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  1. Got the Egg fired up and sitting at 225* waiting to throw some pig on for pulled pork for supper tomorrow.
  2. This is for non music use, ham radio actually.
  3. On the topic of Win 10 tablets, if a guy wanted one, without breaking the bank what would he look for? Simple stuff for a in car computer, if I wanted to spend bucks I'd buy a Surface.
  4. I still want my Note 7 back.
  5. Bought the wife the S8+ last night.
  6. Haven't we heard this before?
  7. I'm still grumpy I had to get rid of my Note 7. Loved that phone.
  8. Nice to hear about the S8, may go get the wife one this weekend or this coming week.
  9. To much crap. Things like a Behringer DCX2496 w/ a 12v power supply conversion. Now if I only knew where the original power supply was. I believe the 12v supply died on it so its a brick.
  10. Double posting from the phone.
  11. Found a Dell Axim X5 pocket pc vintage 2002, of course it still works fine if you plug it in.
  12. Found a Dell Axim X5 pocket pc vintage 2002, of course it still works fine if you plug it in.
  13. Found the wife's gen 3 Ipod this evening, plug it in parts right up and works fine.
  14. How do 14yr old Ipods work but a phone after 2 years shits the bed .
  15. Wasn't expecting spam about a QSC line array.