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Found 7 results

  1. 1. Product: (2) 12" 04-05 RE XXX D2 with PSI recones 2. Specs: -OEM coils -2 stiff spiders (slightly stiffer suspension than OEM) -8 gauge direct leads -HD pulp cone -post 06 RE XXX dustcaps -Double sewn leads -Includes 12" gaskets 3. Description/Condition: Motors are mint. Small chip in one. Not really noticeable. Can take close-ups and coil readings for serious buyers. I have more feedback, just ask. Would like to hold onto these forever, but plans have changed. 4. Price: : 800$ shipped and insured properly via UPS
  2. Item(s) for Sale: (2) 12" RE XXX 04-05 XBL^2 woofers D2's Item(s) Description/Condition: 1600 RMS, XBL^2 technology -Both subs contain: 04-05 RE XXX motors, black 12 spoke aluminum baskets, OEM coil, PSI built recones - 1 stiff spider, 1 soft, dual sewn leads, 8 gauge direct connect leads, post 06 XXX dust caps Sub #1 condition: There is a tiny hole in surround from a drill slip. I fixed it up with goop, so you can peel it off and fix to your preference if need be. With gasket on you can barely notice the patch job or see the rip. Motor structure is nearly mint condition. No chips in ferrite, and top plate and bottom plates have minimal scratches. All other aspects are new condition. Sub has SHCA OFC 8 gauge direct leads. Sub #2 Conditon Surround is good condition. There is a small chip in ferrite from when I got the motor shipped to me. (pictured) Other than that the top plate / bottom plate are in good condition. There is a bit of residue from gorilla tape on the surround. Not visible with gasket. Sub #2 Has XS power OFC 8 gauge direct connect leads OEM coils read out at 2.3-2.4 since day one. Pictured are all of the coils readings, as well as the surrounds, imperfections, and beauty. If you have any questions or need any more pictures let me know. I really don't want to sell these, but since they are out of my car and thinking of the pain of putting them back in, I am putting them up for sale. Bills are starting to pile up and I have (2) Fi Q motors sitting here that can hold me over. On top of that, my box is a little bit big for the power I am giving these and the Qs would suit me better. Awesome subs. I will dance with them again some day.. I know the pictures are not the best, I still have a Droid 2 >< Price: 700 plus shipping to US 48 only PM me for shipping price. Local pickup is available. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will be shipped and insured via UPS. I have other references via FB, ebay, and ****. Please don't be afraid for me to cite them.
  3. cloud77

    WTB: RE XXX v3 motor

    Looking for an 04-05 XXX with the rounded bottom plate. I have cash and trades. PM me with details if you have one or have seen one for sale.
  4. I have just acquired a PSI platform 3 woofer and I would like to get it reconed with Fi soft parts. I cut out the coil and it kinda looks like a BTL triple stack coil would fit. Would you guys be able to hand make a drop in kit for this woofer for me? I will post pics of the coil and motor if you need.
  5. Item for sale: PSI Platform 3 motor and basket Description directly from PSI: The Platform 3 series is a massive subwoofer, designed for massive amounts of output! The standard version of the Platform 3 is geared towards very loud, but still very musical systems. It is designed to deliver everything from low octave, window flexing bass to throat tickling upper range bass frequencies. These subs deliver very good sound at very high SPL levels! Power Handling Ratings: Standard RMS Power Handling - 2500 watts Hi Performance RMS Power Handling - 3000 watts Peak Power Handling - 6000 watts SPL Burp Power - 8000 I have original 8 spoke aluminum cast basket without terminals, or I can include a 12 spoke aluminum. Recones can be obtained from PSI's site or car audio classifieds. I was quoted 165 shipped with direct leads, sewn lead wires, CF cap, an glue included. Price: 200 plus shipping anywhere in continental US States or Best Offer. Shipping: US only. Will be properly packed and insured. Coil gap is already stuffed with shop towels to prevent pole shifting. Pictures:
  6. Will be starting build soon! Getting 2 ma audio hk12x2's rebuilt by PSI into 18s and the will handle 2000 watts each. Currently only have audiopipe 1500.1d but looking for either a sundown 3500 or audioque 3500. I think that's what they are. But something that will put out at least 4000 watts. Whatcha think?
  7. Footage from a show in Tampa Florida this past Sunday. Bass Heads Ent's Robin Butler with his 07 Galant. 2 12" PSI Platform 1s on a Crescendo BC2000D amplifier in a rear-deck blowthru fourth order. Enjoy the video. My build should be done Saturday or Sunday (BHE build) stay tuned. bassheadsent.net