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    They guy was amazed at what I was able to get out. I love doing work like this.
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    2018 Chevy Silverado full of scratches!
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    Ended the day going to a baseball game. Won the championship! Memories for the boys
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    Damn Nem. I'm not even kidding, when I saw the last pic on Insta I thought, why did he take a picture of his car on that last pic?
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    I hope at 99 I can still do this.
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    Man, this week was the worst week I've had at work since fully transferring to my new position. Even so, it still was better than many of the normal weeks I had in my last position.
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    I know a few good photographers
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    I do remember that advice. Being smart has never got me a thing other than the capacity to be very much in control in very bad situations I have been in. I just have more rulesets and systems on tap to work with. Knowing that being happy is a way better trade off is being even smarter.
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    Haha! I thought the truck was so clean it was invisible. That or was like a “done and gone” pic.
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    And here comes Aaron with the chart I was looking for. And by the looks of it, min 2 Ga for 15 ft @ 150 amps
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    Far from worthless. Pretty sure it is better than my LG G5 output was.
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    Figure it out and get back to me, mmkay thanks. if you can even tolerate the dongle then I can handle it. My new boss saw my phone with it's broken screen and more than 6 month old style and said, "You cannot be seen with that.". it is honestly more spider web than screen now.
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    Why do you want to build bandpass when you can accomplish the same thing with a simple vented enclosure?
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    Not a sub comparison but I have a few 6.5 mids to compare. That's an old school RE XXX mid (initial pre-order from around 10 years ago), a SSA Evil, and Stereo Integrity TM65 Mk3
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    I want to like a few more times.
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    Wish I could help bro. Trying to think of whom I know and am failing. We didn't have frats or anything which doesn't help.
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    I've been in some sorority sisters before. Does that count?