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  1. Ohjay

    Happy Birthday Scencheezy

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Ohjay

    Incriminator Audio 6.4 amp For Sale

    Nobody's looking for a smokin' deal on a great 4 channel with a small footprint?
  3. I really love this amp but it's not being used so it's gotta go.This amp is in fantastic condition, I only used it for about 3 or 4 months max in my weekend cruiser. It functions 100% and cosmetically, it's as close to new as it gets, not even the mounting feet are scratched up. I do have the box if the buyer really wants it but due to the size and shipping costs, I will have to charge a bit more. The box is a little beat up as well. Incriminator Audio 6.4 like new without box - $275 shipped
  4. Ohjay

    Happy BIG 40 Nem!!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Ohjay

    WTB: 2/4 CH amp (( Class D ))

    Incriminator Audio 6.4?
  6. Ohjay

    Amp, alt, mids, RCAs FS/T

    Mids sold and going to go for one last push to move the other items. More open to trades now and really would rather mail this stuff out than put it in storage.
  7. Ohjay

    Amp, alt, mids, RCAs FS/T

    Final bump before the stuff gets packed away.
  8. Ohjay

    Amp, alt, mids, RCAs FS/T

    Replied Everything pictured on page 1 is still for sale.
  9. Ohjay

    SSA Beanies back in stock.

    My hair is now long enough that my SSA hat gives me wings and I've been wearing a beanie, looks like I'll have to order one of these soon. I'm wondering though, is it just me or is there some slight variation in the color on some of them? Not that it really matters or anyone would notice unless you had a pile of them.
  10. Ohjay

    Amp, alt, mids, RCAs FS/T

    Well, at this rate it will still be here for your next build.
  11. Ohjay

    Amp, alt, mids, RCAs FS/T

    Toolmaker pic added, prices reduced again.
  12. I wanted to wish all you guys a very happy birthday and rather than make 3 new topics I figured I would just start 1. All 3 of you are good guys and you help make this the best car audio forum on the web. Thanks, have fun and stay safe.
  13. Ohjay

    First car, desiring first sub

    First I'd like to you to SSA, you found the right place! I agree that an Xcon sounds like it would be right up your alley and the SAZ-1500 is a great amp to pair it with. You're going to want to do the big 3 to start. I actually do this on all vehicles no matter how much power is being used. If it can be worked into the budget, it is always a good idea to upgrade the alternator, especially if you think you might someday add more power. You shouldn't need an HO alternator necessarily but without one you will likely need to add 1-2 batteries. Going with just batteries might be a bit cheaper but you also have to find a place to put them and that may encroach on your available space for amp/s and sub/s which is already limited. Due to the size and shape of the trunk, I would pretty much forget about trying to get an 18 in there and even a 15 might be tough although without some numbers to go by, we're just guessing here. When you get a chance, try to get us some max dimensions inside the trunk so we can help figure out what size box will fit and don't forget about the opening, you have to get the thing in there after all. The box could be built inside the trunk if necessary to maximize airspace in the box but I don't know if that is something you would want to do. Get those numbers to us and we'll be able to better assist you.
  14. Ohjay

    Amp, alt, mids, RCAs FS/T

    pm sent prices lowered