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    2012 Chevrolet Cruze 1.4L Turbo
  1. Cruze12

    Happy Birthday Scencheezy

    Happy birthday!!
  2. Cruze12

    2 12" zcons 4-6k trunk wall

    Awesome! Can't wait!
  3. Cruze12

    Chop's 85' S10 (single cab) * 3 18"s (4th order)

    This will be interesting
  4. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Well happy birthday!
  5. Cruze12

    Two State Titles for DSS

    Congrats you guys! Great builds the both of you!
  6. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    I love it, the design is great!
  7. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Wouldn't mind buying these three and the shirt lol. I think you have my number chop so text me if you want.
  8. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Thank you sir! I would like to add some IAK swag to my car and in my closet lol. Looking forward to more info. And don't worry there will always be better days
  9. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Okay well I emailed him that first time asking what he had IAK wise then he said something about a Facebook and I told him I don't have one so what do you have and I never got a reply lol.
  10. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Since I don't have a Facebook how can I get my hands on some IAK goodies? Do I just do it through you or?
  11. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Ooh I need one of those ! That's awesome! And my fiancé just picked up a 1995 Monte Carlo ls. So when my audio build is done in my Cruze I have a little project myself
  12. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Getting work done?
  13. Cruze12

    SANdowns vErsus DEEcee!!1!

  14. Cruze12

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Thank you good sir!