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    Welcome to "The Owner's Manual" Second Skin's newest resource for all things sound and heat. Helpful articles, slideshows, and how-to (DIY) instructions will be released over the future weeks, months, and years to help consumers make better choices with their build budgets to get the right products the first time. Check it out, give us some feedback, and let us know what you would like to see articles on in the future!!! Thanks for following Second Skin's journey over the past 19 years, we appreciate each and every one of you. #TeamSecondSkin CONSTRAINED-LAYER DAMPING #SecondSkinInsulation #SecondSkinAudio #AmericanMadeSoundDeadening #SoundProofing #SoundProof #CarAudio #SecondSkinForTheWin #AutomotiveRestoration
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    A rendering of our new Mechman High Output Alternator packaging, we are now shipping our Alternators in. #PowerYourPassion http://www.Mechman.com
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    Started the door enclosures Saturday. I rolled the windows down and spaced out about 1/4 inch with some scrap materials prior to tapping. I also used some foil and petroleum jelly to get a easy release from the tape (not pictured). Also not pictured is an application of 1/8in closed cell foam (adhesive backed) applied to the door skin. Hopefully that will be enough to isolate the enclosure from the door. I did about 3 layers of fg before letting this cure overnight. I ran out of the good resin from USComposites and tried some cheap stuff from Ebay. Seems to be working ok but there are definitely some spots that need fixed before I start adding more layers (the horizontal portions under the arm rests were particularly difficult). Working on a vertical surface was tricky. I'll get the dremel out and fix some air pockets and hopefully it will come out fine.
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    I only post pics elsewhere and am a hermit otherwise. Felt good to have somewhere to spill the emotion. Thanks again.
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    Chose my kids instead
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    Covered Bush and Live this past Friday. For those who haven't seen https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/a-25-year-flashback-with-live-bush/ It was a blast to cover them again. Bush always puts on a great set. J
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    A pillars are finished. Haven't played with the tune yet as I'm trying to move on to the midbass enclosure now. Before (w/ door trim cut) after (trying to maximize enclosure volume) Deadened whats left of the trim panel.
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    Been a while guys. I've made some progress despite the difficulties of working on things in my apartment. I think I got carried away with the size of these enclosures. These are my baffles, the ring is 3d printed petg. The white speaker mount is also 3d printed and will allow me to swap in other drivers easily. Starting the enclosures. Pretty standard stuff. I decide to build enclosure that sit on the dash rather then build off the A pillar. In retrospec I think it might have been better to put the 4 on the pillar and tweeter in the sail panel to cut down the size of these monsters. Next I aimed the speaker baffles the left side has to come out towards the driver quite a bit. I hope this doesn't kill imaging too badly. The pods where difficult to wrap, even with this spandex material I used. My solution to the creases in the fabric. After the first coat of resin on the spandex Test fit ya these look toooo big... Had to flock the enclosures in my kitchen... not the best idea
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    This is a Father and Son Project called "The Green Dickle" GMT400 Phantom Dually. It's a 1994 Chevy 1500 Series Extended Cab Short Wheel Base GMT400 Truck. Yes, there is nothing wrong with your eye sight, This truck is Florescent Green. We will be installing a conversion kit to make this truck a true "Phantom Dually"
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    Segue in life. I've had it for a long time, I hate my wives car, and soon will have an extra garage spot. As you all know I take FOREVER to make a decision so I am just tightening up my 3 year plan. Need to know what I will drive daily, what I will drive in addition, and what my wife will. Then need to know what we use as a family vehicle. Decided to keep my truck, buy a C8 Corvette, and a newer rig for my wife. Went into the Chevy dealership today to lock in a few things and check on a transmission for big ugly. Supposedly warrantied even with the whipple
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    Fuck the Jeep. For that money, you can have the Vette AND a new pickup.
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    Dually Fenders are done dude !!! Can't wait to get these fenders mounted to the bed !!! Time to get back to work on the Phantom Dickle !!!
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    YOu missed the vented part didn't you. Unfortunately, just looking at the dials on the amp isn't going to give us the info we need. The smell could be harmless or it could be, and more likely IS, that you are reaching the thermal limits on the driver. It may be adhesive or the coil burning. You've likely already caused some damage as well. Given the fact the enclosure is now vented gives the scent a straight path to your nose now, but it's also most plausibly the reason you're reaching their limits in the first place. I would be willing to bet the enclosure is tuned relatively high and you reaching past the mechanical limits as well. It would be great to know your enclosure tuning and vent size also, but we're still at a loss on the power side.
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    A deeper dive into who he was and his business dealings, and you will understand why he was banned.
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    A guitar is a carryon. Still can have a laptop bag as well.
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    Loved reading the article brotha! Well composed. Reminded me of reading RIP mag back in the 90’s.
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    If it were made by anyone else I would be more excited. If the Aviator came with a V8 it'd be on my list as well. Just not sure I want a T6 yet.
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    Congrats on another trip around the local star and I hope you never have textured urine again. :-D
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    Happy cake day Neal!!!
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    Looking damn sharp Jared!!! J
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    And the exhaust all but done. Building H-pipe... Front half assembled and welded.... I made a few adjustments since the pics and added chrome tips as well.
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    Nice DSP, sweet mids. Those are one of the first ever shipped.