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  1. lithium

    What the tweeter. Try #2

    If you're planning to drop the Xover why are you buying car audio components to begin with?
  2. lithium

    Can someone review my box design

    Seems fine assume these calculators are doing everything correctly. I'd consider a double baffle for the top. Designing and building enclosures should involve some trial and error so worse case you're out a sheet or two of mdf. Test the box in the vehicle before you do all the finishing touches (carpet or paint).
  3. lithium

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I haven't followed any car audio stuff in quite a while. Anyone have the scoop on why Don shutdown SDS? Not enough business or just wanted out? I'm surprised he didn't sell it..
  4. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    everything is active, which is preferable since the left and right are so different.
  5. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    yeah you're right. The mounts aren't strong enough to lift the right speaker pod off the dash so this is how it will work for now. I can rotate the tweeter such that it's level with the left. Fortunately, the human ear is shit at localizing sound vertically.
  6. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    i was actually thinking about that. I'll have to look around the interwebs for something.
  7. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Since i'm rebuilding my midbass door baffles I wouldn't mind some suggestions on what drivers might be good options to swap into the doors (for mounting clearances). As I said before I'm trying to address the gab between midrange and midbass 150-300hz area.
  8. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    updated pics. I'd like to get the left midrange a bit more to the left as it sounds very much from in front of me rather than the side.
  9. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    A few other notes. I sealed the wire hole in the back of the MR pod with duct seal (love this stuff) and I add some poly fill to them as well
  10. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Hey guys, I'm back with an update. Weather hasn't cooperator with me but what do you expect this time of year. I attached the tweeter pods to the mid range pods with some epoxy. Notice I had to print a new tweeter pod for the left side to gain some clearance. I'm using some camera tripod mounts and threaded inserts to hold the pods to the A pillar trim. I'm not sure if this will hold up but I'll see how it goes. On the rear of the A pillar trim I used some large round pieces of metal to reinforce the trim piece. I did a few test fits before getting things right but this is how the pods are installed for now. Sorry for the bad quality pics. I decided to throw these in there and go grab some late night Chinese food. This photo is from right above the driver side headrest. should give you an idea on how they're aimed. My lazer pointer worked pretty well! I'll play around with the tweeter orientation as I tune. So the whole point of this build was to see how low I can get these 4 incher to play and see if they meet up with the midbass in the 100-150 hz range. I haven't tested too much yet but I think that it will work. Unfortunately, my mdf baffle on the driver side door is complete fucked from water so I ordered some plastic cutting board material and a jigsaw to make a new baffle...
  11. lithium

    Need help deciding on components

    scrap the rear and spend that money on alittle sound deadening up front
  12. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Those mounts look sweet. thanks for the suggestion!
  13. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Attaching these suckers to the A pillar will be tough. I think I'll try to use some metal washers epoxy to reinforce the A pillar trim. I may end up attaching it the pillar itself.. not sure yet.
  14. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Quick update. I made a holder for a cheap laser pointer. The laser isn't pointed straight so in practice you have to rotate the laser pointer in the holder, this makes a circle on the object your aiming it at so you can estimate the center point. Not ideal but it works.
  15. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    I think I paid less than 300 on the cr-10 but I had to spend more to put in new fans and isolating/dampening mounts on the x and y motors. It was too loud to operate in my 1 bed room apt otherwise. I plan to print some of the parts for these pods in abs later this year. But I will likely have to make some modifications to the printer to print in abs. Most ppl build an enclosure around the printer to keep temps higher I believe. I went back and forth between the cr-10 and the prusa i3 mk2 when I was shopping for printers. Not quite sure what happened to the nd20. The dome is hard/brittle to the touch. Perhaps it was exposed to some chemical or light.. it slightly discolored as well