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Found 5 results

  1. I've been thinking lately, and have recently become curious if I could fi two Fi Sp4 15's in my trunk of my Cruze. I already have 1 in there, but my question would be if I could should I make it a sealed box or take my rear deck speakers out and have areo ports going through there? Just thoughts, or even do a port in the middle. The max deminsions are 17" height 35" wide and 25 or 27" depth not 100% sure. Just would like some thoughts on this. I love my sp4 and if this car wasn't so new I'd have a wall of four of them by now lol..but if I am missing anything for you guys to help me out let me know and I'll make it presentable. Thank you everyone!
  2. Cruze12

    FS: Fi Sp4 15 D2 $425

    I have for sale a used Fi Sp4 15". It has the cooling option, and space spider as well. It is a d2 and with a carbon cap. I ordered this sub directly from Fi on November 15, 2013 and recieved it around early December. Mechcanically: 10/10 Physically: 9/10 I would prefer local pick up only, I am willing to drive any where within an hour distance from where I live if serious. The box does come with the sub also. The subwoofer has been powered by an aq2200, ct2500.1, and a ct1400.1 without any issues. The price is somewhat flexible.
  3. Cruze12

    Cruze with a Fi Sp4 15.

    Here is my Cruze playing Downtown, with my trunk going crazy.
  4. I have been having trouble trying to understand on how to make a box design, so I was just going to see if anyone here could help me. I know that when some one asks this question they tend to leave out important information when needing help so I'm going to give you all the info I can, and please tell me if I am missing anything. Trunk dimentions(MAX): 17" Tall, 35" Wide, and 20" Depth Subwoofer: Fi Sp4 15" Loaded D2 ohm sub wired to 1 ohm Amp: Audioque2200D Wire: All Sky High Car Audio Cable Alt: Stock 180 amp Batteries: Xs Power D4700 hood & future Xs D1200 trunk It'll go in the trunk of a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze. I've tried using Torres Box calc and google sketch up and so far I've had no luck. So any info, input, or any help in general would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!
  5. hey guys i'll follow mklett's pattern Vehicle : 2012 chevy cruze Location in the vehicle: trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): 36x16x24 Subwoofer make and model: american bass xfl Subwoofer Size: 10 Number of Subwoofers: 2 or 3 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): slot or aero What type of music do you like?: mostly hip hop/rap but also rock Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: everyday Tuning Freq (Hz): 33-35 Volume :??? Questions: i'm trying to figure out the best possible orientation, size, port, and tuning for this car. i have a prefab ported box for 2 tens that i've had in the car for 2 weeks and have played it firing into car with it sealed off using 1/4 ply (wasn't glued or foamed so not 100% seal) and also firing at the trunk. sounds best firing at the trunk but i do plan on competing with the car but it is my daily so i'm looking for the best of both worlds. this is the first CAR i'm trying to make loud. i've had my blazer before along with working with ramrod on his van and the yukon. for the box, i'm trying to do the 3 10s ported into the car. would it be beneficial to aero port through the rear deck or would it be better to keep them all on the same face? i'm going to do an amp floor behind the box so i can still use the trunk for backpacks and luggage since i do go to school full time and travel somewhere far every couple weeks with a 2 other people. my seats do fold down but do not have a ski pass. if i were to cut out some metal brackets that are not load bearing, i can make my box 40x17x24 max. there is no real answer anywhere as to what size to make boxes for xfls but after researching, a lot of people have luck using 1.25-1.75 per sub tuned to about 35hz. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. can also just use 2 of the 10s and throw the 3rd in gfs ride but would want to use it myself if it isn't a dumb idea