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    Stationary, I prefer Grizzly. Portable, I've only used Porter cable and Bosch. I LOVE Bosch power tools.
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    You, sir, need to look in the mirror. You joined a forum just to air a grievance you have with another human being. This is not Facebook and we are not in high school. This does not stand around here. If you want to be childish, do it on another platform. Thanks.
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    I have small hands and a small frame so I am good there. My current carry is a P938 so I doubt I'll have a problem with it. I just miss shooting my PX4 Storm .40. I like the Sig, but there's something about the Beretta that I just love. It's like I can literally feel the smooth action. I've never had another pistol like it. The Sig feels a little notchy to me in it's action. The trigger seems a little light also.
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