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  1. Kimberlee Padgett

    SQ first time order on SSA

    I'm running Hds312 personal ride and {2) Hdc315, Hds212 and Hds310 in other vehicles . I personally love them Hds3312 replaced a Fi Q12 and the Hdc315 replaced (2) Dc level 3. The Soundqubeds hit high notes harder than any sub i've had while still getting down on the low notes.
  2. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    I was definitely impressed with HDC did have DC level 3 just swapped subs no adjustments at all the soundqubeds were louder this was before new box build did the same with the HDS from Fi q same result soundqubed was louder
  3. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    I'm on almost a month still pretty stiff really wanna grank on but still smell subs after a few hard runs on Apm-1
  4. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    what were you running before the Hdc15? how does it compare ? I love soundqubed and for the price u can't beat but if someone out there has tried and found something better i'm all ears
  5. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    I definitely understand space issues how long have you had the sub? notice any difference as it "breaks in" as they say
  6. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    The box is on the small side according to specs man that thing should really slam in a bigger box do plan on building bigger box? Soundqubed subs love power i got HDS 312 in 1.84@43 hz and the HDC315 in 5@41hz different rides of course they both absolutely slaughter the higher notes the 12 (1500rms)being box a tad bit small still hit low doing a rebuild this weekend on it going 2.25@40hz but the 15s(1800rms each ) wow low as hell and still murders the higher notes and still wanting more power.
  7. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Nice heard some great things about them AudioPipe APCL 1500.1 how dose it sound. love the inverted look . HDC315 are just nasty picture doesn't do them justice you have to see/hold them bad boys to truly appreciate now nasty they really are. Ive seen you videos on youtube looks like you have alot of air movement playing the Lady Antebellum song i think thats what it was.
  8. Kimberlee Padgett

    My first SUV gets a sound system.

    look awesome great build. How does the zcon compare to the Fi ? If you dont mind me asking Sq and spl wise
  9. Kimberlee Padgett

    Upcoming promo or discounts?

    I would like to know as well looking for 4 more HDC315 . Don't get me wrong there well worth there price without discount or promo but im always looking to save some funds or add more Soundqubed equipment with the savings .
  10. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

  11. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    I hit low not real low but it definitely loves the high notes . Just swapped subs left amps set like they were in the DC level 3 it was noticeably louder and deeper. The amps have been turned up for a few days now I can say it hurts when it hits certain high notes.
  12. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    yeah its hugs 5cft@38hz each it rocks definitely louder than the DC level 3 will be on termlab Spring break nationals next weekend .
  13. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    almost there
  14. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    the DC and Soundqubed are both 15" the FI is a 12"
  15. Kimberlee Padgett

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Sub comparison Fi Q DC level 3 Soundqubed HDC3