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    We lost our original OEM Manufacturer due to the Trump Steel Tariffs earlier this year. We are in the process of redesigning and manufacturing most if not all our subwoofers. We have rolled out the new ICON (1250w RMS) line (Chinese Made), & F8L (650w RMS) (Chinese Made). Currently In production (Subwoofers): Demon (550w RMS) (Chinese Made), Hellion (850w RMS) (US Built) ZCON (2250w RMS) (US Built) Hope this information helps. We do hope to reintroduce the EVIL at a later date as finances allow. We are working as fast as we can to bring our subwoofers back to the front line of competition as our finances allow, but it's an uphill battle at this point. Because our OEM company dropped us with no warning, it's been a major challenge of ours to get back to market as fast as possible. We value our customers and supporters more then you know, thanks for all that you do! #SSAFAMILY
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    I found some nifty info for you. I still think you're best to wait until you have the car and then go from there. https://www.tlxforums.com/forum/electronics-audio-lighting/42346-tlx-audio-system-faq.html
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    Sweet I was just about to ask about the voice coil situation but I just saw the pic of the box... And now I know what Santa is gonna bring this good boy at Christmas! Hell yeah thanks guys. I've got lots of respect and trust in the SSA name after what the evil 6.5 did for my setup! My system was totally incomplete and acting on Aaron's recommendation I ordered a pair and I still can't stop smiling when I turn on my system on!!!! Can't wait! Keep me posted guys!!
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    I had to get medival on the audio corner of the garage. work bench and walls lined with felt. Plug ins ran on the front of the shelf. Lots of shelf and cubbyholes build!! THe whole rest of that wall is lined with shelf and milk crates already. Need about a dozen more crates. lol New Felt... So much better.... Gotta keep things cool. haha SO much better. Can finally get some actual speaker building done!!!!! Finally enough amps to try my hand at a three way active! Woot woot!!
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    Killing a little of my own self disgust today. Bought the ER's a year ago and had only played one of them free air for all of 30 minutes.
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    Thanks yo..... lotta hard work. As, i know, you know all about.... Welp, sorry to say, but,... i think we are done with competitive audio. Sadly, it seems like we somewhere, down these roads, we lost the pure "joy" of it. And that isn't good. We will always have some sorta audio in every rig we have, but,... not for the lanes, or anyone else anymore. It just isn't fun to us anymore, feels more like a "job",.. and when its not fun, its time to get out, and go back, to why you loved it in the first place. We will go to CES in January, in Las Vegas, and the rig will have a 4sale sign in it at the show, and after, till its gone. All good tho mate. All good..... Thanks to all that watched, and cheered on. If i met any of you, in the lanes over the last decade, it was my pleasure. 99% of why we even got into this, was the rad people/friends/family. Getting to a show, and being able to hang out, was the best.... Thanks to those that gave positive vibes,help, inspiration. It is appreciated. More than you know. KB
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    Aaron and Mark are working on bring some back and bringing in some new models.
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    quick version? 6-8 months ago FI up and dumped ssa and crossfire with 0 notice. said "we can't keep up so we're done building your subs." so it takes time and money to pretty much start over.
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    A quick rendering of the product packaging for the SSA® Demon, coming soon!
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    Sent out a news letter, but it was mostly for store updates.