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  1. Bout to go see the most important woman in my life my mom :-)

  2. What a damn boring day at work whew hmmm wat shall i do to make it fun ?

  3. bout to pick up corona from the babysitter n chill n watch movies holla ;)

  4. wat a nice day i feel like swimin but u know i can't swim just waiting on the banana boat

  5. strawberry n banana milkshake sounds good right now steak&shake here i come ;)

  6. today was a nice relaxing day y cant every day be like this well idk back to corona :)

  7. today is shorts & tube sock day at work so ill see u yall

  8. st patrick day my ass huh gimme my damn pot of gold n a bucket of corona :)

  9. pineapple n malibu sounds good right now corona`s in timeout

  10. the best way to start ur is with a kiss from ur boo then a smoothie from PLANET SMOOTIE yea boi

  11. just here getting my truck ready sbn 2011 daytona here i come