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    Shocked to see I haven't missed much. As for me; covering more fighting these days, and still plugging away at work. House shopping, and debating on a smaller SUV (Volvo XC60 size) for longer road trips. The Tundra sucks for long drives as the seats just aren't that comfortable. It's paid off, and I get a pretty damn nice discount on service (apt won't allow work in the parking lot) by owning it and being a member of a FB group. Considering this year may require more long distance trips than years past....it just makes sense to have a second car. Now to find it, and get lower auto insurance. J
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    The obvious answer is to do a ported setup and make your sub/box selection based on the fireplace chimney as the port.
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    How to get in trouble: Following an off-road route downloaded from the internet, the whole day was a leisurely drive on dirt roads and ended up with a 4-foot deep ravine. I spent almost an hour trying to get out of that.
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    Lol. I assumed much newer. $2k for a Volvo is a shitshow in waiting
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    There's someone selling a pair on the SSA Facebook page.
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    Glad you were able to figure out what was wrong. Too bad you spent so much time trying to find the issue somewhere it wasn't, but I get trying to look at everything first before dropping more money.
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    The architect has the final draft for the inside house plan (minus a pillar moved in the garage). Does this circle in orange seem like a good spot for 2 18's in IB? It's the pantry wall. The wife definitely agrees with 2 18's in IB, when I bought my amp for the single xxx 18 she said to chose so that I can upgrade when we build the house TV is in green and the fireplace is circled in red, I may be able to integrated a single sealed 18 there...
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    I also know myself. Will almost never take enough time to build a passive and if I do it will be a compromise. The miniDSP is a great tool to play with before designing that compromise as building one that matches what I like works. I also have plenty of extra amplifier channels so a passive may never be built.
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    Im nowhere near done with the wiring, all equipment positioning is permanent but wiring will be tidied up more later in. Yes it was some money but getting rid of the noise was a huge plus. I haven't been able to enjoy my SSA amp in 9 months since I installed it because of the noise the Dayton DSP408 put out, my gains have been all the way down since day one. Yesterday was the first time I got to enjoy my front stage in its full glory. Too finally have some piece of mind was worth all the money. I literally bought 5 different rcas, rewired my head unit and amps, pulled out my sub and redid all ground wires. Took my dash apart countless times and center console where my rca's are ran etc. All that just to chase a noise that was consistent with 3 different units from Dayton in my car. Im not bashing them as I loved the Dayton and the learning experience of going full active. There are people who run the unit flawlessly and some who had the same problems as me. The wierd thing is there are people who have the same issues with the AC unit, the Helix unit and etc. So im guessing they are install dependent or vehicle dependent or all the above. I thought about the JL TWK88 but seen this unit was more factory integration friendly for future cars where radio's arent removable and I plan to upgrade my front stage amp to the 6 channel AC amplifier in the future.
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    A long time ago, there were no subsonic filters. We punished woofers way back without them and they weren't built as stout as they are now. Use your ears and you'll be fine.
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    If you dont like that idea than consider swapping amps and using the other. 550 vs 800 watts is about 1.5dB. I dont think you would hear a difference. typically you set the hpf about 1/2 octave below the port tuning. So 15/2 = 8, HPF around 22hz. here is the HU manual. screen shot is from page 15 http://vault.alpine-usa.com/products/documents/OM_CDA-9887.PDF
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    Your headunit has a HPF that is variable from 20-200 hz, however you will have to swap the output to the front or rear pre amp ouputs on the HU. https://imgur.com/0EKbDr6
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    Well, almost 4 years later and I'm finally going to build the ported box for the ICON! I'm using the pre-designed enclosure plans from the SSA site (2.5ft^3 @ 30 Hz) and am waiting for the MDF to be delivered. It's going to be in the same vehicle (JDM 2000 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon Twin Turbo, stock alternator (100A), Bosch Hightec Premium AGM batt, big 3 (1/0), Alpine CDA-9887, and Kicker Impulse i525 coaxials). My question is: my current amp is a MMATS HiFi 4250 and it doesn't have a SSF. The ICON will be wired to 4 ohms and will see ~800W. I've read numerous threads and articles on SSFs and there hasn't been a definitive "yes" or "no" if it's needed or not. Some say for smaller subs (8") it is and others say for lower tuned enclosures (20-30Hz) it's not. Will powering the ICON (rated for 950W RMS), tuned at 30Hz, without a SSF be an issue with the given power? I listen to all genres of music but mainly old school rap, dubstep, and rock. My other option would be to power it with my SSA IC150.4 on Ch3/4 bridged (~550W @4 ohms) since that has a SSF. Previously, I had that amp powering it in the 1.1ft^3 sealed box but didn't sound like it was giving it enough power. Will ~550W be enough power in a ported enclosure? I appreciate all the assistance. Thanks!
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    I am not sure what is going on, but we have been running every production line making as much as we can. Not sure if sales are through the roof or we are stocking up for the apocalypse.
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    I almost peed my pants. Perfect timing for me when I got this gem. I didn't know politicians knew it but apparently they talk about it. Roflmao
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    Exactly how I like my errand commute
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    Although I hate FCA, my friend has a track hawk. That super charger makes up for a lot of flaws.
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    What about Toyota Sequoia, Land Cruiser, or Lexus GX or LX?
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    Ha, no contemplating a Toureg. They have ZERO resale since they were discontinued and are functionally an Audi Q7/Q5/Cayenne with a different VAG motor. $20k for a 3-4 year old rig with less than 50k and a couple years of warranty sounds good to me....plus it can tow our boat so I can get rid of the big ugly finally.
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    Bible is made of a bunch of stories from a ton of different religions. History is interesting.
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    Shit, once I became self-aware, the catholic shit went RIGHT out the window.
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    Mila's first fishing trip. At a local pond they stock for the kids.
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    We have 3 boys. Ages 4, 9, 12. Boat can get really busy. Generally try to take them out one at a time if I can, so there aren't arguments. Lucky for us, my in-laws camp same place as us, so Nana can babysit... Here's the youngest, oldest, and the wife all enjoying some good fishing.
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    Hey Sean, here's my 9 year old with one he reeled in this past summer.
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    Been stripping this turd all week. Fuck Audi!