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  1. lithium

    The 7empest

    Looks sweet. Planning to take measurement or just audition them
  2. lithium

    The 7empest

    Weird how much lower the tuning came out, maybe you can seal the port and see where its at for a sealed enclosure.
  3. lithium

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

  4. lithium

    The 7empest

    Sweet, never thought to use something like that.
  5. lithium

    The 7empest

    what kind of foam is that?
  6. lithium

    The 7empest

    Sweet build. I've been eyeing the Apollo 7 kit over at diysoundgroup. I'd like to try the Anarchy's out in home or car sometime in the future.
  7. Contact SA and ask. You cant make a whole new subwoofer but sometimes the same motor is used for different sizes of the same series.
  8. lithium

    What size fuses

    Typically you're just fusing the wire to protect from a short to ground (cable punctured or comes loose in the car). Not sure if its different in these super high power situations.
  9. lithium

    Am I graphing these correctly in winisd?

    I would drop the tuning and then see what happens. Could be a combination of response (box) and cabin gain that give the impression that that upper bass is muted compared to lower bass. What are you LPF for the sub and HPF for the mids? Do you have TA, EQ or any processing in the HU/DSP/etc? btw the help site for win isd explains the plots. give this a read. file:///C:/ProgramData/winisd/help/usingwinisd/graphs.html
  10. lithium

    SSA GCON vs ???

    So I just threw these in winISD, I only entered t/s parameters and skipped EM and Large signal stuff, not sure if the matters. DC might have a little bit more output above 35hz but the gcon and LI can go a bit lower. gcon is red, LI is blue, DC is black I used 0.8 cu ft for each and 1000 watts for the spl plot. transfer function spl on 1kw, DC is like 1-2 dB louder over a small range. Not sure if you would hear much of a difference. Other subs can play a bit lower TS parameters if anyone wants to double check my work dc IA SSA
  11. lithium

    SSA GCON vs ???

    I'm kinda bored, I'll throw them in winISD real quick.
  12. lithium

    SSA GCON vs ???

    Consider modeling the subs in that enclosure, see how they perform.
  13. lithium

    Multiple coaxial's in doors?

    Google constructive and destructive interference.
  14. lithium

    Question about RCA's

    +1 on monoprice rca's
  15. lithium

    Skar Audio hook up question

    Depends how you set the gain, what music you listen to, and at what volume level. Assuming you wired it up correctly and your car electrical can support the power.