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  6. Cyber Monday Sale

    Coupon code has been posted!
  7. Cyber Monday Sale

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  8. Pre-Black Friday Deal - FREE SHIPPING!

    Thanks Jon! Always great to hear from ya!
  9. Pre-Black Friday Deal - FREE SHIPPING!

    Bump this up. Free shipping still available through the end of today!
  10. 2nd Annual LIVE! Black Friday Deals - Second Skin Audio

    6 hours to go until the first deal is posted! Remember the codes will be posted on our Facebook page and simultaneously on our forum for those who can't access Facebook or don't use Facebook.
  11. Pre-Black Friday Deal - FREE SHIPPING!

    So we got a little excited and decided to start the sales a little bit early! From now until the sales begin on Friday, and again from after the sales end to the end of the day, use the code: BF100SHIP for free shipping on any order over $100*! *Contiguous United States Only - The Second Skin Team
  12. 2nd Annual LIVE! Black Friday Deals - Second Skin Audio

    Second deal revealed! About two and a half days to go.
  13. 2nd Annual LIVE! Black Friday Deals - Second Skin Audio

    Working out the details on all the deals. Sneak peak to be posted shortly.
  14. Second Skin **New Product Photos**

    Those are indeed awesome!
  15. Brought back by popular demand... That's right, our 2nd annual LIVE! Black Friday deals. Like us on Facebook and stay tuned November 23rd starting at midnight (2AM EST, 1AM CST, 11PM PST) for amazing limited deals to be posted! You've been warned! So get your caffeinated drinks ready because you don't want to miss this! Don't use or have access to Facebook? We've got you covered! The deals will be posted simultaneously on our forum to insure everyone can get in on these deals! And to kick things off, here is a sneak peak at the deals to come Friday November 23rd! Check back every day leading up to Friday for all the deals! First deal: 12:00AM - 12:30AM: Damplifier or Damplifier Pro Bulk Packs. Discount amount be revealed when code is posted. Limit two bulk packs per order. Second deal: 12:30AM - 1:00AM: Spectrum 1 and 5 Gallon containers. Discount amount be revealed when code is posted. Limit two per order. Third deal: 1:00AM - 1:30AM: Damplifier Pro Door Packs. Discount amount be revealed when code is posted. Limit two packs per order. Forth deal: 1:30AM - 2:00AM: B-Stock Damplifier Pro Bulk Packs. Discount amount be revealed when code is posted. Limit two packs per order. NOTE: All times posted are Arizona/Mountain Standard Time. Please adjust accordingly to your time zone. +2 EST, +1 CST, -1 PST. - The Second Skin Team