prices for you all. The HDS200 series is a great woofer for those not looking to upgrade their charging system but still want to rattle their car. At 600W RMS with a 2.5" coil they are capable of fitting in smaller enclosures for placement with stock installs and everyday street beat. We do suggest putting these, along with all of our woofers in ported enclosures due to the suspension set-up. (Two pairs of spiders, one wired, one non.) * Model: HDS210 * Piston Diameter = 203.2 mm * f(s)= 37.01 Hz * R(e)= 7.32 Ohms * Z(max)= 75.67 Ohms * Q(ms)= 5.817 * Q(es)= 0.623 * Q(ts)= 0.562 * V(as)= 12.050 liters (0.426 cubic feet) * L(e)= 6.79 mH * n(0)= 0.09 % * SPL= 81.81 1W/1m * M(ms)= 226.60 grams * C(ms)= 0.08 mm/N * BL= 24.88 * Model: HDS212 * Piston Diameter = 254.0 mm * f(s)= 39.03 Hz * R(e)= 7.43 Ohms * Z(max)= 75.33 Ohms * Q(ms)= 5.367 * Q(es)= 0.587 * Q(ts)= 0.529 * V(as)= 29.700 liters (1.049 cubic feet) * L(e)= 7.74 mH * n(0)= 0.29 % * SPL= 86.68 1W/1m * M(ms)= 201.90 grams * C(ms)= 0.08 mm/N * BL= 25.03 * Model: HDS215 * Piston Diameter = 330.2 mm * f(s)= 36.34 Hz * R(e)= 7.47 Ohms * Z(max)= 69.87 Ohms * Q(ms)= 7.483 * Q(es)= 0.895 * Q(ts)= 0.800 * V(as)= 73.310 liters (2.589 cubic feet) * L(e)= 8.41 mH * n(0)= 0.37 % * SPL= 87.84 1W/1m * M(ms)= 269.40 grams * C(ms)= 0.07 mm/N * BL= 22.65
  7. ok so im designing a box for two 12 inch xcons, ported going into my 2007 scion tc(Hatchback). Right now i have a decent box but its time for a rebuild. My box right now is 40.5 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 17 inches high behind the rear seats. Its tuned at about 29-31 htz(not too sure). It does a 143.7 on the meter sealed up on the glass. No deadening, no beauty panels. But my concern is that my port is an Lport on the drivers side, it only goes halfway across the box so one woofer is above the port and the other is not. Im worried that the sub above the port is loading off of it and the other is not. If it is i want to fix this, so a rebuild is underway. It has been almost a year with this box so i might as well. What i want to know is, what is the best placement of the port and woofer? Sub up/port back? Sub back/ Port back? Sub forward/port forward? sub up/ port sidefiring? Sub forward/ port sidefiring? Sub back/Port sidefiring? Im using winisd to help design it and also using google sketch up. I am going to be putting two 12 inch xcons D1 woofers on about 2400 rms(soon to be ALOT more tho) What amount of port area do i need for the enclosure? will be updating this thread with more info as i go, along with shit loads of questions. Also going to design each enclosure and post a pic from sketchup of it along with specs, so i can get some sense of confirmation. kinda doing this to see if a better design will put up a better number. still with no deadening and no beauty paneling. Then will add beauty panels and test again, then remove it all and deaden the shit out of the car and see what it does. IDK why i wanna do that, jus kinda curious i guess.
  8. Hey guys I have a Fi BL 15" fully loaded woofer on the way. I will be building my box very soon here. I'm going to be running a Sundown 1500 D amp to it. I will listen mostly to low HZ rap or bass songs. I am looking for 32 HZ. Few questions: - Can someone give me some measurements for a ported box that is meant specifically for a BL 15" with 1500 RMS going to it? - I have read that this sub woofer recommends a 3-5 cu ft box. Does leaning towards 5 cu ft box have any benefits in SPL? -Any internal box bracing necessary with 3/4 " MDF wood? - Any cotton material necessary inside the box? Thank you