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  1. lithium

    SSA GCON vs ???

    So I just threw these in winISD, I only entered t/s parameters and skipped EM and Large signal stuff, not sure if the matters. DC might have a little bit more output above 35hz but the gcon and LI can go a bit lower. gcon is red, LI is blue, DC is black I used 0.8 cu ft for each and 1000 watts for the spl plot. transfer function spl on 1kw, DC is like 1-2 dB louder over a small range. Not sure if you would hear much of a difference. Other subs can play a bit lower TS parameters if anyone wants to double check my work dc IA SSA
  2. lithium

    SSA GCON vs ???

    I'm kinda bored, I'll throw them in winISD real quick.
  3. lithium

    SSA GCON vs ???

    Consider modeling the subs in that enclosure, see how they perform.
  4. lithium

    Multiple coaxial's in doors?

    Google constructive and destructive interference.
  5. lithium

    Question about RCA's

    +1 on monoprice rca's
  6. lithium

    Skar Audio hook up question

    Depends how you set the gain, what music you listen to, and at what volume level. Assuming you wired it up correctly and your car electrical can support the power.
  7. lithium

    2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport/Limited

    The software looks a bit more thought out then my more expensive minidsp c 6x8
  8. lithium

    2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport/Limited

    great build! Most ppl run LR xovers for whatever reason. No hard and fast rules in car audio.
  9. lithium

    Infinite baffle and cutting rear seat back

    I was looking at the replacement seat back part and noticed circles on the drawing. Turns out there are about 36 holes on the panel. I'm going to build a sealed enclosure for one of my subs and see how much bass pass through the rear seat as is.
  10. lithium

    Infinite baffle and cutting rear seat back

    That's fair. I'd rather cut the seat than the rear deck, but for now I'll probably try my 12" AA Arsenal sealed. Front stage is bit more important to me anyways. Planning to start with a simple two way with SSA components since I have a set just lying around. I'll probably get bored of that after a year or so and try some weird midbass stuff (underseat, kick panel, etc).
  11. lithium

    Infinite baffle and cutting rear seat back

    do you think stock opening in the rear deck would be too restrictive for 10s or 12s?
  12. lithium

    Infinite baffle and cutting rear seat back

    I don't want to cut the deck and do not have access to a welder. Still working out of my 1 bedroom apartment for now.
  13. lithium

    Infinite baffle and cutting rear seat back

    I think I could make 3x 10" work on the rear deck. Seems like the Daytons, modelled above, could get close to the same performance as the mach 5 mj18 I've run in my last vehicles. I need to see if 12s could fit. And if they do, would the stock speaker openings in the deck be large enough to vent through. Im sure I could build a 6 inch thick baffle to install any size woofer on the rear deck. But that would defeat the purpose of the install.
  14. lithium

    Infinite baffle and cutting rear seat back

    3 dayton ultimax 10's vs my MJ18 in 15 cuft. MJ 18 on 300 watts vs 600 watts on the daytons. (the mj18 xmax is 12mm so it actually runs out well below 300 watts)
  15. lithium

    Infinite baffle and cutting rear seat back

    Maybe three 10s or 12 IB on the rear deck could happen.