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  1. Notorious97200

    Enclosure Design for SSA Icon 12

    Hello nice choice : the Icon is amazing ! 31 Hz will give you plenty lows. I usually try to tune around 30-34 Hz. Not much difference. I listen to rap, and reggae (dancehall and old school).
  2. Notorious97200

    Dylan's "Brutal" 17 Chevy Cruze RS Hatch

    Thanks for the update. Wish him a good and fast recovery.
  3. Hello guys ! how are you all ?

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Doing ok, just slammed as usual


  4. Notorious97200

    Dylan's "Brutal" 17 Chevy Cruze RS Hatch

    clean setup What score finally ? Did you work on the front stage too ?
  5. Notorious97200

    1981 Mercedes Benz SL380

    No pictures for me ! Just random text.
  6. Notorious97200

    All my Audio friends has settled on down ??

    I still have my setup playing in my CX-5, and I'm happy with it...everyday ! Sometimes I take a look at the forum, but I think all the traffic went to facebook and all their car audio pages. All the forums took a hit with all the social media apps. I can't say it's better now. I learnt so much from here...Thank you SSA.
  7. Notorious97200

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    Nice car. I love the sound !
  8. Notorious97200

    Looking for new front stage drivers.

    I don't know how loud are those 10s, but they should blend with your front stage ! It doesn't look like a monster sub setup (I may be wrong though). The Alpine type X are nice speakers, from what I remember. What don't you like about them ? Sometimes a new location can do wonders ! From the door to the A pillars or to the dash, you can have great improvements. What are your mids in ? a fiberglass box ? If so, it will be difficult to make them sound good ! Can't you use your doors only ? I'm not an installer, just thinking. You have good speakers, a good 4 ch amp : it's an install problem. You're in good hands with M5. Good luck.
  9. Notorious97200

    Need help deciding on components

    Lots of good advice here ! Don't use rear speakers, they're useless, they won't be audible! Spend a little more on the front stage (better speakers, some deadening on the doors,...etc). You will never egret it. .
  10. Notorious97200

    X series?

    Show us some pics please ! We love pics !!!
  11. Notorious97200

    New 12" hellion installed

    How is set your LPF ? It seems low, but your picture is difficult to read !
  12. Notorious97200

    4 8s compared to a single 15.

    How much volume do you have for your subs ? It looks like you still have (little) room left in the trunk ! Nice choice !
  13. Notorious97200

    stupid ? About batteries

    Your second post ?!!! Wow ! IMO you should not run 14v batteries on a 12v electrical system.
  14. Notorious97200

    What subs and amp to get?

    You have room to be loud ! Is that only for the box, or for batts and amps too ?
  15. Notorious97200

    Cell Phone suggestions

    I have just got a 64 Go yellow iPhone XR ! I know you're not iPhone lovers, but I am !
  16. I love this forum. even if they have nice (SSA) products, they only want you to improve your car sound system ! They won't push you towards theirs products. Buuuut I can tell you their speakers sound very good. I've tried several SSA subs and loved them, and the Evil tweeters are still in my car : they're amazing. Check the available room you have for the sub box, and work from there.
  17. Notorious97200

    Amp or HU crossover, and HU suggestions

    The prs 80 is nice...and looks good too ! If you already have that Alpine h u, maybe you can find a good little DSP to have full control like you want. I don't think you can find the Alpine processor H800 (or something) for cheap. It would have been a really good solution. I was in the same boat, I wanted to go active but mu head unit could not do it : I bought a mini dsp , following M5 advice (always !).
  18. Notorious97200

    Cell Phone suggestions

    No love for iPhones here ? You don't have to get the latest one. An iPhone 6s+ or 7+ should be cheap enough to compete with those Pixels or Huawei phones. I'm thinking about getting a red XR.
  19. Notorious97200

    New member

    Welcome to SSA !
  20. Hello guys ! Just passing by !
    Nice forum upgrade...

    1. Mark LaFountain

      Mark LaFountain

      Good seeing you around the forums!

  21. Hello Aaron,

    Do you have HDC3 15s available ? I need another pair for a friend.  

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    2. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      There are some American Bass options that are close.

    3. Notorious97200


      The HD seems fine. Friend is OK. Waiting on the cash !

    4. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Ok, sounds good.

  22. Notorious97200

    New subs time

    I've waited 5 months for 2 Fi subs, a few years ago ! That was crazy, but now it's not like that anymore. I'd love to try some Evil subs, but I won't ever have enough power. If you can, just do it. How did you like your Level 6 ?
  23.  bought 2 Optimas (1 G34 and 1 G31) yesterday : choice was soooo limited.  Hope they'll work right.


    1. Shogen


      optima??? you have betrayed the audio gods lol

  24. Notorious97200

    Evil 15" Review

    Oooh, that's sad.
  25. Looking for news : SSA won't work with Fi anymore ?


    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Our build house for the Xcon and up, dropped all OEM production on the spot.

    2. ludeman


      Can’t wait to see who got the call to be the new build house!

    3. Notorious97200


      Will you tell us who will build for you ? And who works on the lower models ?