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  1. KU40

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    I've still been working out of course. Lately the gf and I have been alternating days going to the gym to lift and doing Insanity DVDs for cardio at home. Yesterday we did both, lifted triceps and chest then came home and did one of the easier Insanity DVDs that's meant for a bit of a break from the regular DVDs in the set but still a workout to get the blood moving. It still works up a good sweat though, and it's really tough to do both in one day. Today we're both pretty sore. But I went to the gym this morning and lifted legs then ran 2 miles. I got into a coed volleyball league with my gf, a couple guys from my basketball team, and a couple of my gf's friends. It might sound a little silly, but it's actually really fun. It's actually usually more fun than my basketball games because I take basketball pretty seriously. It helps that the girls are really good so they can set me up for spikes really well. I love spiking into people and watching it eat them up . It's not much of a workout other than you can jump a lot when you're up at the net. Still play basketball twice a week, one actual rec league game and another time just pickup basketball with a bunch of guys in a high school gym each Sunday.
  2. KU40

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Welcome back! Haven't seen you post in quite some time. Yeah, my interests of late have been drifting away from audio. I'll try to make more frequent visits, but it's impossible to keep up with people in here if you only visit the IHOP once a week or whatever. People just post too darn much! (jk)
  3. KU40

    Welcome to the IHoP

  4. KU40

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Wow, his balance and control are incredible.
  5. KU40


    Such a sad day for such a machine to see such punishment.
  6. You want to be able to control where the air is escaping, and you only want it in a small number of areas. It's kinda like a box. Leaky box will give bad results, even though there's a big hole in the box for the port. If you have a leak in the trunk, that's pressure that's being released back there and not sent into the cabin of the vehicle, where the mic is. Also, most SPL organizations take SPL measurements with the car sealed up. Any leak at that point would be bad.
  7. KU40

    JBL Midrange Blown

    If it sounds fine now, it's possible that it was a signal problem, not a speaker problem. How did you determine it was blown in the first place? Was it sounding bad or did it just stop playing?
  8. Buy a second amp and run them within specifications.
  9. KU40

    Welcome to the IHoP

    My cousin was in an accident on his motorcycle about a month ago. Some dude with a '95 Impala on 24" rims turned right into him, actually hit them twice, and threw him and his gf off his bike then drove off. Luckily he was riding with several other people so they called the cops/ambulance. My cousin had severe road rash and his gf ended up with two broken arms and several other problems, including actually stopping breathing for a bit after the accident while the ambulance was on the way. Just as the cops got there, the guy that hit them drove back to the scene. My cousin was mad as hell and went up to the dudes in the car on a rampage and broke their mirror and actually tried to fight them. He said the dude had his window down but tried to roll it up as my cousin was reaching in, but my cousin pushed the window back down and still lunged in. Cops pulled him away to restrain him. Anyways, my cousin and his gf each spent about a week in the hospital recovering, during which time they racked up over $300,000 in medical bills. The other guy had only minimal insurance which only covers up to $15,000 per person, so my cousin and his gf are only getting 1/10th of their medical bills paid by the insurance. Now the hospital has a lien out against my cousin because of the bill, so he is financially handcuffed. Such bullshit. The other guy is a 30 year old loser still living with his parents. No doubt he spent the only $5,000 he ever made in his life on those rims, so there's no way he can pay the rest of the medical bills. Even if my cousin took him to court (which I think he is), he owns nothing so there's no way to get any money out of him. What a shitty-ass situation. There needs to be some clause in either his motorcycle insurance or the other guy's insurance that if the accident isn't your fault, your medical bills will be paid by either your or his insurance (preferably his).
  10. KU40

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Ran 3 miles earlier this morning, and just went to the gym for biceps/shoulders/back day.
  11. KU40

    1 12 = 140dbs & 4 18s = 156? How come?

    160 db is pretty hard to break in a normal install. You have to do severe vehicular modifications to get above that, and most of the time that renders the vehicle undriveable. So 156 is pretty close to as loud as you can get in a typical install. It's somewhat easy to get to 140. Almost any decent 12-15 in a ported box will be around there. But each db above that is harder to attain.
  12. KU40

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Ate some mongolian bbq buffet for lunch today. It is great stuff. But my gf stopped after only 3/4 of one plate saying she was full. I was like what? I've been saving up my stomach all morning to eat this. I had two heaping plates and three of the four egg roll appetizers. I always get red meat in the first one and fish in the second, but the fish always disappoints. I need to stick with meat when I go there.
  13. KU40

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Scored 18-20 points in our basketball game last night in another win! We jumped out to an early 25 point lead in the first half on the strength of a bunch of fast breaks. At halftime I said I wasn't so sure we were so much better than these guys, this is reminding me of the KU-UNC game in the NCAA tourney a couple years ago when KU jumped out to that huge lead in the first half only to see it completely go away in the 2nd half. And sure enough, they started hitting in the 2nd half and came within 5. Luckily we made free throws down the stretch to put them away. Free Agents off to a 2-0 start!
  14. KU40

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Haven't been on in a while. Wednesday I lifted mostly legs but also did one lift for other body parts, just to get everything attentive for my basketball game last night. Did some pushups, pullups, seated row, and ab stuff. Then I ran about 2.5 miles, which sucked due to 50* and 25 mph winds. Some gusts nearly stopped me, and when I was done I had a headache due to the wind blowing in my eyes. Yesterday I had a basketball game. Not sure how far I ran/walked/slide defense/whatever, but guessing at 100 feet per trip down the court x estimated 240 trips up and down the court, that's about 4.5 miles. I think I'm about to run 2 miles. Preemptive post!
  15. KU40

    Welcome to the IHoP

    I'm trying to get myself motivated to go to the gym, but my knee is actually a bit sore. It hasn't been in over 3 months. Not sure exactly what triggered it since it just started yesterday and I actually rested all Saturday and Sunday. Today was supposed to be leg lifting day, but I guess I could skip that and do biceps/back. But I have to rest it since A) It needs to be feeling fine for the basketball game Thursday, and B) In two weeks I'm running a 5k so I can't have it linger.