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  1. Pink Noise

    New Fi Products

    Cant wait to get my hands on these.
  2. Pink Noise

    Who we are and what we offer.

    hey Welcome ! good luck with your endevours !
  3. nick is a boss !! cheers.
  4. check if one of the neo magnets are out of alignment we have had this issue once where the new magnet shifter and locked the coil into place resulting in burning. cheers. !
  5. hey accordman i too am a dealer i sell mostly Fi though but i understand i didnt ask anything i would like to think that they have the info on file.?. should i be concerned also.?
  6. they make awesome products . ! that i can put my head on a block for ! we competed yesterday at a MECA event and all our systems took 1st place in the spl and park and pound competitions with the newly acquired fi subs so cheers !
  7. hey so i resent the email again nick thank you for lookin into the situation. please let me know if you received it.
  8. Pink Noise

    How did you guys find SSA???

    thru Fi's site i found the forum
  9. Pink Noise

    My subwoofer arrived broken

    nick is the man
  10. Pink Noise

    RIP BTL :(

    anyone for the fireside chat tonight.?
  11. Pink Noise

    A Chance to Win A Free Team Fi Sub!!

    noone knows who won !
  12. Pink Noise

    RIP BTL :(

    hmmm... Loved the look of the NEO. either way they wont get rid of an awesome product to introduce one less awesome. !
  13. shawn was the man yo ! but hopefully we will get some responses soon at least i hope i get a response soon.
  14. Pink Noise

    A Chance to Win A Free Team Fi Sub!!

    yea who won .!