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    Cabinets started!! Have everything sliced and diced. Getting ready to break out the biscuit jointer.
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    Tweeters mounted!! They went together fairly smooth. Only needed to trim slightly.
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    Just some new tools that showed up this weekend, I have some more goodies coming this week too.
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    Don't miss out on this incredible offer to try our new Dual Lock reclosable adhesion accessory for use with all products, even the heavy mass loaded vinyl. https://www.secondskinaudio.com/accessories/dual-lock-reclosable-fastener #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkin #DualLock
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    The irony in that is the Eagle/Vail is actually in Gypsum. Haha Vail=billionaires (Aspen=millionaires for perspective) Guess they don’t want to fly into a town named after the dirt.
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    Just payed $400 yesterday for a round trip from Atlanta to Eagle/Vail for Christmas. Was $600 for the thanksgiving one from Memphis. Can be a huge difference depending on the day of the week and which airline.
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    You flew into Grand Junction. THe Eagle/Vail one is slightly closer to me. there are two other regionals even closer. Funny there's 4 airports within an hour or less and I live in BFE.
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    I actually need some miles...didn't fly enough this year. Taking him to Salt Lake. Not where I had wanted to go, but I've never skied there and it is pretty much free in comparison at $220 for me and $18 for him
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    Got mack my Grandfather's WWII rings today; a brass trench ring made from a piece of shell or bullet casings, and a sterling silver ring that I finally had an onyx put back in. It's nice being able to have a piece of him and his service with me everywhere. J
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    Decided not to mount my sub amp to the enclosure and used a method from my first car I ever posted on here. Thanks to Home Depot for the shelf boards, which I am using to mount my amp. This is temporary till I get my big boy amplifier. Excuse the rat nest of wiring that is getting worked on some as we speak.
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    Debadged the back of the vehicle, I still need to find something to cover up the 2 small holes from "H" emblem. Cleaned all that residue off with some compound. Looks much better to me. Panoramic Roof is getting a clear ceramic tint on it Saturday. The rest of the car will get regular ceramic tint. This is the longest Ive ever owned a car without getting it tinted.
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    Love these Mechman fuse holders from the SSA Store, they very inexpensive but definitely high quality with some weight too them. And here I was about to buy some $30 Rockford Fosgate fuse holders. I havent installed them yet but I love them already.
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    Another piece to the puzzle was dropped off today at my job.