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  1. well damn that thread got deleted fast =/

    1. ssh


      The only person benefiting from it was you.

    2. Duran


      No sense in that thread, really.

  2. tripslipfall

    Replacing 2x 10" in existing enclosure...

    It looks to be about 2.1 cubic feet tuned to around 41hz.
  3. tripslipfall

    Looking for amazing components

    Yeah, why?
  4. My friend has the same amp, he ran it at 1 ohm pushing an RE SX 10", it worked fine, it got very hot, but I don't remember it ever limiting itself, he did say it shut off sometimes though, but that's understandable because he was running it lower than recommended, and he always pushed the amp pretty hard, he has since switched to a Sundown SAZ-1000D v2 and it pounds way harder, way cleaner, and never shuts off or even gets very warm.
  5. tripslipfall

    Flex destroyed the whole front of car, who did it?

    That's not it. But that looks insane! If I remember, it was much older than that, and it did a lot more damage, I think... Amazing find though.
  6. tripslipfall

    Flex destroyed the whole front of car, who did it?

    I'm having trouble finding it, I've been looking for about an hour. I think it was a red car, van, or SUV, and there was detailed pics or videos of the rebuild and reinforcement of the roof around the windshield... It's an older thread, and the whole area above the windshield caved in I believe.
  7. I remember a while ago, there was a thread on here where someone had way too much flex, and it destroyed the whole roof and windshield and the guy had to rebuild and reinforce the whole thing... Does anyone know what thread that was? Link? Thanks.
  8. It's definitely possible, I heard XT line was overrated but I'm not sure.
  9. Is the subwoofer hooked up? If it is, try unhooking it. Make sure it's actually wired to 4 ohms, does it have dual voice coils? Dual 2? Dual 4? Make sure the amplifier is bridged. Also, I'm not sure the XT1600.2 will put out 1100 watts RMS... But 20 volts at 4 ohms is only about 100 watts, so something isn't right.
  10. tripslipfall

    4x IA DP21 non wall

    It almost looks like one is hooked up backwards in the first vid?
  11. tripslipfall

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Hahahaha nice.
  12. I've noticed, the bass tones usually used to set the gains are 0db, but in most rap songs, bass lines are around -7db to -8db... Some are even lower, especially for other genres. I recently used -8db tones on my friend's setup, and it got MUCH louder, this was about 4 weeks ago, and everything is still running fine, subwoofer never even gets warm to the touch. Shouldn't you use -7 to -8db tones for setting RMS power instead of using 0db tones? Because if you think about it, -7 to -8 is the RMS, and 0db would be the "peak" or "max" or whatever you wanna call it (not that it matters). For those wondering, this is the system I set the gains on: Amplifier - Sundown SAZ-1000D Subwoofer - RE Audio SX 10" Dual 2 Ohm Coils Box - 1.4 Cubic feet, 33hz
  13. tripslipfall

    SAZ-3500D / 1000D Updates

    So Jacob, my friend ordered a 1000D pre-sale, should it be here next week? We're in 97236.
  14. tripslipfall

    Stetsom Joins SSA | Store & Forum

  15. tripslipfall

    Where can I get rubber gaskets?

    Thank you so much! I searched forever.