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  1. CrazyKenKid

    Super noob. Add subs without changing headunit?

    if you guys want to stay stock then you will need some form of integration module and a bit of elbow grease! https://pac-audio.com/ I have used one of these in the past on my 2010 ford escape it worked fine but I ended up loosing my sync features. but that was also ~5 years ago I'm sure the technology has improved since then.
  2. CrazyKenKid

    Dayton DSP-408

    wow nice find!
  3. CrazyKenKid

    MTX Blue Thunder 12 ((OLD SCHOOL!))

    you do realize this thread is from 2010 right?
  4. Voltage will be the same at either point as it is in parallel, so which ever is easier to measure at. In all my build i always install an external voltage meter it helps me to bump better at stop signs I like to use this with some two way tape. https://www.amazon.com/Stinger-SVMB-Voltage-Gauge-Discontinued/dp/B001HEE8IS but I agree with tirefryr the bottle neck would be your battery.
  5. what head unit are you installing? also I assume the car is on when you have the colors matching?
  6. Morning RK, If you would like to try/have an JL Audio Clean sweep I have one of those you can have. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-qvIxLKXiJNc/p_136441DSP/JL-Audio-CL441dsp-CleanSweep.html I was going to use it to integrate with my Ford escape so I could retain my steeringwheel controls and sync functions also. Long story short I ended up just installing a double din head unit. I don't mind giving it away as when I was younger car audio peaked my interest and from it I learned all about electrical, like power, AC/DC watts, ohm (resistance), capacity (batteries and caps) and now Im a system integrator all because of car audio! so I wouldn't mind helping out! if you would like it drop me a PM w/ your address and I will send it out soon
  7. So if I'm looking at that link correctly you are putting 1/0 awg into the set screw side and the other end goes into your amplifier? If so i wouldn't recommend those because if you simple stripe the wire back you get more contact area and less chance of something shorting across those connectors. If you plan to use those be sure to heat shrink around the entire connector because if something conductive shorts across those terminals that isn't good. Personally I wouldn't waste my money on those just stripe the wire neat and insert! notice in the above picture, I didn't use those connectors I just stripped my wire nice and close.
  8. you can't reduce 1/0 to 1/0. are you referring to a 1/0 to 1/0 coupler/joiner? If so they work great just make sure you wrap them in tape or heat shrink to insulate them. I have used these in the past, they served the purpose. https://www.amazon.com/Stinger-SPT5210-Classic-Output-Shoc-Krome/dp/B001H52AAA
  9. ya kind a what I was thinking after I ran the test and thought about it for a bit. I looked into an RTA machine and the cost was a bit high. I guess I could go to a car audio place and see if they have one I can use to see what my stock system is doing if a clean sweep is required. Thanks Impious for the input and telling me what the results really where! it is good to still see you and M5 here!
  10. so after doing this test my result where linear. but i don't know what kind a modulation the OEM headunit is doing to the output to achieve this linearity of the OEM system. I realize my head unit might be processing the sound output to match the response of the speakers being used. I think I will use the JL sweep if it can be had for a reasonable price. thanks everyone for your replies.
  11. in regards to links, that is information I have found on the supplier web site, other forums a youtube video's. http://www.jlaudio.ca/car-audio-oem-interface http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/3sixty.3 happy hunting. if you would like to know something directly please message me here!
  12. for refernce: track: http://newmp3download.net/01_-_jl_audio_-_cleansweep_clean_sweep_calibration_track.mp3_4shared_download_mp3_3_MSRRp8.html android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=radonsoft.net.rta now to test it out! crap i got to by some CD's (or toss it onto my usb stick)
  13. that is a good idea. I found a free RTA analyzer for my cell phone now all i need are tracks! any idea where i can get some tracks?
  14. for the amps i plan to use: -SAX100.4 (old rev) -SAZ1500 (not sure what rev) -sub my old night shade or something sealed -batterie(s) not sure yet maybe batcap 2000 -speakers OEM for now but if they are a pile of crap they will be swapped with something cool like a comp set,maybe i will try that sundown set!