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Found 8 results

  1. Travis


    From the album: Travis's Cherokee build

  2. My current setup consists of: -Advance auto parts group 34/78 up front -stinger spp1500d in the back -mechman 270a alt -Crescendo bc2k -Crescendo c1100.4 -Knu konceptz 1/0 all around including big 3 I was wanting to upgrade to something bigger (maybe a dc level 6 18). I am tore between 2 options...(both options will have c1100.4 and same batteries plus some later down the line) 1st: -Taramps hd5000 -2 positive runs of sky high 2/0 from front to back -3 positive runs to the amp -Big 3 in sky high 2/0 2nd: -Another bc2k strapped to the other one -1 run of sky high 2/0 from front to back -2 runs of knu 1/0 or 1 run of sky high 2/0 to each bc -big 3 in sky high 2/0 I can save money going with another bc, but would the more efficient taramps be a better option? Im just curious of yalls thoughts on the taramps.
  3. So I finally decided to start a build log on here.I had sort of one in the photography thread awhile back. Im in the process of building a wall for 6 of the Fi Team Series 15's on 3 DC 9k's and a ton of other extras. This will be my third build and I have done everything on my own except the doors and VU-Din/Volt meter setup which I had my Italian shop in Italy do. So here are some pics of the old setup and some pics of the new build coming here shortly. Pics arent in any specific order but best score with the 4th order and 2 18" N2's was a 152.9 sealed. Never did the door open in the kick as i prefer sealed up numbers.It could also play music at a 51 for 1 min which the Italian's call War Machine LoL. Well enjoy and let me know what you think.
  4. jdawgg22

    15" DC LVL5 newly reconed

    Up for sale is my 15" DC LVL 5 D2. I recently purchased and installed a new recone from DC which was the LVL 5 recone. The sub has zero problems, it slams the highs and definitely slams the lows. I am selling it because I need the extra money to buy a new car. If you have any questions please let me know. I will upload the pictures tomorrow. Im asking $400 and you pay the shipping. If in indiana we can meet locally. thanks for looking Jordan
  5. airycsillest916

    It's Time For a New Sub

    Im looking to upgrade my current set up. Ive narrowed down my choices to ether a DC level 3 15, FI SSD 15 with cooling and flatwind coil (which ive heard are comparable to a level 4), and an Incriminator Audio Lethal Injection 15. Ive seen a lot of bs saying that the DC subs dont have good quality soft parts and am looking for some people that have ran these subs before that might be able to give me some insight to help my decision. Basically im looking for the best sub on the lows that can take a daily beating. I have a 3.3 cubic ft box tuned to 34hz in my BMW 330ci and will be pushing around 1100rms daily from my audiopipe 1500d but will be upgrading the amp in the future. I mostly listen to rap music and occationly house.
  6. Hey every this trend is for all you custom box builders who would like to show your box, wall pictures. So post on everyone and lets see your custom work.
  7. I have 2 Sundown SD-2 10 D2s and 2 SA-10 D4 subs for trade. I am looking for beasty subs. DC Level 4 and up 12s, 15s and 18s are a plus but may consider some sundown sa or z or ns 12, 15 or 18s. May consider others or may sell. If you wanna buy I am looking for $250 shipped for the SDs and $300 shipped for the SAs. But will take $500 shipped for all of them. The SDs are in great shape. The SAs are in great shape as well except for one of them has a missing terminal. I have been using a bolt and nut.
  8. I am only posting this for observational reasons. F.i. SP4 18" Fully loaded 3,000rms - $564 plus shipping DC Audio Level 6m2 4,500rms - $1,200 MAP iirc SSA Evil 3,250rms - $799 Shipped B2 Audio XC 3,000rms - $1,650 Online Warehouse Tantric Sounds SHD 5,000rms - $735 plus shipping Crossfire XSv2 2,000rms - $1,299 plus shipping Sonic Electronix AA SMD 3,500rms - $899.99 plus shipping (v2 coming soon)