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    Wifey turns 34 today.
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    I’m looking now at a small BMW X1 2.0 liters with about 190-200 hp. I’m still undecided.
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    Penny pinching bastard. It's one of your best qualities. Thank god you can buy everything first and tell me what not to do. I like this thing where I aggregate from chaos for a goal, you all figure out the best solution, and I copy that years later when Iknow it's a time tested model. This forum has really been a great resource for every part of my life. I even prepped another chunk of wood for a subwoofer project from >10 years ago just the other day. This whole thing where I am investing labor and money is less ideal.
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    Especially if it support 4000-5000w of e-power
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    Was going to go test ride a Santa Cruz Hightower today. Think their new XL is big enough so I don't need the XXL. Also hoping I can fit a 72v battery in the triangle...if so a 50mph e-bike will be in my garage before next spring
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    You'll love the Mike amp man, I just sold mine in February to upgrade to more power.
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    Your Youtube algorithm is similar to mine!
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    SSA APM-X back in stock.
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    Farmers that don't fetch real market value go there to sell of their animals. One of the lovely problems with the food sourcing in our country is that no one is focused on quality because quality and price don't match. Eveyrone wants walmart cheap. Sad.
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    Currently running one of the amps from that video. Half ohm on 8 Sundown U 12s in a 6th order. Love this amp! Know where there's another one, so may end up with 2 gain matched at 1 ohm per 4 subs...
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    Really puts the feeling... right into.... my heart.
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    They still have a standard 12VDC charging system. The hybrid system is separate and self-contained. You won't have anything to worry about. Just pull the main fuse on the orange cables before working on anything.
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    The best response I have seen in a forum in years...keep up the great work.
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    He has always been a lying money grubbing piece of shit
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    Work/life balance man. Nobody dies wishing they had spent more time at the office. J
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    You could do some sound deadening first.
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    It's mostly the company/owner and the subs that are horrible. Never heard anything really bad about the amps though. Probably what Rick said is true.