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    Yeah dad got me out early to help him take the dog over to alexas school.
  2. Live your life as it comes. Don't live in the past nor in the future. You live in the past and you dont learn new things live in the future and your life goes to fast. Keep your head in this minute at this very moment and don't let anything in your way.

  3. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Ill Post all the pics and a vid or 2 of it when its all set up.
  4. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    fatjoe61682- The competition is in july i believe i havent got all the details yet all i know is july and its just a smaller tourny so ill post more on it whenever i get the chance.
  5. Austin863

    Austin863's X-WAGON Build

    Boy i can't wait to get that baby in my van and bumpin down the road. Hey thoes guys down at Competition audio are holding a small contest haha you should enter in it! XD
  6. Okay guys, i am looking at kicker zx750.1d its about 229.99 i was wondering if anyone knew of an amp thats just as good but maybe a little cheaper? any suggestions let me know! Thanks, Austin
  7. Austin863


    Im running the GCON with it.
  8. Austin863

    Rattling is terrible!

    I have a question on what i could possibly do to get rid of the rattling in my e-150 van?
  9. Austin863

    Hi Everyone

    Hey everybody i'm austin! I am starting to get into these sound systems after seeing my uncles awesome SSA XCON 18s. i love them. Music is one of my favorite things. I like to ride and race dirt bikes too. I am a junior in highschool. I am looking into getting into this car audio stuff seriously once i get a better job and graduate highschool. I am getting a GCON 15 for my E-150 Moto van. I drive it everywhere. i like to be bumpin down the road and seeing everyone look. But im all about the sound quality i like my sound clear and crisp with a bit of bump with it. I currently have 4 coaxle Kicker Ds65's. The amps I'm gonna be running are both kicker zx series a 750.1 and a 200.2. My uncle is Neal Munro (nem) SSA team member also.
  10. Austin863


    What would be the ideal place to put my sub in my van? Right behind my seat facing the back doors or turned around facing me i think i'm going to have the box sealed im not sure yet.
  11. Success never comes easy nor is it welcomed

  12. Success never comes easy nor is it welcomed

  13. Austin863

    SSA Woofers

    I purchased a Gcon 15 and i'm super exited for it to get here and to hear it. i have heard the ssd's before so ill be sure to post a comparison when i get my gcon!
  14. Austin863


    Alright cool i was told about putting it right behind my seat facing the back then the sound would travel back and bounce back to me then it would be pretty loud? but thanks ill try that!
  15. Austin863

    Rattling is terrible!

    Alright cool thanks!
  16. When the rich wage war it's the poor who die.