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  1. Hey! Thanks for talking shit when you have no details of what I have. Your are wonderful.
  2. I'm looking for suggestions on new mids for my 2010 silverado ext cab. I haven't done much to the truck yet just trying to decide on mids. The ill decide on power and tweeters. I like my music super loud. My setup in my car consists of 4 selenium st200s and 4 crescendo 6.5s off the factory amp. Lol and that sounds perfect to me. I'm trying to keep my budget as low as possible like 40 bucks a driver. I know I don't have enough details for you guys but bare with me and give me some suggestions! Thanks
  3. 2Loud

    Brutal sundown truck 15k+

    Sweet! much respect for this guy even if he did or didnt build this it show nothing can stop him.
  4. 2Loud

    Crescendo PWX-6 speakers

  5. 2Loud

    WTB: 1-2 beefy motors.

    I'm looking for some decent size motors. 3+ inch coil. Let me know what you have!
  6. hello people, im looking for help on choosing a 6.5 componet set for my 05 grand am. im mainly looking for sq with very clean highs with a good amount of midrange aswell. i will be running a amp to these once i figure out what type of set i go with. my budget is around 200 or less. thanks
  7. brz 2400? yes its a brz 2400. my budget has changed to 300-400 bucks. i listen to mostly hiphop/rap sometimes rock. i have a sheet of birch and about 5 cubes to playwith. thanks to everyone that was trying to help
  8. i need my dingleberrys plucked too, to everyone that was being a douche go fuck yourself. im so sick of ssa due to fact the people gotta be arsehos about everything. so what if didnt post alot of info. it was a quick post before i went into work IM pucking SORRY
  9. im trying for find a good budget setup my budgets about 100-200$ in the substage im aiming towards more of sq i have an hifonics 2400
  10. 2Loud

    Wtb 8 inch sub

    I have a sundown e8 v2 motor and basket will sell super cheap!
  11. So i made a 4th order bandPass for 2 obsidian 12s out of birch. I started sanding the enclosure and filled it all the screw holes sanded all those spots with 60/120/220 grit sand paper everythings smooth(so i thought) i started painting the enclosure with kryole dual primer and paint(spray can) i thought it would be good to use that lol well im pretty stupid to think that was gonna work great. The corners are very dull along wIth the edges that are sanded and the top and sides are super shiny and it looks like shit. Whats a good paint to use to paint birch with and have it turn out super glossy. My goal is to have it very glossy and not be able to see with the edges meet and not tell they are sanded.
  12. sounds good. what would you guys recommend for cheap high gloss paint?
  13. thats what i was thinking too but wasnt sure if it would crack or anything im kinda new to accually caring what the enclosure looks like lol