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Found 9 results

  1. DedicatedEnthusiast

    Sundown X v.2 Motor

    Somewhat blown (sub still plays) Sundown X v.2 motor. $150 shipped! Basket included. Contact at 440-915-2309 for further questions/concerns.
  2. Kimberlee Padgett

    FI Q12

    What's up all I have a Fi Q12 that needs to be recone. I read you can use a different brand recone kit as long as specs are right? Or Is it better to use a Fi recone kit made for the Q12 from Fi or does another companies recone kit work just as well? I've never reconed a sub before and as long as the same specs are used to recone the sub everything remainds the same (rms power handling enclosure sizes ect.)? Appreciate any feedback thanks
  3. zZZzzzSnooze2nd

    SSA XCon Recone Virgin!

    I went with direct leads because the push terminals broke off & it was dangling! So I took both off. This XCon is the first generation, it is just under 5 years old. It was reconed before about 2 years ago, and just started using it. it was a bad recone job lucky I ordered 2 recone kits, Dustcap came lose first day out & it was flapping. spider came completely off later. I wanted the job done right, So I did it myself. I think I did it right. I'm proud to say I am no longer a Recone Virgin.
  4. Item for sale: PSI Platform 3 motor and basket Description directly from PSI: The Platform 3 series is a massive subwoofer, designed for massive amounts of output! The standard version of the Platform 3 is geared towards very loud, but still very musical systems. It is designed to deliver everything from low octave, window flexing bass to throat tickling upper range bass frequencies. These subs deliver very good sound at very high SPL levels! Power Handling Ratings: Standard RMS Power Handling - 2500 watts Hi Performance RMS Power Handling - 3000 watts Peak Power Handling - 6000 watts SPL Burp Power - 8000 I have original 8 spoke aluminum cast basket without terminals, or I can include a 12 spoke aluminum. Recones can be obtained from PSI's site or car audio classifieds. I was quoted 165 shipped with direct leads, sewn lead wires, CF cap, an glue included. Price: 200 plus shipping anywhere in continental US States or Best Offer. Shipping: US only. Will be properly packed and insured. Coil gap is already stuffed with shop towels to prevent pole shifting. Pictures:
  5. I ordered an SSD recone yesterday and there is no option for integrated leads on the site. I added in the special instructions that I want them. Can you please include integrated leads and charge me for them?
  6. The anticipation is killing me. Summer days go by and I'm not bumping. How long am I looking at to receive my single zcon recone? Ordered on 6/7. I was hoping it would arrive in 2-3 weeks. Anyone have any input on how long it took for them to receive a recone?
  7. Hey Shawn and everyone @ Ficaraudio.com, First of all I would like to compliment on the new ordering process and how you give an order status with each order placed. Its very promising that my order is going to be completed as quickly as possible when you guys send me emails of confirmation and order status. Awesome to see this! I have a question about my order as Shawn, you emailed me about the basket price not being included in my total. I do want to buy the basket from you guys,(can I get an old school silver one=]) I just don't know how you want me to pay you guys...do you have a paypal I can send money to? I also have a dilemma with my order, as I ordered a dual 2 ohm resistance and would like to change it to Dual 1 ohm. However, I'm not sure if the original Motor, having dual 2 ohm soft parts, would be universal to change impedance. I was planning on trading my mmats d300hc for a DD M2a, so I could run 1 ohm, but the trade didn't happen. So if you haven't started the machining of this recone, and could change the impedance for me that would be fantastic. (Saying that the impedance of these motors can be changed) Sorry for any inconvienence, but if this change could go through that would be great. Let me know on how to pay you guys for the basket as well. Send me a message on here or email me @ g.novicki@csuohio.edu. Thanks, Greg
  8. cloud77

    Re XXX v3 recone

    Hey guys, First of all Happy new year to everyone @ Fi Car Audio. It was a great year with your products and hope it was a great year in sales for you. Down to business, I have aquired an RE XXX v3 motor from a craigslist sale. (paid 150 for it) Its spiders were off of the landing and luckily no one who had the sub knew that was the problem, Hopefully I can glue them down and the coil didn't rub too much. I see you guys have a recone option for RE 3x, guessing thats the xxx you just cant use the name for copyright purposes. It says that the recones are good for 2005 models and up, but I have a XXX motor that uses XBL^2 technology (I think its 2006 model). Im guessing that recone is a little different perhaps more pricey, but I was wondering if you can make one for me since I have not yet gone through psi for any recones. I love your craftsmanship and quality in the products you use in your drop in recones and was just wondering if I can get it through you guys. I was j/w because I thought the xbl2 technology recone would be considerably different than the newer coil designs. Thanks guys If anyone wants to chime in and tell me a little about these motors and the way they sound please do! this is my first time dealing with this kind of motor. this technology originated through adire audio correct?
  9. cloud77

    Compression plug; applicating.

    Just got my recone for my RE SX, got it fully loaded with drilled compression plug. This is my first time dealing with the compression plug, so I just want to make sure I apply it correctly. It goes on the inside of the coil gap between the coil and underneath the dustcap right? It probably won't be able to stay in place, so would I need to glue it down?