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  1. E5.0

    New f150 build

    Just donated my 2 ssa icon 12's to my nephew for his first ever system. Building a new system for my f150 crew cab, debating one evil 15 or 4 ssa f8l's. Space doesn't matter and I have a few amps to choose from in my collection. Just curious if anyone is running either of these setups and can add any input. Thanks in advance
  2. Im switching amps and am intersted in the sundown Sfb-3000d. My question is can I hook up a dual 2ohm(wired down to 1ohm) to each +/- terminal for a total of 2 subs on one Amp? Any help is much appreciated.
  3. E5.0

    Mazda CX-5 New build

    Looks like it's time to open the door grab your trusty tape measure and do some investigation/planning.
  4. E5.0

    Ssa icon grille

    Just curious if anyone knows of a good grille that fits over my icon 12's. I need them covered cause my 3 year olds love to play with them. Any help is appreciated guys.
  5. E5.0

    Hiding subs at night.

    Thanks for the help guys. just tinted the windows a little more than factory on the f150, makes me feel a little better. Also I never bump my music anywhere near my neighborhood hood and it helps the parking spots are so tight you can't get a box out of the backseat.
  6. E5.0

    Hiding subs at night.

    Just curious how you guys (and girls) cover your subs when leaving your vehicle for the night. I need a new ideal and I'm sure I'm not the only one getting bitched at by the wife for stealing a bed sheet to cover my subs at night. Wish my truck had a trunk to hide them in.
  7. E5.0

    New guy

    Hello fellow bassheads. I'm new and wanted to show off my system. It's not complete yet I was just dying to hear it. My build consists of Xs power d3100 under the hood, xs power d375 behind seat, all 0 gauge wires and big 3, kilmat (the thicker stuff), 2 12" SSA icons in 4.1 cu ft box, aeroport tuned to 32hz, 2 soundqubed U1-1500 amps (one to each sub). Nvx Loc tapped into rear door speakers. Audio control epicenter (for my Hank Williams and old country music). Sounds great in my F150.
  8. E5.0

    New Member Check-In

    Welcome buddy. I'm in Lynnwood, glad to see a local basshead.