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    So I finally got my 3.5l V6 running the way I want... A Zex wet 75 shot and one step colder on the plugs take in mind I have around 400 pounds worth of stereo in the back but it still really gets up and goes........ 3E4C9709-5597-4D38-8FD3-B064DB1C01B6.MOV
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    Have had ENOUGH of the transpos..... new REG in hands..... Spanks Michael.....
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    "Nice to meet you, I'm Matt, what's your name?" "I'm in an open marriage. " "...cool, I'm not going to call you that doe...."
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    Cruising is fun. Glad you enjoyed it Matt. I hope you have some pictures to share.
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    Ok, Went outside during the rain under the shed and snapped a couple of pics. As you can see, this a almost complete stock truck. What I plan to do is take the dash completely apart and make it completely smooth. No air vents, gauges, controls, ect ... Then make cut outs for a HCLD and 8" driver on each side. Should be interesting. Hopefully going to a junk yard and find an extra dash or two to screw up on. LOL
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    I'd love to do it to my cars. Looks better than any products I have used in my many years.
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    Mine are dirty as hell compared to that right now. Still 1.5' of snow in my yard though. Looks great.
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    Got 340lbs on bench last week. Hit my goal this week of 285lbs 5x5, which puts me in good position to hit 345lbs 1RM this week or at worst next week. So hopefully within the 4 weeks I'll hit my goal of 350lbs
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    Btw, J. Here is the water closet on my main floor. Thought you'd get a kick out of it.
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    Still need to install the door and button everything up, but here is with the grout and sealer done! woot woot.
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    The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association, a consortium of companies producing plumbing products has agreed to unify the iconography used on the often baffling control panels for Japanese toilets. From a report on The Guardian: Navigating the array of buttons on Japan's high-tech toilets can be a disconcerting experience for the uninitiated, who, expecting to hear a familiar flushing sound, are instead subjected to a sudden, and unwanted, cleansing of the nether regions. As Japan prepares for an influx of overseas visitors during the 2019 rugby World Cup and the Tokyo Olympics the following year, the country's sanitation industry has agreed to standardize pictograms on toilets so users know for certain if they are about to receive a blast of warm air or a jet of water. Nine manufacturers belonging to the Japan sanitary equipment industry association will soon start using the same eight symbols to explain the buttons found on their state-of-the-art WCs. At a launch event this week, the firms said they had agreed to simplify the pictography in response to complaints from tourists that they are confused by symbols that differ depending on the make of toilet. In a survey of 600 foreign visitors, a quarter said they could not understand some of the symbols that appear on the toilet buttons. Read more of this story at Slashdot. View the full article