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  1. jesse

    Got a new rig!

    I'd thought about that w/ my old X but the wearing out would be annoying. Those need to work when carrying child + gear. I doubt it, too late model. Might be worth a look.
  2. jesse

    Got a new rig!

    I was thinking today I could probably get away with a fiberglass enclosure around the fender on one side. I recall a guy on my old site shaped foil around the side of the cargo area, spread resin on it and then glassed it. It'd be alot of work but at least I could get a 12" in there. My brother is selling me his Alpine deck that doesn't match the interior of his Explorer for $50. Edit: This one, in particular:
  3. jesse

    Got a new rig!

    Nope, sold the old X to my neighbor. The Dodge is the company/work truck.
  4. jesse

    Got a new rig!

    It has a pinhole in the muffler so I'm going to pick up a Flowmaster 50 series and a K&N from Autozone on Friday, I'll start there Strollers, gear, she got tired of having to work around the box. It's not small, denim got me designs for a RE competition box. Very loud. Saw it, called about it, called 3 more times, went there and talked him down before the person who test drove it earlier even got a chance to come back. It's an old fogey car, it's got a local retirement community's parking pass on the back window. And it's a 96.
  5. jesse

    Got a new rig!

    Some of you (denim) might know that I used to run an Explorer enthusiast site. I picked this bird up yesterday for $3500 with 42,000 mi. XLT AWD 5.0 V8. Now that we have kids the wife won't let me put my RE's in it :mad:
  6. jesse

    New vehicle/install quandry...

    According to RE's specs, I only need .3 for compact sealed or .35 for optimal sealed and .35@35Hz for compact ported .5@35Hz for optimal ported. I most definitely do not want to eliminate the center console. Do you think there's enough room under those seats to make the box fit? Ideally I'd like to have one sub under each side and then the amp in the middle, mounted nicely and lit. For reference, here's the rest of the spec on the RE8. 8
  7. jesse

    New vehicle/install quandry...

    I wouldn't want to horn in on his new forum for a different company w/ my gear though, what's his name so I can PM him?
  8. jesse

    New vehicle/install quandry...

    I know they're quite valuable. Would I be better off selling them and moving to a free air for greater install flexibility?
  9. jesse

    New vehicle/install quandry...

    I knew you'd be on top of this I'm just worried that reducing the size of the box on the RE's will be detrimental to the overall sound. They'll still be OK?
  10. Denim will be excited I've posted this I've got a 03 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab now, and my Explorer is being driven by my Dad. It's a long story as to why that is, if you care to know PM me. Anyway, I had 2 RE8's in a custom ported box in my X, which will in no way fit in the quad cab of the Ram. Aside from that, we have a 3 week old infant who of course requires a car seat, so rear seat functionality must be maintained. The only thing I can think of is to measure out the area beneath the seats and somehow cram the subs under there, facing out, perhaps angled back. I figure with 8's I should be able to pull this off. The only thing is that I do believe RE's function tremendously better w/ the required airspace and a port. I'm just hoping to get some opinions on whether or not this would work or if I should sell the RE's and move to a free air setup.
  11. I'm finally getting around to installing the stuff I've had for over a year now. I'll be putting 2 RE 8's powered by a USX 2080. My deck is an old JVC El-Kameleon KX-something or other (the best Kameleon they had), I'll be using the deck's sub outs because I'm too cheap to buy a crossover for now, and the highs are Infinity Reference 6x8's. That was all because I know I'd get asked. Anyway, I need a wiring kit for the amp. Denim has informed me that someone on here makes and sells them on the cheap? Hook a brotha up
  12. I have a friend in the Navy who is single and has money to burn. He needs some boom in his Explorer (he's my co-admin over at fordexplorer.net). I suggested to him RE XXX 15's, whatever amp denim told me to buy, probably RE components too in the according sizes. I'd like to see what some of you guys who live and breathe this stuff have to say because denim isn't on aim ever any more
  13. I just wanted to share that with everyone.