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  1. Still playing with my software but so far got this for now can find propped peramiters for the zv5 15 is someone could help if they know where to find them would be great. Using zv4 15 peramiters for now
  2. Already added heavy duty shocks and springs if need be will add helper air bags in the springs but so far with 450lbs ish in the back it only dropped 1/2" on ride hight. And can shed the the full size spare for more weight saving
  3. Looking for someone to chime in want to possibly do a wall build with two sundown zv5 15" to get some extra space for batteries at the rear have a idea but finding port clearance is making the port size I think littthe too small. Any experienced box builders any ideas how bad it would be being 90 square inches instead of recommended 120. The 41" and 35 inches are max measurements I have to work with
  4. I will be adding another zv5 15" to this build with a new box design in the future hoping to add the second one this summer
  5. It is my garage I do side work out of it lol all work is done by myself with help cutting and holding things from my father all designs are my own.
  6. Couple touches of carbon fiber to match the box side pieces
  7. irraggi alternator 280amp biggest I could fit
  8. Box build 4.5 ft3 after displacments and tuned to 32hz
  9. Thanks I've put about 80 hours into all of them definatly paid off to have good front stage to keep up with the sub will be putting up some more pictures of the box build tonight when I'm off work.
  10. rear doors
  11. carpeted and installed re apolstered the door pannel turned out good
  12. lots of test fitting and sanding
  13. wrapped and first layer of fiber glass on
  14. door pod skeletons
  15. Ok thanks I will try that with the rest