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Found 14 results

  1. scizzle

    FS - 2 amps - 2 subs

    I have just sold my car and I had to remove my subs and amps. not planning to install them again in my new truck. I have a sundown audio SAZ1500D & SAX100.4D. I also have two 12" SSD's with the upgraded coils. These are from an older install, but have not been beaten to death and are in great shape. i have no idea what these are worth figured it's a great first time setup for someone. I'm assuming around $500ish for all of it. Local pickup will be the easiest obviously Sarasota/Tampa/St. Pete/Bradenton/Venice. But Willing to ship if the price is right (I can get a quote). Willing to sell individually if you want. email me: sc1zzle@yahoo.com
  2. Thomas Iturraran

    SSD 10 SQ enclosure help

    Vehicle : 1973 VW Beetle Location in the vehicle: Rear cargo area; sub pointed up Space available (Length x Width x Height): 35" length x 12" depth x 12-15" height Subwoofer make and model: Fi SSD Subwoofer Size: 10 Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Rectangle w/ 45's What type of music do you like?: EDM, RAP, Rock, Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Everyday high sq Tuning Freq (Hz): 35 - 38hz? Volume : 1 - 1.5? Questions: So I have modeled up a few different enclosure in win isd but I just want some confirmation as to what you guys think will work best for my listening needs. From what I have read on this forum that I believe Fi recommends a tuning between 31-35hz and 1.5 cu ft. Modeled the box up they suggest and some of the numbers in win isd don't seem to comply with recommendations I find online, for ex. port velocity seems way too high ~ 130ft/s and output seems to lack around the 40-50hz region. From what I understand it seems as though when designing a box in a small vehicle such as my VW you can go a little bit higher due to cabin gain if I understand correctly. After modeling it seems as though 1-1.25 cu ft and a tuning of 38hz seems to produce a nice curve that also had minimal group delay and won't produce a ridiculous peak in output. My question is are there any other suggestion as to maybe more box volume or less and will there be any unforeseen issues with tuning to 38hz instead of 35? Also can someone give me any insight on how tuning affects subs ability to play in the 60-100 hz region? If I understand correctly tuning lower limits the sub woofers ability to play the higher notes?
  3. Ok so new speakers are on their way soon so I am willing to let these go for $350 shipped in original packaging from Fi. They are dual 12'' SSD's with cooling just as the image says and are just over six months old. Again feel free to PM me with any additional questions or concerns.
  4. Got two 12'' Fi SSD's for sale that are literally less than six months old. They sound absolutely amazing in fact my ears were ringing after having listened to them for ten to fifteen minutes straight or so just the other day. They come with stock copper coils (meant for daily musical play) and cooling option for an additional 2-500 watts or so of increased power handling (giving each speaker an average of 1200-1500 watts RMS power handling for a total combined amount of 2400-3000 watts power handling) depending upon the install. The price for the pair is $450 shipped to your door in all of Fi's original packaging. Shipping alone runs right around $80 for the pair even if new from Fi so the price per speaker outside of shipping cost is actually about $185. These things look and sound practically brand new. The ONLY reason I am selling them is because i ended up getting a much larger than anticipated alternator installed and would like to take advantage of its abilities with larger more powerful speakers soon. It may be sort of hard to see my SSA username at the top of my sales sheet in the pictures below due to the lighting when they were taken but if you tilt your computer screen back and away from you I find that it is much easier to see that way. Please feel free to PM me with any additional questions or concerns:)
  5. airycsillest916

    It's Time For a New Sub

    Im looking to upgrade my current set up. Ive narrowed down my choices to ether a DC level 3 15, FI SSD 15 with cooling and flatwind coil (which ive heard are comparable to a level 4), and an Incriminator Audio Lethal Injection 15. Ive seen a lot of bs saying that the DC subs dont have good quality soft parts and am looking for some people that have ran these subs before that might be able to give me some insight to help my decision. Basically im looking for the best sub on the lows that can take a daily beating. I have a 3.3 cubic ft box tuned to 34hz in my BMW 330ci and will be pushing around 1100rms daily from my audiopipe 1500d but will be upgrading the amp in the future. I mostly listen to rap music and occationly house.
  6. My pre-09 SSD motors have "custom sealed" written on the top of the motor. Does this mean they have the high qts option? They are also copper coils. Any input?
  7. I ordered an SSD recone yesterday and there is no option for integrated leads on the site. I added in the special instructions that I want them. Can you please include integrated leads and charge me for them?
  8. cloud77

    SSD recone, leads? spiders?

    I see you have the option for coil, standard, copper, flatwound, exc. How many spiders come with the recone and is this pricing with integrated leads?
  9. tonyb121

    FI SSD 15 Video :)

  10. i bought 2 12 SSD i just wanted to know if i really have to break them in for a week or 2
  11. Hondabiker95

    **Is this under warranty?**

    Ok so today my dual 1 SSD 18 stopped working for seemingly no reason during very low volume music. The sub is not frozen. I checked the sub with a battery and it did nothing, checked all wires etc. etc. I will check the coils on my multimeter when I get to work tomorrow. The box is build to the specs of the sub 7cu.ft. @ 32hz. Powered with a Fosgate t1500-bd (2ohms and very conservative gain). The coils look normal to me, not black or even dark in any way. Sub doesn't and never did smell like burnt coils. I'm thinking the coil's glue failed. I'm stumped on this really as I've been good to this sub and only had it for a few months. I hope Fi will take care of me and warrant the sub. Also if this is under warranty, do you guys know if shipping would be covered?
  12. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    i have had 2 10" ssd for almost 2 weeks and the duscap one one of the subs has come unglued. Has anyone else had this problem? i know i could just re glue it but this shouldnt happen after 2 weeks and i havent been beating on them either, i emailed fi but anyone else have any suggestions, i know about CA glue but im not sure what i should do, any help would be great. Thanks
  13. im ordering ssd12's and i dont know wat to pick between standard or h qts.. i have no idea wat it means, so if anyone knows please tell me. thanks
  14. z3nor

    2 12" SSD Vented Enclosure

    Hey all, I've got two 12" SSD's coming in the next few days and I decided to get a headstart on building my box. I've raped the search tool and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. If anyone has some spare time and wouldn't mind doing a fellow enthusiast a HUGE favor, it wouldn't go unnoticed. I'm hoping to get a cutsheet for 2 12" SSD's (ported) for my 2008 Mazda 6 sedan. Here's the preferred specifications. W: 42" (MAX) H: 16" (MAX) D1: 21" preferred D2: 16" preferred Tuned from 30-33hz I'm thinking it'd be cool to have the subs forward-firing at an angle with the seats. Then I could just mount my amp on the trunk side. The angle would take much more advantage of the space but if that's too difficult to calculate I'd understand and just make them rear-firing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I suck at math and don't trust online calculators :/