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  1. Ssa evil 12s finally arrived

    I haven't had time to play with mine but they have a competition timer mode. You may have had that selected and it stopped at the end of the time limit. Just an idea.
  2. Looked up the manual, blue and white seems to be the wire.
  3. You could check your voltage at the radio. I've had a radio only put out 6v and I just tapped into my switched from the ignition. Not a good way to do it but in a pinch. Might be better to use a switch instead of ignition switched.
  4. Jeep Renegade build (Fi Alpha V2 15)

    Really like that port. Can't wait to see the rest. Keep it up.
  5. 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport/Limited

    Nice looking box. Good luck with the rest of the build. Looking forward to updates.
  6. Flatlyne 15

    Glad to see the progress. Keep it up.
  7. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Working way too much like usual. 6 days down another 6 to go before a small break. I think I know the feeling. Just figure out what's going to make you happy and stick with it.
  8. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I'm not much of a Chrysler fan anymore. Even more when i seen the robots they are using as of late. Just don't trust them. I'm a little biased on my manufacturing equipment though. Everything is built to a specification so I guess they would be fine.
  9. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I feel you. Never easy hearing those noises. I hope it turns out to be something easy.
  10. Glad I found SSA

    That's great to know Infinite, I may take you up on that offer when it comes time to tune everything up perfect.
  11. Glad I found SSA

    Just got shipping information for everything except the subwoofer. Figure that will come in a few weeks after it gets built. Pretty excited for early Christmas presents.
  12. Glad I found SSA

    Fyi... You are one of the members that helped me make that decision. So thank you.
  13. Glad I found SSA

    Davison, so not very far away.
  14. Glad I found SSA

    Looking good, I'm going to have to start planning out my box soon. I'm already behind everyone.
  15. Glad I found SSA

    Doesn't sound fancy at all. Looking forward to it.