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  1. Stick a bunch of t5ho lights in the garage for work in there then find some nice led work lights from the depot or similar.
  2. Mobile or garage lights?
  3. I would assume that only matters for playing DVD's?
  4. Hookers and blow isn't?
  5. Need other toys before a power hammer.
  6. There is a gentleman in Nebraska that does classes on how to rebuild and use them.
  7. I take my car the carwash and call it good. It'd be nice if I had time/desire to do the whole wax thing again, but I haven't waxed a car in years. Hell I'd probably pay someone to do the whole thing if I knew someone who'd do it right local.
  8. That happened to me once, i googled the problem and found it not uncommon.
  9. Congrats Adrian!
  10. Reactor Atom
  11. I love how on the top of a bottle of acetaminophen it has text across the lid saying it contains acetaminophen. I'd hope so, that is what is is supposed to be.
  12. I need to finish my taxes.
  13. Other than the constant amount of working a shit load.
  14. Most exciting thing over here is I bought a new watch, Tritium in the hands is fantastic.
  15. I'd have to loose a leg/part of hip to loose 8" of my waist.