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  1. sound quality mostly corresponds to the frequency response of the total system. Model the subwoofers in an enclosure that isn't particulaly peaky and use EQ to correct in situ. Make sure the midbass drivers can meet up the subwoofers (front stage is more important then subwoofers in SQ installs).
  2. lithium

    Need tuning opinions

    did you build a solid baffle (speaker mounting ring)?
  3. lithium

    Fi Ssd 10 inch sub in 2 cubic foot box?

    is the 2cuft the gross or net after displacement. sundown recommends 1.5 cu ft for that subwoofer. I think you need to verify that the current setup is installed correctly before throwing money around. building new boxes to experiment with response would be a good idea.
  4. lithium

    Need tuning opinions

    Generally you would want to try a few location and aiming directions before permanently mounting the tweeters. If you have limited mounting options or fabrication ability some of those options might not work out but its best to try. Try something like blue tack to temporarily mount the tweeters while you play around. I haven't played with these drivers in a vehicle yet so idk where to start with Xovers, I expect Aaron will chime in when he sees this thread.
  5. lithium

    Help with sundown subwoofer

    download winisd and model the two subwoofers in their optimal enclosure.
  6. lithium

    2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport/Limited

  7. lithium

    Upgrading Current setup

    I think you should go out and measure that box. We would need overall dimensions of the box, wood thickness, and dimensions of the port. Pictures would also help. We could model your driver in that box to see if its performing anywhere close to what it should be. Most people new to audio don't realize how much the enclosure determines performance and I doubt that your current enclosure is in any way compatible to your subwoofer.
  8. lithium

    Upgrading Current setup

    What are the specs of the current enclosure? The enclosure contributes the most to the frequency response and performance of the subwoofer
  9. lithium

    have a ? about my install

    Also try box location and aiming in the trunk. I've had the best results with sub aimed rear and box moved a few inches from the trunk lid.
  10. Win isd is pretty simple program to learn. I would suggest you play around with it and see what the effect of box size and tuning is for yourself. Let us know if you need a link to a tutorial.
  11. Don't bother setting gain with a DMM. Typically this method is too conservative. Play music and turn the gain up till you hear distortion. Another idea to try, move the subwoofer around in the vehicle. I've notice significant differences in output at the driver position by moving the enclosure closer or further away from the trunk lid, aiming, etc.
  12. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    splitting the rca into 2 inputs increased the output quite a bit. Haven't pushed the sls 8s past xmax at >40hz before so that was cool. I'm absolutely doing door enclosures after these A pillar are finished. I need this midbass without door rattles.
  13. lithium

    Looking for new front stage drivers.

    doesn't seem as powerful as the dayton audio dsp which can also be programmed from a phone. I'd recommend buying the remote and bluetooth dongle so $200 all in. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dsp-408-4x8-dsp-digital-signal-processor-for-home-and-car-audio--230-500
  14. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    The NVX 4 channel in my picture is probably the only 4 channel from that batch (PPI, polk, etc using same design) that you can still get for a decent price (under $200). I guess the PPI 600.2 sold out while these polk 2 channels are getting sold off at a great price. Ultimately, I hope to simplify my amp rack in my next car. So this will cut down on space requirements quite a bit. Very little seat time with the new amps but I haven't notice a huge difference between the two so far. I doubled power so the headroom should be nice given the giant EQ cuts I'm using to correct the cabin mode on the left driver. I got a sweet sunburn yesterday while swapping amps so I wont get to the A pillar pods till next weekend. I might just try a Y cable just to see what happens. Pretty sure it wont make a difference but I'd like to know.
  15. lithium

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    right, I'm just wondering how the summation occurs internal to the amplifier when you bridge the channels. 1 rca > Y adapter > 2 inputs on a bridged 2 channel amp > summed internally 1 rca > plugged into 1 of the inputs on the amp > summed internally does either case result in a different output from the amp?