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    Where Im at this morning.
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    The TMM's coming along! Baffles cut, shellacked and sanded... and some primer... and finally the black! Feet carved to shape! A drill jig to keep things even. Awe and black for the feetsies too. Punching holes for the terminal cups. And on to the acoustic treatment!
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    The TMM's are finally complete!! Short of testing anyways. Getting ready to haul them in the house! woot woot! Decided to fill the waveguides with epoxy. I'd already purchased it, just was undecided. After seeing just about anyone that used that particular one do it and a knuckle test I had to commit.
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    All those wipes and hand squirt shit are just the lowest form of antibacterial. Barely useful. Nothing for viruses at all. So many people are using them thinking it's keeping them safe from COVID19, it's not. At all. Proper handwashing, keeping a safe distance from others. Don't touch your face, ever. These are things that'll work. Remember, if you can smell their fart move apart.
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    I forgot to post pics of the acoustic treatment. More of yesterdays fun! I know you guys are picture whores. I put 2" foam on the back wall behind the upper driver that's pulling the midrange duty. The thick egg crate top and bottom for the standing waves. Then 1" everywhere else. The inside wrapped in 4 layers of some super thin polyfil. Will most likely add some more just loosely placed.
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    The media IMO is fucking this one up bad.
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    J I don't use antibacterial or sanitizer ever either. This shit is new to me. That being said for wave 1 I want no fucking part of Covid. Once the health system catches up and society has a brain I will worry less again.
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    I am state mandated jobless until the end of April. I have a home studio set up but don’t know if I want to be around people at the moment. starting to forget what day of the week it is. And have quarantined myself to the garage!
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    We are running lights out, the issue was people starting this crazy buying trend and the shipping side was stretched thin. Now when I check in the trucks are lined up 10 deep at times waiting to be loaded, this does not include all the ones being loaded across 3 warehouses. At some point it should be easier for you to get it, how much do people really need to hoard.
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    Definitely focus on health. Separation is more for others than for you. Look at NY. They did do either. Making of Italy there. CA just told everyone to stay home. Part that scares me is if we don't do this unified it won't nip it everywhere. Close the borders and require everyone take a 2 week hiatus and it will be controlled. We have isolated ourselves completely even from my parents and siblings. Just focused on staying healthy and doing what we can to work from home and stay sane.
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    I know it's scary guys but I see the world with germ colored eyes all day. Get sleep, get exercise, eat right. That helps me and all the immune compromised more than anything. More than social distancing and more than a lot of the other stuff that's being hyped and sold to us. The healthier you are, the better I am in every way.
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    They aren't the problem as they are .01% of the population, but of course they are the ones that will be at risk to die. The bigger problem are the 100 or so asymptotic people that carry it around and give it to these people. Only way to stop the bug from wiping out those weakened for it is to make sure that the ones that aren't don't give it to them. As you stated the "I don't give a fuck" sorts will fuck up the process. As Singapore has proven you can avoid letting people die and avoid it from spreading. Their population is right on top of each other as well...but they pooled together to stop it. I was supposed to be there this week...Doh!
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    I feel for the people who are insanely susceptible to getting this. They have to exercise extra caution and the abundance of 'who gives a flying fuck I'm going to do anything I wanna do' makes that difficult. Especially here in God's waiting room. We also (as a country) don't have the older population percentages that a country like Italy has. That plays a large part too. Add in the people going into full crisis meltdown mode.....that shit doesn't help either. J
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    I had to google who One America News Network was....but it was obvious without. More seriously both of these fucking parties need to be flushed. Fucking disgusting what they are doing and what they aren't.
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    Starting week 2 of all three kiddos at home. So far, spirits are good. Trying to figure out the whole work situation. Being a correctional officer I still need to go to work, and my wife works rehab at the hospital, so she still needs to work. Going to get tougher to figure out the longer this goes.
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    There is a 86' olds 307 that could use some wrenching in central IN. Js
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    You crazy bassheads! I would be scared out of my mind to drive that thing. One good hit and all that stuff is shrapnel! You truly have balls of steel!
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    Got my new lappy today. I bought a "gaming" laptop. Holy shit, this thing is ridiculously fast!
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    We fear that which we do not understand. Common sense is also no longer so common.
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    Height is a bit better now, sweep is still ridiculous.
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    Give them a call man. 256-417-6658
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    I suck at pictures when I get busy.