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    My turkey vulture got his other wing yesterday!
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    Only one bike showed up today, so I did a set of pipe covers too. Usually you wax pipe covers to keep them nice, but wanted to see how ceramic works out. This bike has 30k miles on it and was dirty. Don't mind my control joints I have to fill them at some point.
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    Going to any forum it is easy to come to that conclusion. In Husqvarna vs Stihl vs Echo vs Dolmar threads within 5 posts an answer is always, "go with the best dealer". This implies you will need service. I am fine with servicing, but not okay with needing someone else to do the service. Same on the snowmobile.
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    I'm staying weeds. Stay metal!
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    If you do I have a spare bed.
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    The turkey vulture is awesome. Glorious birds in flight as well.
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    This was my first day with him at the Indy hospital. received_1739304636153295.mp4
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    Love a throat that can handle some girth!
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    No, he's an artist. Machine's can not put love and passion in their work.
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    Please bring back the Recent Topics section, I thought the forum was down for a while. I used to be able to post pictures from my phone and now I cant. Also the pictures in my build log are gone after the update, do I need to use a hosting site for pictures? Emojis for post dont work either.