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    Sound systems, ranging from high volume to high quality, paintball, music, some gaming, any sort of motor sports, except Nascar, and just vehicles in general, I love working on them in pretty much anyway.

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  1. cedartowndawg

    FI AUDIO baby!'s Official Question Thread

    Yea, I just read that link. Everything I thought I knew was a lie..
  2. cedartowndawg

    09 silverado crewcab LT IAK worktruck THE REMIX

    To the kid that said something about TB spacers, get real. They obviously add over 50 horses. At each wheel! Build looks good so far though. I'm tuned in like a thirteen year old watching softcore porn on TV. Once you finish all this up, you should level it by bringing the back end down a little, those trucks look amazing like that.
  3. I've seen some pretty crazy stretches, from 10"s to around 14"s.. I'm looking on this one site and they're offering a 20" and over custom. I'm curious as to why? A 4" to around 10" I can understand because if you add power to the bike, it's gonna further space where the torque is applied and thus make it harder for it to lift the front tire. Anything over 16" is pretty much going to put completely you out behind the rear fender.. I can get for drag racing but if you're gonna do that, you're not going to worry about buying it online and you're just gonna build one from scratch that way you can get over a 330 tire and just run a drag slick for a car, not to mention that you'll probably have a wheelie bar so it will be almost pointless. I've seen people near where I live running roughly a 14" on a daily cruiser of course it had air ride on the rear swing, these were bigger guys, because they wanted to keep their ride quality and not forfeit their weight handling but never the less... When do you think too much is too much? Hit up the poll.
  4. cedartowndawg

    Alan Dante is back

    I wonder how much, if any besides the body, of the original car is left...
  5. cedartowndawg

    curved when i was trying to cut....

    Do this. Your new name is Pablo Pedro Juan Hernando Fransisco Jesus Franco Edgardo Martinez-Sanchez-Delgado-Guerrero-Alvarez. You are a drug runner for the Sinaloa cartel.
  6. cedartowndawg

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    The master has spoken. Get to work! Personally, I wanna see that bay steam cleaned while everything else is out to be wiped down with commercial grade dergreaser and then sprayed with Teflon, but that's just me..
  7. cedartowndawg

    What will my 12's meter at?

    Touch up the black paint on the port, you'll gain at the least ten deebeezz
  8. cedartowndawg

    What will my 12's meter at?

    Nah, to be honest it wasn't.. Legit guess would be.. Around high 120s maybe a 130 on the right song/test tone.
  9. cedartowndawg

    Jason Voorhees Tattoo

    The world is here. O Your talent is waayyy over there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  10. cedartowndawg

    What will my 12's meter at?

    Oh, oh! I'll play. 120 if you're lucky.
  11. cedartowndawg

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    Judging by the shifter box, it's still an automatic. Since you're doing all this work, why not convert it to manual at the same time?
  12. cedartowndawg

    Why Not Asphalt?

    Ah, thank you for the clarification, Impious. I guess I misunderstood the part about mass loading and stiffening. And actually no, Don, I misrepresented, I guess that's the best way to put it because I completely missed the boat, what I was talking about. I looked up the stuff from the video I saw on it and it's called Peel & Seal. A quick search on Lowes tells me that it's aluminum roll roofing. I'm a bit unsure of that but a roll of three feet by thirty three and a half weighs in at only thirty two pounds. So at 32lbs / 100.5 sqft, less than a third of a pound per square foot. So it seems that it would only stiffen and not so much add mass with that distribution, am I right with that? Definitely doesn't seem like a good idea to me, but then again, I only now have a very limited understanding so feel free to correct if need be. Here's a linky to it if you're interested; http://www.lowes.com/ProductDisplay?partNumber=154032-81326-PS36&catalogId=10051&storeId=10151&langId=-1&productId=3090099
  13. cedartowndawg

    Bass terrorist gets what he deserves!

    How the hell did he get it all the way over there.. He musta been flying..
  14. cedartowndawg

    Why Not Asphalt?

    Good read, very informative without being boring. +1 to you, sir. I do have a question but I'm not sure how well it would fit into this. Weather stripping? I'm not sure if it's asphalt based or what but I've heard of a few people using this with supposedly great results. But it seems like it would only add mass since it's not meant for this line of business and like you said, raise the resonant frequency. Thoughts?
  15. cedartowndawg

    Bass terrorist gets what he deserves!

    *Mandark laugh* I love justice. Was the truck okay?