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  1. Got some fresh carnage pictures of my brother's icon. The Coil actually spins freely on the former. The coil could slide off but the former is flared at the bottom either by design or from smacking the backplate. In the second picture it looks like the coil wasn't centered correctly when I reconed it previously or something happen mechanically while my brother was abusing it (or happen while trying to play it while/after it failed). In my defense it sound fine after I reinstalled it so it probably died from abuse rather then a poor recone job.
  2. You're right about the 4k on a 13inch. Totally unnecessary on my asus zenbook. Probably miss out on some batter life as well because of it.
  3. ya it looks pretty dark to me. I've reconed this sub before but in that case something caused coil rub which I think killed it. olds pics of coil rub. this is another shot of the same coil and it looks fine otherwise
  4. hey guys, does this vc look burnt to you? my brother's icon that was powered by a precision power p1000.1, one VC reads 2ohm while the other isn't reading at all.
  5. auburn hills
  6. Just moved to Michigan for a job. Wish I found something somewhere warmer, haha
  7. what model is it exactly? If its a high quality amp it might be worth repairing but watts are so cheap now days, you could replace it for cheap.
  8. good power for the mids is great but tweeters need very little by comparison.
  9. i wont make a tweeter suggestion, other guys are better at that but for amps check out the ppi 900.4 or any of the variations from nvx, polk, etc. Lots of power in a really small package. I think SSA carries the nvx version. The big 4 channel from us acoustics looks nice too its a bit larger.
  10. Congrats
  11. Sure thing. Need to get things updated. I should have got this stuff around earlier but I was too optimistic on how things were shaping up for next year.
  12. Managed to survived a couple layoff this year except today. Sean, I'll probably pick your brain about NVH jobs here in the future.
  13. new Fi mid looks nice. reminds me of the old AA mid. never got to play with those.
  14. sub sub or midbass? if its not too deep i'll try swapping out my sls 8s
  15. that was weird. forum is messing with me