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  1. padoras_box

    SPL vs SQ

    thank you thats what i wanted to know.
  2. padoras_box

    SPL vs SQ

    alright from what i read and what i was just told. SPL systems are designed to obtain high decibal readings. From what i read in an article about car audio these systems are not able to play normal music. I knowthe difference between the two main systems(SPL and SQ) and you cannot have a system that favours both. A system either is designed for spl or sq. If i wanted to build a system devoted soley to spl, what kind of equipment would i want to install. i dot need names or prices but lets say i used my fiances system as a comparision. he has fi btl 12" 1500 rms, saz-2000D and bravox speakers(not quite sure which). Which system would this set-up be best for?
  3. padoras_box

    SPL vs SQ

    As most of you know i am doing an imc plan for an audio enclosure company. During my research i read that cars equipped for SPL cannot play normal music. I want to know if that is true. I need to do a a technolgy review and i want to mke sure i know the difference between systems designed for SPL vs systems designed for SQ.
  4. padoras_box


    Alright I need your help again...but this time i did some research before so hopefully my questions shouldn't anger anyone. I have been doing some research on the history of car audio subwoofers and the progression of technological advances with wiring amplifiers and other stuff. But could someone please help me make a short version of it. I need to creat a section for my imc plan. Not quite sure what to include in it. lik i want to start with the first sub-woofer..how did it work....then explain the newest most advanced and compare the two. just want some insight before i start.
  5. padoras_box


    do not ever lose your phone!!!!! and the best and longest list ever..... My link
  6. padoras_box


    if you thought that all the questions and wiring problems were bad these stories will make you feel better about anything you or anyone have ever done.My link heres another one to relieve some stress My link
  7. padoras_box

    not as loud as it could be ?

    yea lol i think i figured it out b/c i pulled the deck out and shoved it back in aswell as where my rca's were run i poped the pannel off and moved them and it hasn't done it for a whole hour now could have been rca's were pinchedin the pannel or sumthin. but i got better ones as i had juat the cheapest stinger rca's from my previous car so i will try instaling my new ones in a new location and go from there ooopppps this is icy_chris accidently for got she was signed in lol sorry for the confusion
  8. padoras_box

    Great deal on 0 guage

    actually doing the math, and knowing what a 50' roll weighs because we got one downstairs the 500' roll would weigh about 840 pounds give or take good luck mofos lifting that mwhaaaaaaa get a crane 'cause mama coming over for dinner.
  9. padoras_box

    Why Not Asphalt?

    this was really awesome....it helped and made me watch caddy shack to figure out what you were talking about. anywhay i wam thinking of using something for my car to help with the vibrations and sound. we havent started it yet, but i want to know as much as i can before i start.
  10. padoras_box

    Ideas for new spring build

    well i think we are going with sundown amp with subs from the same place(i dont know exact they are presents) and yes i meant havre montana its like four hour drive from where i live. Easy peasy in and out and no one even knows im there.....christophers amp came in yippeeeee..his b-day was yesterday. But i know that i am getting a nice sony deck, christopher's old one.
  11. is that your puppy.....soooo cute

  12. padoras_box

    Homework help!!!!!!!!!!!&#

    thank you for the advice but my major isnt business. i have a dual major in tourism and marketing...which around where i live opens lots and lots of doors...and high paying doors. and some people tend to forget that im learning as i go along. and usually this project is done in relation to something touristy but because my fiance is starting a business i weaseled my teachers into letting me to this project for him. and i have a legal background which helps alot. but i do understand where your coming from i did half my education degree already.
  13. padoras_box

    Homework help!!!!!!!!!!!&#

    this is awesome omg if i could kiss you i would....... Thats from the "technical info & how to" section here on SSA. Lots of good info in there. Gotta know the lingo. Here is another good link. http://www.bcae1.com/ yes i do and everytime i ask for answer people use abbreviations which drives me crazy because then i have to ask what that means.
  14. padoras_box

    Homework help!!!!!!!!!!!&#

    this is awesome omg if i could kiss you i would.......
  15. padoras_box

    Homework help!!!!!!!!!!!&#

    thank you that was helpful i saved it.