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  1. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    i understand the gain is not a volume control, its a sensitivity setting you match with the volume on your head unit. what i mean by half the power is between both subs, according to their specs, they should be able to handle 1000watts rms per sub. my amp is only rated at 1000watts rms so and no matter how efficient it is, in reality its maybe giving each sub 400watts rms max (assuming there isnt a clipped signal) which there isnt. thats what i mean by only half the power. but i got a hold of fi and they are going to take care of the sub and fix the problem. thanks for everyones help!
  2. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    The ssd's are rated at 1000 watt rms each, im running both subs @ 2 ohm load with an alpind pdx 1.1000 (rated at 1000watt rms @ 2 and 4 ohms) 0gauge wire, stock battery and alternator. my gain is right below half on the amp n subsonic fiter options on the amp are : off, 15hz or 30hz so i have it set at 30hz. box is custom built to spec for the subs and tuned to 33hz. These subs look like they are at or near max excursion when only running half their rated power to them and at 80% volume on the head unit. (my volume goes to 50 but i dont go past 40), i have a bigger amp i was planning on running them on but i dont think they would handle it and i dont want to do any more damage to the sub. I am taking it out of the box today to get a better look but im not sure whats still causing the rattle behind the dust cap.
  3. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    there wasnt a big enough gap for anything to get in there but i will have time to look at it tomorrow so i will take it out and play in free air and see where the sound is coming from. if the triple joint did come undone how do i go about fixing that? the sub is barely 2 weeks old and i havent been slamming on them but ill get back to you when i take the sub out of the box.
  4. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    I glued the dust cap back together so its sealed again but there is still a rattle coming from behind the dustcap when the bass hits. Its noticable at low volume and gets worse as volume increases. Any ideas what is causing this?
  5. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    thanks for the help!
  6. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    did you use CA glue or what kind of glue and how did it hold up?
  7. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    no it did not come completly off. about a 2 inches on the right side of the cap came unglued from the foam surround.
  8. luckyycharmzz13@yahoo.com

    dustcap 10" ssd

    i have had 2 10" ssd for almost 2 weeks and the duscap one one of the subs has come unglued. Has anyone else had this problem? i know i could just re glue it but this shouldnt happen after 2 weeks and i havent been beating on them either, i emailed fi but anyone else have any suggestions, i know about CA glue but im not sure what i should do, any help would be great. Thanks