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  1. Sorry I havent been around.  I have 0 45's in my box atm. I am actually in the process of building a new box and getting new amps.  I built that box based on what someone had told me to without running the numbers on the box...basically it came out to like 10 cf with 20 sq in of port per cube tuned to almost 50.  Needless to say it was no where near optimal.  The new box should be more in line with what the subs need.  14 cf with 14.5 sq in port per cube tuned to 38.


    and honestly Im not that hard to find on facebook as there are not many liljestrands.

  2. yeah we needed that lift bad.  480lbs in subs alone plus around 200 in wood.  it was fun enough having to lift it up onto the lift to slide it around.

  3. but before cutting anywhere around back there be extremely careful as the gas tank is awefully close to that spot...I had a friend drill through his trying to do this same thing

  4. the back seat.  if i would have looked better underneath i could have picked a better spot.  I think i went through a body mount there.

  5. The sub was above the port wall. I could barely fit a finger underneath the motor. Thus the vent hole was covered up pretty good. To allow for better cooling I moved those subs back so there is a good 5 inches or so behind the motor

  6. 20150404_160045_zpscgaasrka.jpg

    working on the cooling fans


    making a platform for the amps


    and a platform to raise the amps up to allow the fans below to breath


    so with the original baffle we ran into 2 problems, 1 I accidently cut the speaker cut outs a half inch too big and 2 the motors for the front subs was right above the port. So to alleviate that we centered the back 2 subs and moved the front 2 subs back.

    also we need an engine hoist to get this thing out and thats without subs.

    thats about all i have for updates. will hopefully be able to get more into this in the coming weeks.