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  1. If this is a demo car, the point could be exactly why you are saying this is a waste... Customer says "I want a 13 speaker install done." installer says "listen to this car. What do you hear different and what do you like more? I just saved you 10k on your install" Some people just need to experience it for themselves to realize why less is more.
  2. Looks like they addressed this issue in post 18. Sounds like this may be a demo vehicle of sorts from some of the wording used in early posts. "Question about the volume control... Did you lose control of your car’s volume knob, or are you doing this purely for EQ reasons? I leave the OEM volume at level 28 as it's a strong non-clipped signal before the bass begins to attenuate at higher levels. I use the DRC-200 controller installed in the center console for all volume and subwoofer control to avoid having my EQ change with the volume. This gives me a consistent sounding tune at all times. It's also how I toggle between the factory DTS Neural processing and a more traditional 2-channel audio system on the fly."
  3. Simmy

    Need Car Seat Cover

    How big is the dog? My brother has dogs over 100lbs each. He uses a regular seat cover and has a harness for the dogs you put the seat belt through to restrain them.
  4. Simmy

    What Music are you listening to?

    Phone is being stupid right now. It only copies half of the link. I had to manually type the last one. Good music so far, hopefully some other members will start sharing.
  5. Simmy

    What Music are you listening to?

    this HTML class. Value is https://youtu.be/SSfft6DYvs4 Hopefully the link works, listened to this album on the way home from work.
  6. Simmy

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Wow, can't even image. Glad to hear everyone is fine. Hopefully they can expedite the house and get you back in sooner than a year.
  7. Simmy


    This came up in a different thread recently. I'm not sure how to link to thread but this was the response that was relevant.
  8. Simmy

    Ssa evil 12s finally arrived

    I haven't had time to play with mine but they have a competition timer mode. You may have had that selected and it stopped at the end of the time limit. Just an idea.
  9. Looked up the manual, blue and white seems to be the wire.
  10. You could check your voltage at the radio. I've had a radio only put out 6v and I just tapped into my switched from the ignition. Not a good way to do it but in a pinch. Might be better to use a switch instead of ignition switched.
  11. Simmy

    Jeep Renegade build (Fi Alpha V2 15)

    Really like that port. Can't wait to see the rest. Keep it up.
  12. Simmy

    2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport/Limited

    Nice looking box. Good luck with the rest of the build. Looking forward to updates.
  13. Simmy

    Flatlyne 15

    Glad to see the progress. Keep it up.
  14. Simmy

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Working way too much like usual. 6 days down another 6 to go before a small break. I think I know the feeling. Just figure out what's going to make you happy and stick with it.
  15. Simmy

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I'm not much of a Chrysler fan anymore. Even more when i seen the robots they are using as of late. Just don't trust them. I'm a little biased on my manufacturing equipment though. Everything is built to a specification so I guess they would be fine.