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  1. oh just from the power options. sweet
  2. sweet. I just need to figure out something equivalent to timurs kernel to make the tablet sleep when its not powered. I remember looking into this before but forget what I found.
  3. huh, ill give that a try. maybe my prep work isn't great or the tension of the vinyl is an issue.
  4. what would i need? Just an antenna and some nav program i guess.
  5. is the ported box too peaky? you could tune lower or eq out the peak. My guess is that you're actually having an issue with mid bass frequencies from your front stage not keeping up. you might just need to address the front stage setup and that would allow you to run the ported box without sacrificing SQ
  6. also swapped in a PPI 900.4 for my Mids and tweets to simplify my amp situation. Down from 5 amps to 4... Might grab a second for the midbass later.
  7. gotcha. I've had the nexus 7 out for a little while due to some issues with charging. I miss the simplicity of tuning with an HU. I got an 8 inch windows tablet that I might swap in so I can tune on the fly but I'll lose gps.
  8. is there a better glue than weldwood contact cement for car upholstery? some of my fiberglass panels that I wrapped last year didnt hold up to the 95F days we had last week. Maybe I didn't apply the glue correctly or something.
  9. tired of fiddling with the carpc?
  10. dmm or your ears...
  11. dumb question dudes... Icon d2 on 1000 w rms, can I use some 16 gauge speaker wire for connecting the coils in parallel (12 gauge runs from amp to sub). Or should I get something thicker?
  12. i was running a dayton dta-120 on the tritrix and its working pretty well. my source is a pc so I don't necessarily need a ht receiver for surrounds/center/sub I think. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dta-120-class-t-mini-amplifier-60-wpc--300-3800
  13. anyone do some av receiver shopping recently. I was running a stereo setup with some tritrix but re-purposed the 2 channel amp for another project. Should i get something with 4k support for future proofing? My original plan was to grab something cheap or used. my current setup is a 1080p 55" tv that I dont plan to upgrade anytime soon. Im also thinking about setting up a screen and projector for movies (1080p again, 4k is too expensive).
  14. no moving assistance. I was considering giving them more notice but id rather move on quickly.
  15. i have no intention of staying. If the work was more similar or if the current job had any redeeming factors then I would definitely give them a chance to counter offer.