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  1. I've got 3+kw? of rack amps sitting in the closet.
  2. I've been using a laptop screen and speakers for the last 1.5 years now...
  3. Holy crap.
  4. I really like that feature.
  5. Fitting that car lives in Germantown.
  6. I like a landscape/portrait monitor setup. It works well for viewing .pdf documents and McMaster Carr.
  7. Well then, nevermind.
  8. Those OLED 4k's look awesome.
  9. Is that good enough or at that size do you need a true 4k for work?
  10. Sean loves the sausage.
  11. Car looks incredible.
  12. I don't mean any offense, but he has to be one anally attentive SOB to do work like that. Looks fantastic though. I sure couldn't do it.
  13. Sean and others, any experience with Keysight Vee and thoughts on it?
  14. Are you cleaning the wheels with the blood of the latest sacrifice?
  15. That makes more sense, i was confused since I didn't see pickups and I thought I must be more guitar stupid than I realized. Wouldn't take much though. I like listening to guitars, don't know that much about them.