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  1. alirght thanks shogen.
  2. no i was curious i havent gotten my 3k back yet but if id have to id just run the xcon on the 15 at 2ohms. 950 at 2 ohms.
  3. how do you have your subs wired. in parallel or series? high chances are, dc isnt the sub choice for you. what are you trying to do with your app spl, or sound quality.
  4. Austin863

    WTS SSA XCON 18 D1 (great condition)

  5. Austin863

    new here...

    Welcome to SSA
  6. Austin863

    NEM's Evilinator!!

    I guess I could chime innn(: haha well dad bailed. And I coudlnt believe the lows the sub could produce. It was wicked. I was shocked for 1 15 the dash was bouncing and so was everything else. Now the xcon in my car I cannot wait tobhere. I'm gonna beat the hell out of it into submission then recone it to a 15 or take both of them to 12s and get brutal with them. But until then the evil ported is the best sounding single 15 I've ever heard. It's loud and low its a great sub built very well very brutal. Pressured my ears into my skull haha.
  7. Austin863

    Hello! Purplehaze here, love the site!

    Welcome to SSA man
  8. Austin863

    WTS SSA XCON 18 D1 (great condition)

    Bump. Cmon i know someone out there wants this beast
  9. Austin863

    Some more Evil Videos

    bumping at the grocery store! yeahh!
  10. Austin863


    I have 2 xcon d1 18's. I want to either sell them or trade 1 and sell the other. im looking for either a zcon 15 plus cash(from me) for 1 of the 18's. or 2 18's for 1 zcon 15 and $250(from you). orrrrrrr both 18s for 1 SSA evil 15. please let me know asap. Both woofers are in the same condition and practically brand new still super stiff on the suspension and coils look amazing.
  11. Austin863

    New here from MD

  12. Austin863

    austin863s subaru impreza build log

    Oh yeahh aaron! i cant wait to get this xcon in its gonna be a bruiser
  13. Austin863


    nahhhhh recone to a 15. do a ported enclosure F stuff up (:
  14. Austin863


    Bump $325 plus shipping ask me and ill get you a quote. Will be in orriginal packageing well padded and invoice via PayPal or other
  15. Austin863


    Bump. $325 for 1 +shipping.
  16. Austin863


    Bumppppppps wanna getter solddddd.
  17. Austin863

    WTT/WTS 2-BC2000D Amplifiers

    Ill trade ya an 18" xcon for 1 of them there amps(:
  18. Austin863


    You did it not meeeeeee
  19. Austin863

    austin863s subaru impreza build log

    1 18 going in as soon as I get my amp back. Box ready and everything pics today.
  20. Austin863


    Bump 325 plus shipping 1 18.
  21. Austin863