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Found 10 results

  1. Been awhile since Ive been on here but I Just purchased back my 2x 15" SSA Icon subs I first purchased around 11 years ago. I have/ had them in a 7.2 cubic foot box net tuned to 32 and it sounded great on the bass music and rap/ hip hop I used to listen to but not amazingly accurate/ punchy on rock, etc. Im looking to only use one of them in my 2010 Ram 1500. I currently have a 10" JL W7 in a sealed box in the truck and it sounds great and I love it but doesn't quite have the output Id like and planning to put 1 of the Icons in the truck. Im considering either Ported or sealed. I now listen to mainly bands like chainsmokers, club music, alt rock, heavy rock, and a bit of edm, etc. Looking for it to be very accurate on kick drums but also hit hard so you feel it in your chest. According to SSA optimal ported is around 3.5-4 net tuned to around 32hz but Im thinking about tuning a bit higher. Ive done some winisd modelling but its been a long time and just wanting to hear thoughts on these designs. My max dimensions are 20" wide, 24" deep by 22" high. This is one design i'm considering, is 2.25" wide too thin for port width? im worried about port velocity and noise \ Or if I go sealed this is what im thinking. Thanks again for any help
  2. Hey everyone, this post/question is mainly directed toward the big guy. I am wondering which SSA sub you would recommend to me given these limits/stipulations: 2014 Honda Civic Sedan 1500 Watts on tap (Crescendo Symphony 1500) LIMITED SPACE... I am only looking to build and install an enclosure no larger than 1.5 net cubic feet. That being said, I have been considering either a 12" ICON sealed. A 12" XCON sealed (XCON being the most I can afford). Or, one of those two in the 10" variety, ported. This is for a daily driver, and I will need as much trunk space I can get, but still get loud and sound good. What is your input? Anyone else, feel free to chime in.
  3. cloud77

    FS: Fi Q 15" Dual 2

    Item for Sale: Fi Q 15" Dual 2 Ohm; Pre-09 Motor structure with newer recone Specs: 1000 RMS, with new recone should be more. Sewn Leads, Extra Spiders, White DC, Copper Coil Description: Have had this sub for a while in my girl's car on 700 watts. Always ran this woofer in a 2.5 cu. Ft sealed enclosure. Great Sounding Sub. The recone in it is about 2 years old, but suspension is still holding strong and woofer is still in great condition. Nothing to hide here, pen marker not even burned off of coil as of yet. Sad to see this go, but trying to fund for an alt and buy my girl a 12 or 10" woofer for her new car. Coils still read 1.6 on both sides. Never abused. Price: 175$ shipped and insured to CONUS Pics:
  4. Heres a crappy Iphone video of my 2 15" SSA Icons in my Dodge Dakota on a Crescendo BC2000, Roof supports keep breaking off so theres a nasty roof rattle on the low notes.
  5. So I finally decided to start my first build log as my box is almost done and I've received most of the equipment. So far my build will consist of 2 15" SSA Icon 15" in a 7.2 cubic foot enclosure tuned to 32hz. The subs will be ran by a Crescendo BC2000D wired with one positive run of ofc Knu 0 guage and one negative run. Battery is a brand new xs power d2700, front speakers are hertz hsk components in front and hertz ecx in rear on a Rockford T15004. Also have a 250 amp alt from Mike Singer coming. Will post pictures later today. I'm open to suggestions and critisism as long as its constructive as I'm always looking to learn.
  6. Hi, So I just placed a big order for my dream system off of SSA, consisting of 2 15" SSA Icons, a Crescendo BC2000D, XS2700 and stickers, The subs will be going in a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, I will be removing two seats in the rear and have dimensions of 22" H, 30" W by 34" deep. Ill be getting DC to design me a box, just wondering what tuning I should ask for and where to put port if subs are on the top plane? I want something fairly balanced SQ to SPL but more to SQ side definitely. Love hitting the Lows hard and want to push lots of air. (if possible) Mostly looking for tuning recommendations for those subs in a cabin like the Dakotas, and also port placement, Thanks,
  7. codester

    New Member up in BC Canada

    Hi, im new to SSA forms, I do a lot of reading and researching on forms but thought Id post on here because its an awesome form. So amazed with the owners interest and activity on a forum and customer service. I have a 2003 Dakota quad cab and looking to do either one 18" SSA Zcon on a Crescendo BC2000D or 2 15" SSA ICons. Big 3 done and will getting a xs d3100. Thanks, Codester
  8. angelme261

    12" Icon questions

    I'm considering purchasing a 12" Icon. I'm currently running two 12" Infinity subs with a Kenwood amp (KAC-9105d 900w rms x 2ohms) and need to know if it has enough power to make this Icon sound decent? I want to upgrade amplifiers but don't have the money for everything right now. I would run this single Icon in a sealed enclosure (I'm not a big fan of "boomy" ported enclosures) and would like for it to hit hard on bass drums, accurately reproduce bass guitar, and respond well to industrial and electronic dance music *I know, I'm asking for the moon* the occasional drum and bass ect. . . all being able to be heard going down the freeway with all the windows open. So, loud I guess? I could buy another Kenwood in the future since these are strappable amps going up to 1800w rms x 2ohms but it wasn't currently in the budget. Thanks for your time.
  9. So im finally ordering my dream system for my 2003 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab, Its gonna consist of 2 15" d1 SSA Icons in a box approx 8cubic feet tuned around 28hz (will be getting someone on the forum to design it. a Crescendo BC2000D, and a Kicker KX600.4 for my Hertz Hsk components, I know I need some upgraded electrical, so far Big 3 Is done in 0 guage. My truck can fit a group 27 battery but not 31 will the D2700 be adequate? alternator is stock 136 amp. Might end up getting Singer 250a but budget isnt quite ready to fork out that kinda cash. Basically I will be running around 2000 rms after rise and having speakers at 4 ohm. Is this way underkill or will it maybe be enough for now? It will be my DD with occasional demo and cranking it occasionally. Will be ordering this from SSA Tomorrow if I get some good answers. Thanks
  10. Hi i'm somewhat new to this forum. I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota Quad cab (crew cab) and am trying to decide with the space I have what setup will give me the best result. I'm really looking for Sound Quality and getting super low with loudness a given as either should get more than loud enough for me. The vehicle will be a DD but will also be a show vehicle/ demo for my installs, maybe a couple competitions if i can find some.The largest dimensions I have to work with are 24" tall, 30" wide and 32" deep. (could maybe go an inch more on height if it would make a big difference in sound. According to RE box calculator I have 8.09 cubic feet after port displacement but without sub displacement. my port would be 3.5" wide and would be an L style port with the back length of 12" . Tuning would be about 28hz but would be a little higher after sub displacement. If I went with the 2 15" Icons I would have the port and one sub facing up and one facing forward. (is this a bad idea?) Or one 18" zcon with port up and sub up? Amp would be a Crescendo BC2000D. Looking to purchase all in a day or so, just want to know if I will notice a huge difference in two 15" icons over 1 18" Zcon as its almost $200 more? had experience with quite a few brands but never SSA. I appreciate your opinion and experience/ comments Thanks, Codester