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  1. katsooba

    I want to play a game....

  2. katsooba

    Sundown Sq build

    keep up the good work and keep us posted with more pics very interesting !
  3. katsooba

    2nd Generation of Sundown

    Congrats my good man
  4. katsooba

    Arsenal 10"s failing??

    subsonic filter would help protect the subs, also, try checking if the coils of the subs are in phase with each other, 6 out of 6 subs failed? thats just not right
  5. katsooba

    CES Fi Style

    left me speechless. thank you:)
  6. katsooba

    What happened here?

    you're crippling the sub BIG TIME in that box, got above 4 cf if you want it to perform as it should. that box is just a shame
  7. katsooba


    Scott must be the busiest man on the planet! just wait , he will return
  8. katsooba

    Sundown SQ World Finals Win!

    how could he win? he didnt even finish his install! [watching his install thread] lol
  9. katsooba

    SAX-100.2 Issue

    did you try taking off the speakers and see if the wires on their ends did not went off touching each other?
  10. katsooba

    Has anyone here ran an assassin sealed?

    sorry i was think HT. i got a buddy of mine running an Assassin 12" in his car sealed, 33 liter box [about 1.2CF] and he is enjoying any minute with it:)
  11. is there a way to get SS products in Israel? thanks.
  12. katsooba

    Has anyone here ran an assassin sealed?

    think bigger. i put 2 12" in a 6 CF tower [yes, just like steve meades towers, just sealed, and with 12", and with Xs] LOL
  13. katsooba

    Pics of Ascendant/Sundown System

    oh... my.. god!!
  14. katsooba

    Has anyone here ran an assassin sealed?

    and what if output is not my main idea? what about and SQ oriented application? i have run an assassin 12" in a 33L sealed box, running on only 200 rms, and it sounds great! for the listener taste. couldnt wish for more:) i love this driver, if the Assassin and the Fi X are similar, i run 4 12" X's in my HT setup, in a sealed box, and it shakes my building!
  15. katsooba

    AA MSRP prices

    these Havocs are sick! for their price! tested the 12" and 15" to date, and nothing but good things:)