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  1. nice to see you're back
  2. 4 years late though...
  3. almost shot coffee out of my nose trying not to laugh out loud at that one.
  4. you were not setting time alignment for 2 seats, you set it for the center position between the seats. 2 completely different things. You chose to make a compromise and to then alter the manner in which you sat in the vehicle to attempt to compensate for this compromise. This is not setting time alignment for two separate locations at the same time; Which is what Sean is pointing out, you can't do.
  5. in your first post you said you wanted it to sound like you were at a concert, no live performance has the artist or speakers behind you, so why would you place speakers there to recreate this? Having speakers both in front and behind causes issues with imaging, it's not what you are looking for. The more speakers you have producing the same sound from multiple locations, you run into more issues with cancellation, time alignment etc... Stick with working on a good solid front stage, you will be surprised just how much time and work this will take to do correctly. Especially if you are insistent on trying a 3 way active set up for the first time. Focus there first before adding anything else.
  6. Est ce que tu essayer de utiliser Les deux source, avec quelque chose pour echanger une pour l'autre, comme une interrupteur? Si je comprenné ton anglais, tu besoin lesser le radio cassette, et tu regarde pour un solution pour mettre une source "Bluetooth" avec une amplificateur en addition, correct? Si tu peux mettre le URL pour les chose que tu essayé a ajouter on peux donne plus assistance.
  7. started doing a 4 day/week total body workout. This is week 6 of it, liking it. after this week I need to tweak it. it is a 3 workouts over 4 days routine. week one goes 1,2,3,1 week 2 goes 2,3,1,2 and so on. working out mon, tues, thurs, fri Cardio on Wednesdays, and at least 2 other days when possible.
  8. Took the fam to see cirque de Soleil's OVO show tonight. Was such a great experience. The kids loved the she show. Even though OVO is one of their smaller shows, I was quite impressed with what they were able to put in the show. I highly suggest, if you have the opportunity, take your fam to see one of their shows.
  9. still doing weight training 5 days per week (Monday - Friday) trying to get in a 20-25 minute HIIT workout at least 3x per week (dependant on work schedule etc.) Volleyball on Tuesday nights for 1.5 hrs And try to get on a treadmill or elliptical for a more extended LISS endurance run once per week, if I can manage it. I haven't lost any weight in about a year now, so I think I'm sitting at my optimal weight (195-200 lbs), but my body composition has definitely changed. Getting more muscle tone for sure, and the waist is thinner. Aiming to maybe for the first time in my life have some visible abdominals in the next 6 months hopefully. But we'll see.
  10. what would you consider decent? if you're not trying to spend $300, then what is your budget? And are you looking new or used? I would suggest making a list of features that you must have vs features that you would like and do a search of different units compared to that list. As mentioned above, stick to a reputable brand and you should be good to go. JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Clarion, Alpine all have some decent units on the market. I must ask, why double din? Are you looking for touch screen and video playback? Because if not, going with a single din could net you more useable features for less cost, and generally the dash adapters to install are fairly cheap...
  11. Always changing my grip on back days. But have always found my arms/biceps to be lacking. And so now focus them one day a week. I am constantly changing routines and incorporating new/different exercises .
  12. Still hitting the gym 5-6 days a week. Weighing in @192.5 lbs in the morning. Versus the 227.5 lbs of 2 years ago Now I'm going to start to shift my focus to moving more weight, as opposed to losing weight. I've made some very sustainable changes to my diet/lifestyle. So things are on the up and up. Did a fun arm workout today. Called "the fours" if you look up Damien Patrick on YouTube, it's his workout.
  13. The Death penalty series is rated for 2000 Watts RMS, and your amps are rated to produce 1500 Watts RMS @ 14.4 v In theory, they should be able to handle the power.
  14. A Dcon 12 from SSA is $144, and not entirely sure on the cost of would in the U.S., but you could probably build a sealed box enclosure for ~$40 or less. This would be minimally more than what you spent, and done right, be capable of sounding much better. Just to compare.
  15. Well, the Orange made a good run of it against the odds. Too bad the hat ran out of rabbits on them tonight. Was a hard fight against a very strong team in the Tarheels. Was sort of hoping... But alas, it didn't work out.