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    I got a $600 tip today too!
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    You can see some of the stuff I build here: http://www.hotandmightydirect.com
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    my daily is a minivan that I can't sacrifice any space in due to having three kids, and constantly travelling out of town to visit family and needing the space to pack everything we own into the vehicle every time... Would love to just be able to put a simple single 12" off of about 600 watts, but not to be.
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    Gavin informed me he's ready to move to Hawaii!
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    Just finished the rear deck, ill do the doors in the future. Still have 3 sheets left out of 20 sheets (I got the 40sq. feet pack).
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    @Second Skin thanks for the great poduct, it was quite easy to apply. Trunk is solid now
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    Trunk is done, rear deck and doors next.
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    Trunk spare tire well is complete.
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    Got a little chilly last night so I let the sheets sit in the sun this morning.
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    As much as I love car audio, I will pay someone to install my deadner in the future. Haha glad I decided to start a day early and do it in sections vs the whole trunk in one day. Trunk Lid is complete
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    Looks like Ill be busy this weekend