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  1. muddybass

    sp4 dust cap warm

    what I don't understand is if you don't like low freq why did you purchase an sp4 when it is specifically made for a low end monster
  2. muddybass

    Fi BL 15 vs. Sundown X 15???

    how can you even compare the x to the bl both are excellent drivers but are used for different applications
  3. muddybass

    Amp for FI BLs

    after impedance rise that 4400 will be at 3k, and your voltage drops with stock electrical will make those amps go poof...
  4. muddybass

    chat? yeh

  5. muddybass

    box dimensions for 15 fi sp4

    how much room do you have to work with? what are you running to it? the sp4 will move a lot of air so port area needs to be right
  6. muddybass

    4th order sp4

    bigger box helps power handling and keeps impedance rise down the downfall of a larger enclosure is the sub has less back pressure therefore losing its ability to stay mechanically in control... say you had a 3000watt sub and a 2000watt amp if you put that sub in a larger enclosure it will move more and keep impedance rise down therefore allowing you to get more power to the sub. Spl guys build smaller enclosures and put shit loads of power to it...
  7. muddybass

    4th order sp4

    you said your box for the sp4 was tuned to 36hz which is actually pretty high if you want a low end monster tune that thing to around 25 as far as your mids and highs problem I run a sp4 in my f250 and run 2 6.5 pwxs and 4 super tweets on a sax 100.4 and they keep up with the sub no problem at full tilt
  8. muddybass

    SSA Shirts in Production Reserve Yours Now

    4x tall or 5x i want one of each t-shirt
  9. muddybass

    SSA Shirts in Production Reserve Yours Now

    so no big guy shirts
  10. muddybass

    SSA Shirts in Production Reserve Yours Now

    I NEED 4x TALL or 5x GRRR>>
  11. muddybass

    Re Birth of the cop car

    That might be one of the loudest cop cars out there lmao you can lock me up in that
  12. muddybass

    W T T downgrading to less power

    that would be great and same!!! txt me so we can set something up
  13. muddybass

    W T T downgrading to less power

    Yo i live in daytona beach and have a aq 2200 how much cash would you want on top.... txt me 3863344438
  14. muddybass

    Reggae music again?!

    Snoop Lion
  15. muddybass

    Which subs should I go with

    whats it going in?