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  1. durban

    db-r Customer Service

    I dont think he would go from "no, we dont have those" directly to "you're an a-hole." i think something is missing You are correct before he called me an arseho I stated that was too bad I guess I'll pass on this amp then he made his comments. Look, I agree he may have had a bad day hell I do. I'm not reading anymore into this as that he feels strongly that scratched amps are ok. I only shared my one and only experience with db-r. I'm not lying or adliving any part of our brief conversation. And I will say this I will give him another chance to business with given the situation arises. Please don't turn this post into a bashing or I'm a lier post I simply shared my experience.
  2. durban

    db-r Customer Service

    I did not have the same service from db-r unfortunately. I was looking to buy a used sundown amp that was fairly beat up on the heat sink but was fine other wise. Knowing that I'm going to install it where it will be visible I asked someone if they knew where to maybe price a heat sink. They said try db-r. Explained db-r is a authorized repair center for Sundown. I gave them a call and said I'm looking for a heat sink do you guys possibly have one? They guy asks, the amp works fine? I reply, yep heat sink looks like it was drug down a dirt road though. He said, I don't have heat sinks they come from Korea. Now at this point everything is fine. Except for his next comment. Man don't be an a..hole! It's just a heat sink, it has nothing to do with how the amp works. Did you just call me an a..hole, I replied? At this point he kind of chuckles and says loudly it's scratches! I replied no shit and hung up. I called my buddy who as bought in total 4 amps from db-r and he was beside himself with what I told him. So anyway, it looks like I'm the lone a..hole who has had a bad experience with db-r. Get it a..hole? Lol. I'm not bashing the guy just sharing my 2 mins. with him.
  3. I definitely want one of your 2500's Thanks
  4. durban

    Look what arrived today

    Kick ass Chad!! Nice job with that box. I'm really glad your brother is happy. Give me a holla and let me know what it sounded like. Again nice work.
  5. durban

    newb from kansas

    Welcome to SSA I'm from Kansas City, home of BBQ!
  6. Lucky sob with a table saw! lol I cut my pieces with a straight edge and circ. saw... good thing it's just one box or i'd buy a table saw. Ha Ha. Can't wait to see your finished product.
  7. durban

    Oh yeah 3000

    sweet vids
  8. durban

    Oh yeah 3000

    Right on with the vids. My axis built this week and will be in my hands next week.
  9. durban

    Oh yeah 3000

    That is sick Chad. Nice equipment. Get us some vids of your windshield flexing when you get a chance.
  10. durban

    Pvc Ports

    Yea DD's that's kind of what I was thinking. Is flaring the inside more important then the flaring the outside? Or both the same?
  11. durban

    Pvc Ports

    Wow 3 db. I don't intend on competing or getting metered just want some nice tight hard hitting bass for my personal pleasure . I really what this box can offer so I guess I give it a shot. I just don't want a big box that's sealed because it sounds terrible ported. If all ports are open it's 50 sq. in. of port, 3 open - 37 sq. in. I think all open tuning is around 34-35hz, one closed 28hz and two closed it's 24hz.
  12. durban

    Pvc Ports

    Cool. Thanks it doesn't sound bad so I may give it a shot.
  13. durban

    Pvc Ports

    Thanks for the link Adrian. So just straight pipe is really bad?
  14. durban

    Pvc Ports

    I recently purchased an A.P. Axis 15 and was suggested to make this box. Box is to be 3.0 cu. ft. net and to use 4 - 4" pvc ports. Because of box dimensions I'm not able to use flare ports so this is gonna be straight 4" pvc. I'm told the beauty of this type of box it the ability to change tuning and also seal up the box using plumbing inside pipe plugs. A ported and sealed box combination. My concerns is port noise. When I brought this up I was told that I would not have that much and that I would certianly not hear it while playing normal music, just on bass tracks. Is this accurate information? I think this box concept is great but if it's so great why isn't there more people doing it? I've never got to listen to a box using pvc ports so if somebody can give me a little more info that would be great. I just don't want to go through the effort of building this box and have a ton of port noise. Also if anyone has any suggestions on using pvc and helping with any port noise that would be great too. Thanks
  15. durban

    Project NYC

    Wow very sweet! How long did that take BJ?