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  1. nigel

    Need advice on new install.

    If you were to go with rich00's recommendation of 2 12's on 2k here's just a quick search on ssa's store of budget friendly (using the $1000 you listed) and is good quality. 2 american bass xfl 12's (177 ea) $354 American bass ph4000 amp $260 Sky high ofc 0ga amp kit $115 Total: $729 And this set up should be able to slam. Just to show your $1000 budget is very doable.
  2. Wow, just read this post now. Must have missed it over christmas. That subwoofer is only 400 watts rms, don't use the "max" ratings they are flashy sales gimmicks and not useful in any way. That being said, the amp you listed will power it just fine. As for your question on wiring it up, go with a parallel wiring as the sub is dual 4 ohm coils, to get you an end result of 2 ohms, as that amp is 500 watts at 2 ohms. Go with 4 gauge wiring for power and ground.
  3. People will ask that same question here too... It seems no one is capable of thinking for themself today, let alone be able to do any research... That being said, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy the content.
  4. Do you know what kind of air space you have to work with? Lot's on the market in the 400 w range for subs, it's whether they'll work with your dimensions. What were you looking to do up front? Passive components or going active? 2 way or 3? So many variables to be answered. Some lately have been going the 3" full range on axis in pods on the dash with a 6.75-8 inch midbass mounted in the doors I've seen and running them active. But there's so much personal preference and end user opinion that comes in to play on what sounds good to each individual. That being said, if you're just looking for a factory upgrade with a "little" bump, you could probably get away with a single decent 12 for sub duty, and it just so happens that the newly released SSA Hellion is nicely rated at 950 watts and would probably run quite well off of the 800 you said that amp can provide...
  5. nigel

    4 8s compared to a single 15.

    The difference between what you have and what you list as max dimensions is only 0.3379 cubic ft. (This calculation is before accounting for wall thickness, and port/driver displacement) Have you tried designing an enclosure with those dimensions to see what the net difference would be after? I would try an enclosure built to you max useable dimensions before throwing money at new equipment. A sheet of mdf is much cheaper...
  6. nigel

    Randal's GMT400 "Phantom Dually" Build

    Nice to hear you're still working on it. Keep up the work.
  7. nigel

    Randal's GMT400 "Phantom Dually" Build

    any progress at all?
  8. nigel

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    at least 3. max 6. for a weekday. add 2 if a weekend.
  9. nigel

    Officially Done

    you sir will be missed. Your builds always looked spectacular. Always looked forward to seeing your pics, and reading your posts.
  10. nigel

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    damn, always nice to see old forum members return. The generation is all about social media apps, not internet forums... It's a generational thing i guess. And yeah, I've got 3 kids now, and many others on here have been hitting big milestones in life as well. Life can be very busy...
  11. nigel

    Randal's GMT400 "Phantom Dually" Build

    Really missing my lowered mini right now. Keep the build log coming. Absolutely loving it man. Looking good.
  12. nigel

    Indecision between FI Q Neo and FI BTL Neo

    It never hurts to have extra reserve on tap. Just saying. Will it be absolutely necessary? Not likely, considering you're already planning on beefing up all the under hood electrical, and that your planning on running this as a daily for music which is dynamic and you won't be seeing a constant max output. Chances are the majority of your comfort level listening will be quite a bit below max volume.
  13. nigel

    10 Years and an Untouched SI Mag

    Through the use of an loc you will be relying on either getting a processor unit that you can use to set crossover points or using the built in crossover network on whatever amp you choose. Either way, you can ditch the passive crossovers this way through having a 4 channel running your front stage with tweets and mids all on seperate channels. You really don't need rear fill. Especially if you design your front stage properly, having speakers running behind you just messes with imaging. If you are insisting on keeping something there, just leave the stock rears in place running off of the factory deck you're maintaining. You'll fast notice though with a good front stage, you will be fading all the way to the front and not using the rears. So my suggestion is don't spend any money there. It's not worth it.
  14. nigel

    08 escalade esv 4 sp4 18s on 20k no wall

    Not to focus just on, no. And with that much on sub-bass duty, probably not really paying attention to anything else once it's turned up.