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    Annikya got excepted to CU this week. Has been excepted to four other mid level colleges also. The one she is waiting on and that I think she prefers is Washington state. It is a good sign that CU excepted her, as it is on about the same tier.
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    Brand new pipe covers fresh out of the packaging fill of ugly marks. Two full polish passes, two coats of diamond ceramic and they looks amazing!
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    Oh yeah, almost forgot. This weeks new ink!! My hairless pussy!!
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    I scored a heavy bag with stand for free last night on marketplace! Got to be quick as fuck on the freebies though. Thing is like brand new. Happy belayed it birthday brotha’!
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    Play the sub alone and listen to it. I would be suspect of the settings....any shop that tells you about box rise but forgets to tell you about box fall is confused. He is just regurgitating something he doesn't understand. To explain, all drivers have an impedance response and this response can change based on the environment it is mounted in. This response is a curve, it does not only rise but also falls at differing frequencies. Subs are specified in thermal and mechanical power handling to deal with both the response of the driver and the box it is in. Having the installer "scare" you that you aren't getting power because of rise is completely irrelevant. To make matters worse, implying that you would hear a difference in a 1500w amp as compared to a 1000w is asinine. Go enjoy your setup. Your installers comments take with a grain of salt. Since you have to take them with a grain of salt I personally would double check everything he did.
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    Love seeing builds come together!! Hope you don't mind me posting pics in your build. I did the PVC cups also. These are the adjustable Ram mounts I used. Excellent for fine tuning the aim! They are available in a ton of different sizes and lengths. Possibly worth checking out.
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    Quick update. I made a holder for a cheap laser pointer. The laser isn't pointed straight so in practice you have to rotate the laser pointer in the holder, this makes a circle on the object your aiming it at so you can estimate the center point. Not ideal but it works.
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    I busted out tenderloin filets and king crab tonight. Let the filets get to room temp. Then broke out the cast iron and baked them for about ten. Stovetop for 2 each side. Rested covered for about 5. Came out perfect right at 140. About a 1/16 of crust, and another 1/16 of brown. Then nothing but tasty pink.
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    I think Lindsey and I are going to bring back the Thursday night live stream on Instagram.
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    That truck is apparently coming back. The beast returns again?
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    June 8th and 9th in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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    Annika! When/where is slamology?
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    I’m flying to Dallas in about two weeks. Will be Anni’s last cheer competition before she graduates.
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    Shit, I fly every chance I get now.
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    The burb is daily driven, with just under 300k on it. Drove it to finals, 3 times, a round trip of 32 hours each time. 4 alts. 3 for high side (charging at 17.9) and one for the rig. 24 D1600s on the high side, 2 12v bats on the low. Low runs the rig, and 4 chan amps and such. High, runs the 4 6ks and feed the d1600s.
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    Gamble on, I mean ramble on my man!
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    Always clean and simple brother! I love it. You have inspired me and gave me great advice many times. You don’t disappoint!
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    Got a little free time in between calls and thought I'd add a little green to my truck ... Oh yea, let a sum bitch throw their brights on me now !!! Hyper Lights 35w 8000k Green High Beams baby !!!
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    I would check all connections as a loose or bad connection could be causing this jumpy sound cut out.
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    Small Update. Finished my A-Pillars !!! Got a little work to get back on them later. But for now, I LOVE the way the perform !!! After the holidays, hoping to get back to the doors !!! Thinking metal braces !!!
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    Ok, so when I'm just getting started good, this happens ... So here we are, ready for fiber glass. I will get back to them ASAP. I will say this, my mids playing by there lonesome is telling me that those doors need to be treated ASAP for sure !!! They are next !!!