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  1. Following up...has the icon..xcon or aa havoc come back in stock yet?
  2. i found the review from sonicelectronix stating the damage by underpowering subs.. also the second review, the guy says the same thing..
  3. i really chose the wrong time to buy new subs.
  4. any time estimate on when the havoc will be back in stock?
  5. the first place i read this warning from manager was in the review section on one of the subwoofers they sell. Some guy left a review stating he was only giving it half or 1/3rd the rms and it still sounded good then under that in bold it says managers note: under powering a sub for extended periods of time will warp the voice coil and is not suggested. i tried finding the review so i could post it here but wasnt able to find it .. but i will again and will post it here when i do.
  6. i use to run 2 jl 12w3v3s sealed (due to my space limitations, if i want to run dual 12s i have to do it sealed) and those had an f3 around 44 i believe and if i played anything id say around 40hz or below the bass was noticeably softer. perhaps thats the nature of my car. This is why i am looking for a lower f3 sub so i can avoid this happening again. on a side note,. i have been looking into aero ports and how they save space. I may be able to run dual 12s with aero ports.. i have a home theater sub, a 12 inch polk audio 150rms sub.. that thing is SO good. down firing aeroport. makes my entire room shake and you can feel the low end in your body and ripples and all that good stuff. I wish i could have this effect in my car but even using a 2000rms amp and 650 dollar sub, i was not able to achieve it ... yet.. maybe i will try building a new enclosure with an aero port firing into the cabin up thru the rear deck. The current enclosure i have now was designed by sundowns technical support guy. I really think the design of my car and trunk is holding me back from achieving my bass goals. I remember someone with the same car as me who was also a bass head tell me that since the trunk design sucks and so much bass doesnt freely flow into the cabin as easily as other cars, the only way to achieve this is with a LOT of power and/or many subs.
  7. ive been told that the AA havoc 12s get very loud in sealed boxes and they look very similar to the SSA icon/xcon series subs but have more xmax and can handle 1500rms.. seems like an icon on a mild dose of steroids. Are these in stock at the moment? im trying to find sealed enclosure specs and f3 etc on them.. whats your opinion on them? have you heard them in a sealed set up before?
  8. is it safe to underpower subs by almost half of what they are rated for? staff at sonic electronix said it is dangerous and not recommended because it will warp the voice coil or something like that.. so the xcon is also out of stock?
  9. kinda makes sense.. which driver would you choose? im leaning towards the warmer surrounding bass of the icons i can run 2 xcon 12s sealed as well, i have space for that, but i can only give them 2000rms total. what would get louder and sound better on 2000rms 2 icons or 2 xcons? (on a sealed set up) benefit of the xcons is that i can throw 3500 or 4000 rms later on if i choose to upgrade which should get me much more output. with the icons, i can maybe later get a 2500rms amp but only giving it an extra 500 more rms wouldnt make much of an audible difference than the 2000rms i have now. actually its a bc2000 so i believe its 2250rms but not sure if its a true 2250 or over rated?
  10. the only way i can run 2 is if they are sealed as i dont have enough space to fit a dual 12 ported bo what would you say the difference in sound is between the icon and xcon? other than xcon having more output?
  11. since im still at the learning stage.. can u please explain how the f3 in sealed boxes works. You stated the f3 for a 1 cube box (id be putting it in a larger box maybe 1.3ish cubes) for the icon is 48hz, so realistically once inside the car, how low will the sub play before it loses 3db? will songs that are in the 28-35hz range still play nice and loud? ive heard many great things about the ICON and am debating whether to wait for it or go for the LI,. i guess once i figure out how the f3 for sealed boxes works and how low the icon will actually play then i can make a proper decision.
  12. i wish i had the skill level to know how to do that. but unfortunately , im still at the learning stage and havent reached that level yet.
  13. my box is a design approved and recommended/tweaked by sundowns technical guy. im thinking its my car and trunk.. a lot of the bass gets trapped in the trunk,. when i fold the back seats down , like on most cars, a big hole should appear but for me i have a 8 inch high x 28 wide hole,. its almost like my trunk is a large ported box,. and then i put another ported box inside it,...not a good car to run systems in. Its a genesis coupe btw. The car came with a factory 8 inch JBL sub firing up into the cabin mounted on the rear deck. For an 8 inch it sounded great. why? cuz all that bass was flowing directly into the cabin and bypassing that shitty bass trap trunk. so not only do i have a bass trap trunk,. i have a trunk that has a very small opening where i can only fit a box with max dimensions 13.5 high x 30 wide x 16 deep. So im limited in enclosures. note: i was running a single sa 12 ported,. sounded decent in my car,. sold it when i upgraded to the zv3 12, when the guy who bought it came to pick it up he wanted some help to put it in his car and to adjust his amp. So i helped him, gave it a demo,. night and day difference,. i almost didnt want to sell it when i heard how much louder it was in his car. he had an older acura integra,. hatchback.. no thick metal trapping the bass in his trunk. the cabin and trunk were one unit and all the bass filled up his car proper. My car.. the exact opposite ive almost thought of selling my car and getting a small suv or hatchback.. but ive done too much work on my ride to let it go
  14. since the f3 on sealed is so high,. im curious how it shines in sealed as it wouldnt go that low to play stuff that has a low bassline.. if u had the choice which would u choose the li or icon for a 1000rms sealed set up?
  15. thats what i got now but i find its a peaky response with stuff sounding good around tuning freq only so some songs sound nice but a lot dont.. when i was running sealed most sounds sounded great with the exception of very low freq songs,. so this is why i prefer sealed, plus i can get more cone area with 2 12s, so if i get a low f3 sealed woofer i can get all songs sounding good.. thats my goal.