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  1. this will be a killer sub. keep it up, i got 2 sundown e series 12s to try out incase i want to switch from a die hard fi guy to a sundown guy and i am overly inpressed with your work. the 12s kill it. i will forever be a fan

  2. I cannot find anything about what size enclosure the HDS315 loves to eat up, i was thinking something in the 3-5 cube range? 32-37hz? 

    Help please


    i feel enclosure recommendations is something SoundQubed should look into putting on the website considering all the love they have been getting from the community and all the people i have seen asking the same question on other forums.

  3. but either way the demensions are 17 tall, 27 wide, and 18 deep, tuned to 34 hz for daily application. working currently on a fun 25 hz build for this sub, but its about to get postponed for these new 2 12s



    my bad i meant 19 inches height. my current bl 15 box is 17 inches high.

    post the specs of that box.

    How does this help him decide if he can fit a box for 2-15"s if he already gave the max dimensions?

    Op I dont think you have enough room to properly execute this goal. Maybe if you build it in trunk and use every available space then you might have a chance. I wouldnt go through the trouble. Either wall it or get a bigger vehicle, having a trunk myself im faced with this dilemma everyday.


    thank you, 


    and i want 2 15s bad but settling for 2 12s isnt much of a downgrade i would say. i guess im going back to 2 12s because i can live with just one 15. 

  5. can anyone tell me if i can fit 2 BL 15s in my trunk the biggest dimensions i can fit are 17" height, 27" depth, 37" width, i dont think i can do a trunk facing enclosure but i think i might be able to wall off at the back seats. 


    Running in a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero sedan 

    Cresendo bc2000d at .5 ohm 


  6. I haven't heard very much about hear much about these subs except that they are under rated at 600w RMS, my friends 2009 ssa icon just popped, (intentionally) but were now looking for something new and i was wondering if you could run the obsidian at over 600w RMS daily. coming from 1250 with the ssa to 600 is kind of a change so just wondering.

  7. my gosh guys, sorrrryyyy.  my internet has been down. but the reason we want to do a 8 inch build because everyone around us in our town and our friends have 10s or 12s and this is a fun build, not for spl. if we wanted that we would get the team 15s from fi like we have been talking about

  8. me and my buddy are thinking about doing a 8 inch sub build for his older brother as a surprise so i was wondering if you guys know or have any problems with these two companies or subs for that matter, also if anyone has any amp or box suggestions, it would be much appreciated. thanks