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  1. Dutchie.

    setting gain - by smell or dmm

    Been doing the gains on my stuff by DMM since day 1. Nothing has ever gone wrong.
  2. Dutchie.

    Do I need 2 more 18's?

    The more the merrier
  3. Dutchie.

    Welcome to the IHoP

    I've seen Slightly Stoopid in Concert. I love their music, but they played punk stuff almost the whole time in concert. I am more of a SOJA, Tribal Seeds, and John Brown's Body fan.
  4. Dutchie.

    2009 Malibu Build (2 B2 Audio CC 12")

    I know I'm excited.
  5. Dutchie.

    '64 Blazer

    This is an awesome build. I love the dash and that center console turned out really well. Keep it up.
  6. Dutchie.

    Firefox and Opera

    I love firefox, but Google Chrome is what I am using now.
  7. Dutchie.

    The "L" port

  8. Dutchie.

    Lights Dimming

    I would go with an upgraded front battery if the problem continues.
  9. Dutchie.

    Lights Dimming

    Do you have an upgraded front battery?
  10. Dutchie.

    Welcome to the IHoP

  11. Dutchie.

    My New Ride

    Best engine ever in that truck. Nice!
  12. Dutchie.

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Congrats on the new child!
  13. Dutchie.

    Fi Ear Buds

    I like your style.
  14. Dutchie.

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Fried mine doing that ..
  15. Dutchie.

    Aero ports

    Calculator: http://www.psp-inc.com/tools.html That's about all I have. The only box I have had that used aeros was designed for me. Good luck!