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Found 16 results

  1. I've been thinking lately, and have recently become curious if I could fi two Fi Sp4 15's in my trunk of my Cruze. I already have 1 in there, but my question would be if I could should I make it a sealed box or take my rear deck speakers out and have areo ports going through there? Just thoughts, or even do a port in the middle. The max deminsions are 17" height 35" wide and 25 or 27" depth not 100% sure. Just would like some thoughts on this. I love my sp4 and if this car wasn't so new I'd have a wall of four of them by now lol..but if I am missing anything for you guys to help me out let me know and I'll make it presentable. Thank you everyone!
  2. I really want one and am willing to pay anything reasonable, just give me a price!
  3. Check out this super sweet awesome deal we are having for tax season!! www.soundqubed.com
  4. redrider


    Anyone own seen or heard the new subs from soundqubed? Looking into possibly running one of the 12" version
  5. New Amplifier Line Up! Posted by SoundQubed on 2/5/2015 to Product News That's right the rumors are true! We have discontinued the Q1-3500D.1! Don't fear, we have replaced it with a bigger badder model that we aptly named the Q1-4500D.1. This amplifier utilizes the Q1-3500 casing and features the new SOUNDQUBED laser etched logo on the heat sink. The Q1-4500D.1 is on back order and are slated to be in mid April. If you would like to purchase one at the pre sale price you may do so HERE. Once the amps arrive the price will adjust to $839.00 shipped. The New Q1-4500D.1 does 4560W @14.4v at 1 Ohm. (1% THD) We have also upgraded the Q1-2200D.1 to the new version the Q1-2200D.2. This version two has also been upgraded just like the Q1-3500D.1. We utilized the same casing and board structure while refreshing some internals to give us 130W more power. This means you could see roughly 2330W RMS @14.4v at 1 ohm! (1% THD) The Q1-1200D.1 was also modified just as the two amps above. The Q1-1200.2 is the revised version and at 1% distortion you will see 1310W RMS @14.4v at 1 ohm! (1% THD) **The NEW amps can not be strapped with the Q1-3500D.1, Q1-2200D.1, or the Q1-1200D.1**
  6. SoundQubed

    NEW - HDS208

    HDS208 - The Baddest 8" woofer you'll ever encounter (Pricing and Availability to be announced)The HDS208, your cost efficient 8" woofer designed with familiar SoundQubed reliability and performance. Our HDS200 subs have been very successful and have became the blueprint for the HDS208 design. This woofer is a beast at 600W RMS, a cast frame, 2.5" copper coil and back plate venting to coil it in the tightest situations. The high efficiency starts with a strong 2.5" voice coil powered by a motor structure patterned after the energy model of the HDS2.5 structure. We like subs that can pound with authority and the HDS's play just like their bigger brothers. High temperature adhesives and coil wire ensure long therm reliable performance that is unheard of at these price points. The HDS208's double magnet motor is over-sized to provide high output levels with precision and control. The plates are coated with corrosion resistant epoxy paint which also increases the outflow of heat from the voice coil. The SoundQubed Street Duty 200 subwoofers are the new choice for savvy installers looking to combine high performance systems with a screaming deal. Features: 2.5" Coil Double Stacked Magnet Cast Basket Push ConnectorsVented Back Plate and Pole Piece17mm of throw (one way)
  7. SoundQubed


    The HDS200 series is a revised version of our SDC2.5. The major differences you will see is the switch from a cast basket to stamped, and the addition of push connectors instead of the direct leads. These woofers also have an added cooling option to the backplate, which the SDC2.5 was lacking. With these changes we were able to drop the prices for you all. The HDS200 series is a great woofer for those not looking to upgrade their charging system but still want to rattle their car. At 600W RMS with a 2.5" coil they are capable of fitting in smaller enclosures for placement with stock installs and everyday street beat. We do suggest putting these, along with all of our woofers in ported enclosures due to the suspension set-up. (Two pairs of spiders, one wired, one non.) * Model: HDS210 * Piston Diameter = 203.2 mm * f(s)= 37.01 Hz * R(e)= 7.32 Ohms * Z(max)= 75.67 Ohms * Q(ms)= 5.817 * Q(es)= 0.623 * Q(ts)= 0.562 * V(as)= 12.050 liters (0.426 cubic feet) * L(e)= 6.79 mH * n(0)= 0.09 % * SPL= 81.81 1W/1m * M(ms)= 226.60 grams * C(ms)= 0.08 mm/N * BL= 24.88 * Model: HDS212 * Piston Diameter = 254.0 mm * f(s)= 39.03 Hz * R(e)= 7.43 Ohms * Z(max)= 75.33 Ohms * Q(ms)= 5.367 * Q(es)= 0.587 * Q(ts)= 0.529 * V(as)= 29.700 liters (1.049 cubic feet) * L(e)= 7.74 mH * n(0)= 0.29 % * SPL= 86.68 1W/1m * M(ms)= 201.90 grams * C(ms)= 0.08 mm/N * BL= 25.03 * Model: HDS215 * Piston Diameter = 330.2 mm * f(s)= 36.34 Hz * R(e)= 7.47 Ohms * Z(max)= 69.87 Ohms * Q(ms)= 7.483 * Q(es)= 0.895 * Q(ts)= 0.800 * V(as)= 73.310 liters (2.589 cubic feet) * L(e)= 8.41 mH * n(0)= 0.37 % * SPL= 87.84 1W/1m * M(ms)= 269.40 grams * C(ms)= 0.07 mm/N * BL= 22.65
  8. SoundQubed


    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    An overview of the SoundQubed Scion Xb.

    © SoundQubed

  9. SoundQubed

    Trip on Route 66

    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    On a trip to a show in Tulsa Oklahoma. We took a trip down old Route 66 and had us a layover at Pops!

    © SoundQubed

  10. SoundQubed

    At a show!

    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    A side shot showing off the Single QP-TH25 tweeter and pair of QP-MR6.5's rocking out in the rears.

    © SoundQubed

  11. SoundQubed

    Sunny Day at SoundQubed HeadQuarter

    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    Right after the wrap was put on the vehicle, just before a show.
  12. SoundQubed


    From the album: SoundQubed Demo Car

    Shot of the Pac-Man style wall at the B-pillar boasting Four HDC315's.

    © SoundQubed

  13. So since my first box I have wanted to do an enclosure with no space restrictions. A build that focuses on cone area and low tuning. Subs are HDS200's (ordered one already to see if I like them, I will post pictures here when it gets here) Soundqubed is very vague with there enclosure recommendations and i'm looking for a more specialized design My first dilemma is with the box and is if I should go with a 2x2 pattern such as this: Or a 4x1 pattern such as this: (ported though) My only real limits are what can fit through my doorframe's in my house. I was playing with the RE Box Calculator and I can make both styles fit. I want between 12-19 cubes. (<---cant believe i'm serious with this) tuned low to 28-35 hrz It can be enormous, only one of the dimensions needs to conform to the doorframe's
  14. Cruze12

    Cruze with a Fi Sp4 15.

    Here is my Cruze playing Downtown, with my trunk going crazy.
  15. I have been having trouble trying to understand on how to make a box design, so I was just going to see if anyone here could help me. I know that when some one asks this question they tend to leave out important information when needing help so I'm going to give you all the info I can, and please tell me if I am missing anything. Trunk dimentions(MAX): 17" Tall, 35" Wide, and 20" Depth Subwoofer: Fi Sp4 15" Loaded D2 ohm sub wired to 1 ohm Amp: Audioque2200D Wire: All Sky High Car Audio Cable Alt: Stock 180 amp Batteries: Xs Power D4700 hood & future Xs D1200 trunk It'll go in the trunk of a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze. I've tried using Torres Box calc and google sketch up and so far I've had no luck. So any info, input, or any help in general would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!
  16. Will be starting build soon! Getting 2 ma audio hk12x2's rebuilt by PSI into 18s and the will handle 2000 watts each. Currently only have audiopipe 1500.1d but looking for either a sundown 3500 or audioque 3500. I think that's what they are. But something that will put out at least 4000 watts. Whatcha think?