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    I'm in the bottom end of the 'normal' range.....BTW that scale goes from 15-85 and covers a wide margin. I think it's time to see a doc outside the VA for help for me here. J
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    LOL I figured, but pinning made the comments that much more enjoyable LOL J
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    https://alclair.com Just in case. Sean got his pair first. I am just a simple follower.
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    Also, pops is finally back home. Wanted go go out to camp this past weekend (less than 72 hrs after being sent home). Needless to say he thankfully did not feel up to going after all. He hates the feeding tube as the nutrient shit takes forever and doesn't feel right for him. Misses real food and says he has lost so much muscle mass. Doesn't think he'll last past DEC either. I keep trying to be positive and reinforce that in him, but I'll be damned if this didn't kick his ass royally. Hate hearing him talking like this. I offered to come home for a bit and he adamantly denied that idea. J
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    Robert oberst, he's a powerlifter or strongman or something. Tore his bicep deadlifting chasing numbers as a competitor. He was on a joe rogan podcast saying the deadlift has no use as a lift for anyone who doesn't compete in the deadlift.
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    At least you are still lifting. I have not touch anything since November.
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    Update: We’re all moved in at the house! Finally got around to installing my CES 370alt yesterday!