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    Link to my Instagram.
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    Speaking of ultimate grocery getter. Pee paw decided on a Bronco Sport. All he needs and low enough to get into. Took it in the shorts on trade in, but got rid of that wrecked truck that I felt was a ticking time bomb. Drove a Bronco today. If my wife would decide she doesn't want more kids, we'd order one for late 2022.
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    It is refreshing cleaning up some vintage American steel.
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    She is not perfect, but eye catching. The original plastic still on the rear seat and it came with the entire tool kit. I will have to get a picture of that along with some engine pictures.
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    My current project. 1937 Ford Coupe, all original.
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    Last weekend's scap run, putting the U in SUV
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    Morning donut run. Still needs a detail as it is as bought, but so far I am loving the car.
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    Just picked her up. Not great pics, but more will come. Going to take her to dinner with the fam now.
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    I bought these without listening to them
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    I know in the past some of you guys have enjoyed my work, so here's the coverage from last Saturday. https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/vigilant-mma-cq14/ J